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Your Villains are The Real Heroes

While big media gases itself over the apparent fact of the first sale which Jeff Bezos ever hustled requiring a return, and quite rightfully so, I find myself shaking with abject terror, as this means that I am the only guy left on Earth who has never posted or sent pix of his junk to another. I’ve never even felt the compulsion to take a photograph of my twig and berries, because I attribute a world of beautiful importance to what old-timers knew as “intimacy”.

In searching for potential signal fires from such revelation in need of extinguishing, I happened across a disturbing article from a couple of months ago, in which I myself was called out by an anonymous attacker for being an American working for a Russian troll farm. He was referencing my time with USA Really, wherein over a three month period I contributed 11 articles, but my working relationship with them actually ended a solid two months before this Divest Trump character added to medium’s general vomit of egotistic diatribes and research-free hysteria. I wrote about my experiences with USA Really at length right here, before, during and after. I was publicly undercover, even maintaining a vk social account to dig deeper. Following a similar hit piece written in the NYT last Fall, I reached out to that reporter to offer actual reasons to be frustrated with USA Really, with tangible, behind the scenes examples that have nothing whatsoever to do with stealing elections or manipulating the public discourse or whatever. No reply. This Divest Trump character doesn’t even have any public contact info, suggesting he is unwilling to stand behind his personal efforts at fake news. The Drudge Report and more than half a dozen corporate news platforms attacked USA Really when the site was barely a month old, and when their weekly traffic was very likely still in the double digits. While I have always been open about my experiences, and remain easy enough to approach, not one journalist in all of big media held any interest in hearing provable truths from a disgruntled insider. In my time writing for USA Really, I learned through one of the inner circle ladies in St. Petersburg that what they average in daily online traffic is actually far, far, faaar below what I see here at the nilskidoo. Implying that it’s next to impossible to influence when your only audience must bend over backwards to even find you. People make the same claims against RT News, which consistently receives lower ratings than PBS. My name’s shown up there, too.

About 6 months prior to when I began selling articles to USA Really, a year ago this month, I was quoted on-air by one of RT’s programs a grand total of 5 times across 4 different videos. Links embedded below.

And I will close this by saying how awesome it is to wake up to an article condemning and belittling my work, when unlike said detractors not only do I embrace transparency, but I stay more productive than 99% of all self-professed writers while also dealing with bedpans hourly around the goddamn clock. It wasn’t Russians who poisoned my mom’s health, and it wasn’t Russians who prompted all her family and friends to abandon her when she needs them most; not just for help to stay alive, but to not feel forgotten or useless. All of that joy came from proud, god-fearing citizens of the USA who would much rather vilify the handful of persons from their own society foolishly keeping a moral backbone. While praising verifiable asshats such as Bezos and every other celebrity when all they do is lie, cheat and steal, refusing to sacrifice anything of themselves in their struggle for an effortless life. The least profound acknowledged as gods among us. Questioning the logic of such an arrangement makes me the bad guy.

I am clearly not in this life thing for the glory.