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Why I Will Never Join Your Cult, Startup Or Political Party

If I learned nothing else from DMT, it’s that time is more maneuverable than space. Like starving artists rough-drafting their novels internally while scrubbing pots and pans for hours upon hours. Where the mind goes decades into incarceration is worlds of possibility. We carry the burdens of the past with us, and we can experience the entirety of an alternate future just by catching the briefest glimpse of eyes in a moment between breaths.

Despite the turf wars among candidate-enablers, the political parties represent nothing but a handful of bank accounts. Fuck them to death. When public figures reference “civility” what they mean is complacency, yet it’s 2-D or bust in the states. Books have covers for a reason, sayeth the advertisers who only say anything when they are paid to do so. In reality, guises along the lines of gender, skin-tone and sexual preference are no indicators for what a person is capable of. We could anonymize all candidates and judge only by provable merits, but without the packaging everybody would shit themselves, because how would they know which brand is superior? We have to buy the superior brand because competitors are always EVIL! Like Trump, I’m a heterosexual Caucasian male. Unlike Trump, I’ve never in my life been even remotely in debt, and in fact spent more of my adult years homeless than not because I refuse to lie, cheat or steal even for the sake of my own survival.

As it directly conflicts with brand loyalty the rest of the world long ago buried empathy, the last virtue, but time unveils difficulties for me to mourn its passing. Just as loving everyone renders love meaningless, belittling the affection as mere affectation where otherwise authentic, only advertising suggests we overlook how the world is the way it is simply because its inhabitants are never above self-gratification no matter the cost.

So much of consciousness is just rationalizing the changing nature of emotions, which are neither static or eternal, and by that light anything we regard with appeal or disdain should be held suspect. It all passes, except for the aftermath left in the wake of our necessary lust and wrath. But freed from the emotional spectrum of lust and wrath, we become inhuman.

Pretty certain the redhead at the store days ago thought I was ignoring her because I’m stuck-up, when my philosophy not allowing a phone or car or bank account means mine is probably not the life worth sharing. Sorry for saving her the trouble. Supremely adequate sex and the best dialogue ever are what everyone claims to want, but when met with nothing else, people hate realizing that they actually do want quite a bit more. Honesty is a bane, but I won’t stop thinking it’s necessary. I’m not selling used cars. Knowing I’ve nothing to contribute to wish-lists, it would be irresponsible of me to ask too many questions. Even when I really, really want to. There’s too much of that in the world, nobody saying what they mean or meaning what they say. Egos are for starving, especially my own. We accomplish great things when the bucket list doesn’t include anything which services only ourselves.

When *the best* entertainment is what we do for, with and to one another. I imagine there’d be far less soul-searching if not for this endless array of artificial cultures trying vaingloriously to fill the void in us, distracting us from who we could be or should be. I wasted hundreds of thousands of words scribing reviews and interviews, one and all intended for the express purpose to strengthen alternative, indie and underground culture, but even then, it was promoting escapism when everyone would be better off if they stopped turning blind eyes to their problems, or solutions. Nobody needs pop culture to inform them of their identities, especially not when entertaining ourselves can be more rewarding than blowing time and money on exits leading nowhere. I’m antisocial, but I’d rather a good conversation to any comic book or TV show any day of the week.

So many don’t get this, that simply re-appropriating the hoarded wealth doesn’t free the slaves who made it possible. Were workers no longer required to work themselves to death to fulfill the gluttonous desires of captains of industry, customers no longer connived into buying overpriced products and services they don’t frankly need, these astronomical sums would not be accumulated. The idea that some forest of money-trees, when divided up among the public at large, will allow us one and all to live the high life is ignorant of the exploitation and extortion fundamental to the process of market economies. While work schedules will diminish for lack of want, there will be the comfort of basic needs met without billionaires, but it will as well mean no more goods produced in proximity to suicide nets. No more Netflix and chilling. No more fashion blogs. No more fast food with or without addictive chemicals. No poisons at all, and no advertising specialists to convince us to the contrary. Most industries would vanish for lack of milking profit or exerting influence. So much of what passes for life would need to be reconsidered and rethought.

Because, while some may feel license to proclaim how we are wired for goodness, I cannot disagree with this more. Ego insisting that ego is any representation of good doesn’t automatically equate ego with goodness in reality. Anything truly good comes by accident or sacrifice or both, and not by design. Goodness is the exception to all things. Especially in subjective terms, where we define good only by what is good to us personally. Objectively as well though, with saving lives for example clearly not the chief focus of any government, business or religion in civilization. Socially, we name self-congratulating celebrities as good, with most of us unable to name a single soup kitchen volunteer. Good is the exception, always. It’s not in our conditioning, but it’s not in our natures either, everyone quick to forget what’s good for me may not be good for you. Patriotic good is tunnel vision, with nationalism’s implication that foreign states are less good or not good. Likewise with corporations and religions, incapable of coexisting with competitors being on the same level, receiving the same rewards as those demanded by the indulgences of self-perception.

With those three idioms being the only cornerstones to western civilization, living for faith or for country or for profit, good is never the ultimate objective, only the self-interest of branding, and at expense to outsiders unless they assimilate. So that any definition of good requires change, the opposite of the built-in programming of our wiring which that idiot was announcing. Good is not the norm. Our respective autopilot settings ignore a lot of ground. The flyover states of mind, if you will. Accidents back and to the left, we can sacrifice for it though. The few who do are singularly what keeps any sense of goodness in society alive, not our establishments or institutions, all of which depend like addicts on the achievements of individuals, co-opting them for brand’s sake, as though the brand itself were responsible for the hard work.

None of us is innocent of the world, where losing face is roundly perceived as calamitous as losing faith. Taking a punch is uncomplicated, but truly understanding what called forth the act is beyond too many of us for as long as we look only to the mirror. We all hold the ability to see in ourselves cause for lust or wrath, which dictates who we ultimately are and how we divine our personal choices the way we do, but we are perpetually incomplete unless we find in others cause to feel lust or wrath. All of which is temporary. Anything in this life preaching or advertising permanence, even stability, is a mythology. It’s as much a lie as any fantasy. I say what defines humanity is that neither the best or the worst of what we might offer lasts. For ourselves or to these masses fleshing in and fleshing out our backgrounds and our backstories. There’s no escaping that. I’d love you so hard, but inevitably I will need my rib back. You may think mine is the voice your group needs to stand apart and to stand tall, but feeding my ego will starve you and yours all the more. Fleeting passions, exhausted resources and missed connections. Human.