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Who Makes Propaganda

Alison Little reports that Mark Zuckerberg is refusing to appear before an international grand committee in London later this month, to defend himself against charges of perpetuating fake news and not protecting user information. Anyone shocked at this stage that the socials exist to gather data-sets should not be allowed to procreate, or operate motor vehicles. Still, what headlines such as this downplay is that if someone has their number listed in a phone book, then strangers will call. People share the blame in this, insofar as not protecting themselves from the obvious. Zuckerberg’s lot are guilty of other concerns.

Additionally, no claims of fake news have yet been substantiated, only threads of the narrative that various subsets dislike. News might be undesirable, casting one’s chosen icons as buffoons or criminals, but the distaste alone does not make the news less true. What Facebook and its ilk are guilty of is not spreading fake news, but of manipulating news-feeds so that users are targeted to have some info downplayed from their view, with other info enhanced beyond rationality. I explained specifically how this is done quite well in my piece on HUD’s standing lawsuit against Facebook. The ruling parties of various nations cannot come out and say that the billionaires running their shows object to business partners getting disenfranchised or competitors getting positivity, so they play up this fake news angle for the illiterate masses. We’ve seen this often before. For example, there was the matter just a few years ago of conservative pundits finding themselves unable to attack head-on the disastrous effects caused from Obama’s at the time record-breaking deportation practices, because conservative pundits tend to agree with deportation. Instead, they opted to attack him as a Kenyan-born Muslim married to a tranny. These days, neither conservative or liberal pundits can come out and say the Presidential elections are purchased by business interests, because those precise business interests are also their own funders. So, they blame Russian spies and Chinese hackers, they blame outsiders for the crimes of their own paternal figures.

Zuckerberg’s overpaid, life-hacking cubicle drones aren’t spreading lies per se, but rather reinforcing and growing preexisting bubbles, clung to by his mindless users. The same users who look the other way when mainstream outlets such as Yahoo News push stories of cannabis contributing to diabetes complications, which is the exact polar opposite of truth, but nonetheless a message paid for by legal drug companies threatened by a natural product performing a healthier function than any of their own over-priced, addictive poisons could ever dream of matching. The socials exist to gather and weaponize data, while mainstream news outlets exist to promote threads of narratives that benefit its advertisers and sponsors, just as cops exist only to make matters worse for all parties, and the entire healthcare industry exists only to make additional profits for pharmaceutical and insurance industries no matter the cost to actual human life. Fakeness is only weaponized against competing labels, placating the divides inherent to political partisanship or brand loyalty or religious zealotry, and never actually against any contrivances of provable fiction.

Anything detrimental to the narrative of competing labels is branded as fake, as CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently experienced courtesy of the latest White House Press Secretary. His WH press credentials were not revoked for grabbing an intern, as Trump publicly asserted, but for asking undesirable questions, which camera footage clearly displayed for anyone willing to see for themselves. Acosta’s one fallacy was in coming dangerously close to performing his hired function for the benefit of informing the masses, rather than making the current official narrative look appetizing. He’s no hero of the people though, of course, or else he wouldn’t be working for mainstream news in the first place. He was only representing competing narratives, from separate billionaires with alternate plans on how to profiteer the situation of migrant labor and dealing with refugees. But there are already hundreds of comments on related stories across the net where, contrary to that footage, Trump’s supporters deny blunt facts in defending their label against the reality of Acosta actually not pushing hard enough, or that the immigrant caravan in question is anything other than an invading army.

Even the public’s fictional heroes are more murderously violent than its fictitious villains, and that is not the fault of anyone in Zuckerberg’s bowling league. They only seek to exploit that ignorance and lack of virtue, for money, for power, for further control. Nobody forced users to sign up with the socials, just as nobody forces users to view non-users as the misbegotten ones. Avoiding personal responsibility is maybe the one thing which all the followers of the competing billionaires can firmly agree on, as evidenced by the entirety of pop culture around us. Snoozers are losers. When the unwashed are more eager to be entertained than informed, this stuff becomes so easy for their masters. Scripts for these narratives write themselves. Just as Elon Musk reinvented the subway system by giving it a different name, now Bill Gates is boldly renaming fertilizer as fertilizer, and the stocks mindlessly show their love in turn. Solely because most people are dumber than me, which is damning as I am admittedly a dropout.

The high and/or mighty Pope can rag on the dangers manufactured by state-run media for specific endeavors, but not on the greater threat from illicit influence and data-manipulation compelled by the billionaire class over mainstream media and their political leaders alike. Because, if Capitalism knows no bounds, then all else is bound to. The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts for no other reason now but that profit means more to their organization than diversity or equality. Competing narratives devised and propelled by competing wealth, but all with the same ultimate agenda of provoking the commoners into coughing up more money, more power, more control. Yet those refusing team spirit, they are the bastards.

In closing, everyone who votes is a gullible twat, because with all the unnatural deaths in the world, the notion that the wealthiest would ever willingly sacrifice money or power or control, or the tools in place explicitly to re-appropriate such items, all because the unwashed voted so, is probably the greatest fake news ever sustained by western civilization. Just look at how easy it’s been. Like the forces crafting and curating all the problems of the world would ever seriously give to their victims the means to undo it all. It’s unwarranted, unproductive faith in the improbable.

Wealth is never achieved democratically, so why would anyone think that its removal can also be accomplished democratically? Because mouthpieces and other servants of the wealthy told them so? Because fantasies have happy endings? Pull my other dick.