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While The Getting’s Good

With no hints of irony, all subdivisions to the spectacle of the mass hallucination of today’s world claim that life is a gift. Life is a gift but all are required to earn a living to be a part of the spectacle, because it’s a gift only for enriching others. Should we prove unable to afford the ever-increasing costs of living then the bill of power can legally cut us down, as life is so fucking precious it’s expendable whenever strangers may suspect a profit. What most folks refer to as hope is really just susceptibility to advertising though.

Suicide is not illegal because of any sanctity for life, but because it deprives this system of a worker, a consumer and a taxpayer. In the eyes of the law, we do not own ourselves. If you yourself prove not effective enough of a worker, consumer or taxpayer to be floating comfortably the flaky upper crust of society, then they are empowered to decide your life holds no further value. You are disallowed from making that decision for yourself. An employer can withhold pay at liberty. Your unemployment claim can be denied based on their story, and your food stamps can be nixed without warning beforehand or explanation after the fact, so that tax avoidance by the wealthy might be complimented. Your landlady can evict you to give her latest girlfriend a free place. Masochists thrive. The Declaration of Independence’s guarantees of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness for all Americans included no addendum mandating that some parties must profit as a prerequisite. Making millions of Americans suffer all the more is unpatriotic and treasonous, but to be expected.

All that it takes to be a decent person is to refrain from lying, cheating or stealing, from ever using or abusing anybody no matter the rationale. But it means a harder life, and evidently everybody is too lazy for that. Besides, our systemic framework clearly rewards sadists. I believe, just as the Pro-Life movement is guided by insurance and pharmaceutical industry advocates wishing to perpetually expand clientele, Pro-Choice persons are surreptitiously led by eugenicists. Though both sides are generally in fierce denial over this. The resources of the right to life groups are never used toward antiwar efforts, while the right to choose groups entitle themselves to a personalized eugenics, masquerading their own bad judgements and regrets under the travesty of others suffering circumstances beyond their own control. Legitimate pro-choice would mean being mindful of when and with whom to have sex. Which requires personal responsibility, when the convenience abortions not stemming from rape, incest or molestation are all about crying mulligan. Personalized eugenics gets a free pass. Neither side honestly cares quite so much for any life save their own, arrogantly and foolhardily believing they alone might define value in the lives of others.

The idea that protesters for example are secretly on a payroll is projecting, from voices who cannot fathom anyone doing anything for any reason other than self-enrichment. They incidentally infer their own sales price. I saw a vid recently of a news platform whose investors/advertisers include subsidiaries owned by Kochs, Mercers and Murdochs, claiming antifa is furious because Soros is withholding their checks. In reality, antifa has neither an HQ or chain of command. Anyone anywhere can carry the banner. Not to defend Soros, however. There is no such thing as a moralistic billionaire, a leftist billionaire or a populist billionaire, just as there is no such thing as an apolitical billionaire. What wealth owns and pwns isn’t disruption but the platforms conveying official narratives. Why would wealth fund scruffy upstarts in the streets when it already affords the politicians possessing ultimate control over their livelihoods? Bringing a typewriter to a rock fight. To oicott would be next-level boycotting, refusing to buy their shit while giving them a headbutt to ponder over on their merry little way to triage.

Fighting to maintain balance, as opposed to effecting whichever cost enriching certain voices to rise above the threshold of equanimity or diminishing certain voices to fall below the threshold of equanimity, is the difference between warranted violence and willful terror. Contrarily, just as the Department of “Defense” exists only to make wars manifest, the Department of “Justice” exists only to perpetuate nativist hierarchies through scapegoating, extortion and outright murder.

The largest incarceration rate in the world goes against the billing of “land of the free”. In the same sense that having more military bases than all other nations combined and multiplied has clearly amounted more to a throne of bayonets than a peacekeeping anything. The USA armed forces comprise the biggest and costliest military in world history, no contest. Probably the most expensive enterprise in recorded history, trillions wasted on death throughout long decades. Truth and justice have nothing whatsoever to do with the American way. The saddest part is how the rest of the world has bought into the advertising, selling something other than the entire world being conquered already a long, long time ago.

The Roman empire imploded, betting their souls on a faith whose organization outlived not only the Roman hierarchy, but later, the power of the inbred monarchies of Europe. Purposefully re-appropriating the invention of the banking system, hidden beneath their symbology and dogmatics. The East India Tea Company also hid gluttony under pretenses, invariably imploding under its incorporated weight, with surviving industrial captains finding less cause for pretense by privatizing the management of the resources and livelihoods of others in rebranding as the world’s first NGOs. The USA doesn’t even bother with pretense for its privatized management, acolytes and serfs only too happy to fabricate rationalizations on its behalf, artificial cultures and contrived realities explaining themselves as victims kept at length from the world rather than their masters holding the world at bay. Just as the confessional was devised as a means for believers to offer up their own blackmail goodies, now we’ve these social networks where the masses reveal everything about themselves unprompted. All matters outside this trending mass consensus of conformity and compliance, pure taboo.

Matters like truth, and justice. The lacking evidence of superiority no matter how fervent the advertising to the contrary. Equality means nothing is special, yet here’s a population of egos so thick their collars strangle, scratching their gourds in unison over why they can’t each be king.

But my entertainment told me I was important, that sexy voice whispering into my ears, “…sweet nothings, sweet nothings, sweet nothings….”