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We Have Plenty Of Time To Die

Beseeching the Wild Huntsmen to find us salvation, all hope now rests with the ghosts as giant as mountains moving slowly, slowly, slowly through our time and space.

Pandemic or not, save the people you care about and do for others what you wish others had done for you. But do not for an instant believe that anyone or anything is willing or able to make these things happen on your behalf. I don’t think any of us have it straight til we meet our end. There’s voices I wish were wrong and voices I wish were heeded. Maybe we just need to stop selling ourselves as experts, refrain from sharing thoughts free of feeling or versa vice, feelings free of consideration.

Bear in mind that if you interpret desperation as any license to lie, cheat or steal, for blunt self-interest or a self-interest masked as something better, you approach life with the same self-destructive logic as all those who brought complication to yours, be it by cross, by flag or by dollar sign. Fake news was never an actual concern, just astronomically stupid and reckless opinions regarded as gospel. If your cult’s centerpiece goes unadored by outsiders, maybe you just need a long, cold shower, especially when the centerpiece is you yourself. Americans don’t actually hold their leaders to account however, because Americans loathe consequences generally. It’s the thing you all have in common.

Contrarily, people who view their own appeal as a curse are all the more appealing for it, which is all the more reason to stay away from them. This is yet another something which the Trumps of the world will just never comprehend.

Self-awareness of one’s own weaknesses is the only landscape from which prioritizing manages legitimacy or validation. It’s what makes for strong individuals and strong relationships, and it’s what makes a government functioning. It is impossible to compensate for a lacking self-awareness. From ourselves to our relations to our governance, discerning what we are culpable of, susceptible to and enthralled by lessens their likelihood of destroying us.

To this end, if you and your partner have both tested negative, the safest thing you can do now is dive into an ongoing 69. You will be prevented from touching your face, going outside, or packing on the sequester calories, but you will be passing the time. For our safety and yours, go down. Everything good has some bad about it and everything bad has some good about it, so you take the yin and you take the yang, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life but not the origins of life, as that’s reverse cowgirl. Rosicrucianism for dummies, Enlightenment was peering into the unknown, and the whigs were for squirters. It takes sensory deprivation to build a new world order. But any platform built by degrees has no revolution, which undid the masons even if the leather aprons protected their knees from bruising. We do not require a compass to divine where we need to get. Nor do we need a long, hard look at ourselves so much as a long, hard look at who (or what) we love the most. That is what defines us, who we could be and who we should be. Also what our tongues are for.