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Voting Is Not The Answer

You don’t gate the community because it’s secure but because it’s insecure, meaning that a gated community by any design exists *because* it houses insecurities.

If we want a park to finally relax in, we have to tear down the old mental asylum to build it, not pick a wing to check ourselves into for awhile longer. A government dependent on lacking principles needs to be ripped to shreds, not indulged. Without principles society falls into the law of the jungle, might makes right pathology of rapists, murderers and bankers. Meeting killers halfway is not even centrism, it’s catering. If I don’t vote to get sodomized, then I don’t get to complain about the consequences coming from those who do vote for me to get sodomized? Fuck reindeer games. A vote for Trump *or* a vote for Biden is a vote for the party sharing half the blame for this establishment. It changes nothing, but the cacophony of horseshit blasting from every election cycle drowns out any long-term memories.

Virtue-signaling? Virtues actually do not cause problems anyways. The lack thereof does, sourcing all problems. Rationalized ego is everything wrong with our culture. Not susceptible to marketing to the contrary, sorry. Uncle Sam quietly gave unwanted vasectomies to thousands of mental patients while publicly condemning Nazi eugenics. For decades. Hitler referenced what we did to the natives in his autobiography. We really were never great, regardless of the marketing. People in the streets coughing up chemical weapons on behalf of downtrodden others probably need more defense than millionaire celebrities online who are not being adequately idolized by everybody.

Ethics are not a superiority thing, ideally they should be the fucking norm. We’ve these societal issues because they inherently are not, every goofball thinking their flavor could wield the whip best when throwing the damn thing into the dumpster fire would save the whole world heartache. Avoiding accountability is fundamentally what led this country here today. The function of truth is not to flatter what’s convenient. It is the gullibility of voters which perpetuates every lick of this.

Both coke and pepsi are actual poison, and if the restaurant offers nothing else then let it go out of business. New mgmt is hired only by the owners, and if the owners cared about the needs of the customers they would not be offering us poison to begin with, much less overcharging us. Seriously, if the “democratic state” is inconvenienced by the needs of citizens to the extent of discrediting and disavowing said needs altogether, then it is not a goddamn democratic state. We need BIG change, not fantasy sports. Capitalism rides the manufacturing of goods to meet existing demand to a gluttonous zenith, going over the hill to eventual collapse by manufacturing demand for pre-ordained goods, a versa vice limiting options, and beneficiaries. Governance managed for profit has the same end. Allowing ourselves to be shepherded into making dumb decisions is the one and only thing that prolongs all of this. Fuck the entire system, and all those who refuse to learn from experience, because YOU make this bed. “We’re all Capitalists.” Some fucking choice there, whether to service Wall Street and the banks at the expense of basic human rights or to service Wall Street and the banks at the expense of basic human rights. But this time this Second Coming really means it!

The world is seeing in real time what local, state and federal authorities think of civil liberties. But sure, Election Day, that magical time every other year when Americans can self-govern power away from the most gluttonous keepers of power is absolutely on the level. Half of the national revenue stream comes from selling weapons and half of our national expenses go to killing people here and abroad, half our economy focused on destruction, but if we just swap out a few PR reps then we can all Netflix and chill on the gubmint dime my ass. Violent revolution will cost lives, but far fewer than allowing this government any continuity. Many of my essays weigh alternatives, but the fact that options are limited like so is all the more justification. The path of least resistance changes nothing in life for the better.

It’s either a witlessly sheltered mindset or just another villain, who believes that a force which cannot be stopped from readily murdering people, not by law, by the bible, by common sense or by basic human decency, will magically start knocking on doors. But sure, all that a government co-signing on napalm and other chemical weapons used upon its own citizens ever really needs is a new spokesmodel. Voting only says there’s a time and place for any of it. Systemic racism and sexism and all the other sins necessitates the system itself get lynched. Starve it, salt the Earth and begin anew.

Realistically, these protests will peter before DC is collectively Molotov’d, as the lone bipartisan thing among Americans is prioritizing the entertainment of our own egos. It’s more a matter of every army on Earth uniting against USA bases on stolen lands before coming to collect on the nation’s debts. Which also will never happen, because at day’s end billionaires are loyal to no nationality, working their dark magic wherever advertising is most effective at selling their bias and fetishes as cultural identity. Capitalism is no opiate, but religion perfected. Money’s the battery for our worst traits. It’s codependency to seek out fame or fortune, lusting after the praise or torment of strangers. The more egocentric a person the more of a disconnect they have from all virtue. Kings had their harems of boys and girls all the way back. Voting condones the continuity. Despite everything they experience firsthand, Americans emphatically presume that a system proven capable of every sin in the big book complies with the votes of its constituents, and that votes in federal elections have ever been counted. Vote my arse.

I think Alan Moore was right about conspiracies, how there really is nobody in control. Life is speed-freak hares going cannibal in reaction to not outrunning themselves, while the tortoises slowly but inevitably cross a line where they can see it was no contest from the start.