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Vexatious, Burnt Leftovers From The American Way’s Crowd-Sourced Melting Pot Of Red Herrings, White Lies and Blue Meanies

Some weeks ago I had a dream I now feel proves worth sharing here. In it I was learning how to float in the air.

It featured different characters and setting than any previous dream I can recall, and it felt hyper-alert down to encompassing muscle memory. Inside, I would repeatedly conduct this particular test, where I’d do a headstand up against a wall. After a moment or more, stable enough to stop any quivering, I would walk out on my hands enough to be standing on my hands alone with no back support, myself not leaning against anything. After another moment or so, I would ease myself to full weight on one hand only. Another moment later, easing up to the fingers on that hand. After awhile longer, still maintaining a steadiness, I would cautiously pull that hand slowly back, leaving myself hovering upside down 2 or 3 feet off the ground. There were stumbling blocks along the way, but following what seemed like hours of practice it got to the point where I’d execute this routine perfectly, able to stay frozen in the air for as long as I desired. It felt absolutely meditational, progressively teaching my atoms to forget all about gravity one by one.

Eventually I realized I had missed some appointment with my mom, who was not really my mom as real people are just about never in my dreams. But I tried showing her why I was late, only by doing another trick from another dream, where I would jump up into the air and at apex height cross my legs “Indian-style” to freeze myself in that point in space, sitting in mid-air without falling. Which was weird, as the me in the dream said he saw it in other dreams which I myself had dreamed before, the alternate me in certain previous dreams having done this same trick to the extent I could move around slowly in the air, hovering or floating just inches below ceilings like indoor swimming. So either the dream he referenced was an earlier dream of my own, or other variants of me in scattered dreams could also do the trick. But the exercise failed to get her attention, so I did this newer routine of upside down standing, easing myself up and away from the ground. Only after I eased my second hand to my torso this time, instead of falling or staying put in space, I kept rising, melding into the ceiling like it was a reversed pool of milk mistaking itself for quicksand or a tar-pit, the mom in my dream screaming at the confused anguish of my disappearing.

The End.

Democrats and Republicans wield so much self-appointed powers that not voting for them still wins them elections. But sure, they represent you and yours even more than do the endless incarnations of your dream-selves. If so many Americans who’ve never stepped outside their country’s borders can safely confirm themselves to be the greatest, then I too can safely confirm that no other nation has as many unapologetic imbeciles. The dumbest people on the planet, perpetually. Meanwhile in reality there is poetry to be found, in how America’s booth at the next World’s Fair will be neither paid for or designed by Americans.

I’d bet my life that voting in the USA was always a sham, the support it gives unto us as intangible as the contents of a nightmare. Under what other circumstances does power ever abide by checks and balances, without its own life on the line? I mean the government is just so truthful in all other regards. Countless lower-tier sadomasochists don’t realize the game is rigged from start to finish, so we get the likes of Robby Mook doing his best to undo the rest. I’m sure many links know it’s open season so try to bend it their own way, oblivious the real controls are above their pay-grade. It takes the means to save the world to destroy it. Power doesn’t just corrupt some of the time, or only with some peoples. The USA government right now is selling off federal lands and water-ways and it’s not even an issue. Before the airport in Louisville was built in the 1960’s much of that land was a multi-generational hog farm. When the family proved unwilling to part with it for the tenth of its value developers offered, they were forcefully evicted by state police and the land outright stolen. The biggest threat to farmers across the country has always been eminent domain, where the government or corporations or the two acting in conjunction can legally help themselves to “private property” if they smell a profit. They cited that rationale against the Dakota Access Pipeline protests not too may years ago. The USA always had a price. Advertising declared otherwise.

There’s often cultural redirects alongside the cacophony of marketing, which I think is the fundamental to COINTEL. I knew a guy with a Roswell theory that the incident was covered up not because of aliens, but Japanese interment victims used as crash-test dummy Guinea pigs in experimental flight tests. In that same sense, I’d imagine a substantial number of UFO sightings of the last half century or so were experimental aircraft of our own devising. Publicly we’ve known of drones since the 1990s for example, but there’s evidence that the Pentagon was constructing them at least as far back as the 1970s. I am certain paid media irrevocably means paid to sell something, a thing whether product or perspective, with omissions more often than not revealing the telling point. Without even lying per se, by pointedly wrongful amplification or suppression, power to convey truth proves power to manipulate truth.

But truth does not require resources. There’s no such thing as a self-made billionaire, and there’s no such thing as an apolitical billionaire. Most of this will be forgotten come the next election’s discrepancies. Pills help shuffle along the status quo of short term memory, but every election in our history had funny business which most voters will take the initiative in rationalizing whenever their own party is suspect. And for no better reason than the arrogant belief that the will of the people can be second-guessed. How dare we not want what they’re pushing, not be grateful for their limited options encompassing absolutely none of our needs.

The author Michael Moorcock had an old essay regarding the predominance of authoritarianism in the works of pop culture’s biggest fantasy and sci-fi authors. Like how humorously have fans of comic books belittled Steve Ditko’s Objectivism while remaining somehow oblivious that superheroes are inherently ego-first. And side observation, but Ayn Rand was obviously an Objectivist who became a Capitalist, as if Objectivism were truly synonymous for Capitalism then why did Ditko famously refuse all residual checks for decades? What sort of Capitalist would turn down Spider-Man movie money? But of authors since that essay, I imagine Alan Moore is as anarchist as he claims. Just as effective and worthwhile fictions manage to share their share of buried treasures of truth, the point missed by reviewers of his Watchmen was in how Ozymandias gathered the world’s greatest thinkers, the writers, artists and scientists, to fix society, without inviting a single politician. In spite of this, readers invite themselves to find in its pages prompts for either conservatism or liberalism, and always erroneously so. Sometimes dreams and fantasies might interpret themselves without our assistance. Woe be unto anybody who takes notice of how the universe exists without our input however, as it’d entail we then both collectively and individually find other matters to occupy our time and space with.

Disregarding arguments irrefutably, for no finer reason but their failure to endorse or promote the banner you choose to shield yourself underneath should, by all logic, be a wake-up call for any and every ethos. This oblivion where advertising replaces critical thinking in western civilization, tell us what to love as though our hearts would never know.