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To say that lust is a deadly sin is like saying a campfire is not allowed to warm you. I have issues with bipolarity as a medical diagnosis, because humans have every right to access the fullest range of emotions. For this reason am I okay with wrath as well, as the lack of it is subservience. The other deadly sins of greed, envy, gluttony, pride and sloth actually can lead to self-destruction though. As exampled by Donald Trump, and egos the world over.

Not counting done in one freelance gigs, like writing term papers via craigslist, I’ve probably had around a hundred jobs over the years. Never been fired in my life, and as I’ve never known an honest employer, I perpetually took my means of production elsewhere. Even in the many long windows of homelessness I never drew unemployment, because that’s the kind of unemployable trash I am, thinking others might require those resources more. Never fell into debt, never paid a bill late, because what I want is never as important as what others need, and because I recognize how setting myself up for expenditures which entitle the egos of others rather than their souls is no place for me. Especially when it amounts to my going without an awful lot, I refuse to have my life conducted owing anything to anyone, particularly gratuity, so that the proverbial slate stay as clean as my conscience, affording the universe sole rights to replenish what it feels I have coming. Responding to marketing which purposefully compels us to live beyond our means is maybe the biggest weakness of our society. We don’t have to work as much as we do, and there’s no reason to not exert more control over our own capabilities, time and resources. We already own more than we know.

Armies around the world service only private enrichment, our own absolutely setting the standard, but so much of our capabilities, time and resources are claimed by the wealthy without violence, because it is given freely to them. Maybe the only case where victim-shaming is decidedly on point.

No paid journalist anywhere will ever make a headline of this, but the one and only thing that costs the Democratic party support, an insult that keeps the wiser half of the country from ever voting, is the suspension of disbelief purporting that a good Capitalism will prevail. The more rightwing one’s ideology, the more fervent their Capitalistic ego-centrism, the endurance of life betrayed for profit, but liberals today believing that their brand deciding which directions guns should point will magically result in less casualties means only that they want the pipe-dream themselves. A better world would mean no Wall Street, but just as important is no Hollywood, no Vatican, no cults of personality lifting any centerpiece above the rest whatsoever, be it patronage for brand or flag or the sweetest curvature of ass fathomable. If power corrupts then none should have it, which I would imagine results in a true democracy, where nobody’s empowered at the expense of anybody. Because it is abject dung how even basic admiration is considered illegitimate unless willing to do free PR, like self-check lines at stores, making the customer do the work of the cashier unpaid. The good Capitalism will never prevail as it simply does not exist, with or without the anarcho prefix, so everyone settles for co-dependency.

It is nothing but the ego insisting it deserves more than it needs, particularly when possessed by others (greed), refuting the accomplishments of others as cause for its own failures (envy), actively mistaking want for need (gluttony), indulging in any variety of supremacy (pride) and arrogantly presuming responsibility for its hopes and dreams being better than ill-met is a weight for others to burden themselves with (sloth). Christianity, the wealthiest religion short of unbridled Capitalism and certainly the oldest of corporations, subsists by co-opting everything up to and including the basic human rights of non-believers, yet these concepts come to us not from religion but from experience. They are not deadly sins, but rather the socially-accepted forms of suicide. Authentic freedom, a legitimate independence, compels none of these things of us, no unnecessary symbiosis at all.

Of the numbers justifiably pissed by the Powers That Be endangering lives instead of helping them, with no hint of irony the bulk of those same numbers are spending more time seeking out hubris than helping others themselves. A catered ego is liberty only to autofellate. The medieval religious scholars taught that seed wasted on self-fulfillment is beneath even the Devil. Thus, filling voids as opposed to having our personal voids filled must be the true path for one and all, the two ever converging only a convenience of orgasm, a momentary reflection of all the more which the universe has to instill.