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To Gild Refined Gold, To Paint The Lily

Trump would never have thought of this himself, but the “drain the swamp” adage handed down to him by those interests invested in him, installing him in exchange for lucrative returns as is the design of politicians, is a bastardization of the colonial New England swamp law where sovereign property was barred from private profiteering.

I don’t believe anyone has publicly made that connection, not proper historians or the youtube vloggers obsessed with Illuminati silliness, but there is a degree of the Masonic appeal to god there, liquidating property of the republic not for the sake of personal liberty but for the sake of private sovereignty. The “appeal to god” I referenced comes from John Locke declaring the inalienable right to revolution, a sentiment taken to heart by many among the founding fathers. Although in our modern era, not revolting against a king so as to achieve liberty, but against the republic so as to achieve private enrichment. Capitalism co-opting worse than socialists, basically.

Relevant not only for amplified cases of federal lands being sold, American property sold to foreign buyers and private property stolen by corporate interests ala #DAPL, but because certain federal offices which could or should be helping us today have with no shame been gutted over their lack of profitability.

The swamp is being drained for its proverbial trees, not to thumb the nose of a king declaring ownership, but rather to pillage from we the people, such as trillions in taxes pumped directly and “legally” to tax-dodging billionaire egocentrics. Perverting a precursor conflict to the American revolution, this reversal of context, as a nation brimming with constitutional platitudes proves itself too oblivious to see the twilight’s last gleaming. American governance was always nothing but competing business interests with marketing selling it as anything but, for eyes and ears dependent on an American dream as reality is perpetually beyond their grasp.