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This Zombified Living Tribunal

While the United Nations has shown itself unwilling or unable in even going so far as to issue a non-binding resolution for Uncle Sam to reconsider his entire electoral process, requesting solid evidence that votes from the public are actually counted and that their totals actually do decide the final outcomes of whichever native campaigns, Interpol as well has recently unveiled a glimpse behind its own curtains, clarifying its own powerlessness before this never-ending calamity of a downward spiraling situation.

Personally, I do not believe for a moment that the problem is merely a matter of gerrymandering, voter suppression, unreported financial backing and hackable voting machines, etc. All of those issues are collectively a smokescreen of a clusterfucked, red-taped smorgasbord. I think the votes themselves are purely illusionary, with end results decided long beforehand behind closed doors. I bet many campaigners know the outcome prior to launching their own campaign trails, at least ones for the bigger elections at state and federal levels, but they go along with it because the attention alone can later be milked for their own benefits. And clearly the attention itself is what a great many of them are really pursuing. But the lower-level political hopefuls are the ones most likely responsible for that smokescreen, as they try to “win” by any means necessary, not yet realizing the game is fixed from a point well above their heads. I do not think votes are ever actually counted. The whole act is a ploy of busy-work, to keep the voting public occupied with self-importance just enough to forget their pitchforks and torches. It is a convenient thing how just under half the total adult population regularly votes, and that in cases of those larger elections the final tallies are always neck and neck; all of which suggests in my mind that they are riding the line, maintaining the song and dance of their game without stepping too far over the thin gray line either which way into broad daylight for all to see the real score.

The existence of the Electoral College is blatant enough, and the voting public would appear to be fine with their own votes discounted so that the college members can have the undemocratic final word, or else the flaming ruins of the Electoral College would be on postcards.

Weeks ago, a wealthy Chinese diplomat, who had served as President of Interpol, vanished. When the main Interpol offices learned of the matter, they apparently contacted the regional branch in China, as the AP reports. Chinese officials then shared a letter of resignation from the diplomat with the main HQ, magically presented some time after he went missing. And though the public are expected to believe that this former President of Interpol did not think to submit his letter directly to the main HQ, the main HQ evidently sees no reason to question the matter, opting instead to leave the investigation entirely in the hands of the secretive Chinese government. That linked article includes the line of “Interpol databases are queried 200 times each second by police around the world” but if records of their duties are this lackadaisical, then it’s no wonder law enforcement are so notoriously unreliable. Interpol has an office in DC, purportedly covering a number of fields, but they would seem to be answerable not to Lady Justice or to the public trust or any passable semblance to non-proverbial law and order, but instead look indebted to factions of those perpetually warring billionaires of the world. Police are the same everywhere, collecting taxes for the big landowners while reprimanding slave castes, even proactively creating opportunities to pursue both endeavors. Meaning Interpol will not save the USA. Also needless to say their music blows goats.