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The Virtue Of Fighting Is The Virtue Of Thinking

Thing about standing on a soapbox, is how easy it is to slip. I do feel everybody should strive to be kinder and more sensitive to the verifiable needs of others, spoken or unspoken, because if that were to become the norm the world would become manageable. But I also feel much of the woke trope concerns considerably nothing more valuable than desire. Individual self-perception is a fundamental thing so that we can effectively realize our own wants and needs for ourselves, and so divine a path in this life rather than have one predetermined by others. Which is ethically in the wrong, just as having our own self-perceptions mandated upon others to oblige by is where fascism originates. They can have their own opinions too, we’re all entitled to that much if nothing else.

Equality is fundamentally necessary, our opinions when detracting from actual rights of others should never be enacted, but failure to be adored is no infringement of any rights. Nobody having to love everybody is no free license to dick with anybody. Too many are overeager to mistake subjective for objective. It’s okay if we aren’t popular, but it’s not okay if we are denied the basic, universal human rights to life and liberty. There’s a huge middle ground there. We’re less complicated, our society more black and white, than we can publicly admit. I think there should be legal protections for anything voiced or written, but not legal protections from the social ramifications of anything voiced or written because mandating opinion either way is still a censoring of speech, a lessening of means with which we might communicate our ideas or opinions either one. It would compel people to stand behind what they mean, or reconsider the meaning of those they collide with. As it stands, the worst forms of speech tend to be protected by law all the more, so that the law actually intimidates far fewer people than does whatever peer pressure, particularly when money can so easily have laws turn the other cheek or be rewritten altogether. That’s not democratic.

Let the masses punch fascists and examples would be made. Violence is the lone universal language. Those bothered by antifa generally would seem to believe Nazis were defeated either by thoughts and prayers, or from the inside by well-meaning persons who sought out employment among its ranks so as to work within the system’s one-sided framework. Masks are sometimes necessary as the surveillance measures of establishment law enforcement exist for retaliation against anyone challenging the status quo. But obstruction from impairing the rights of others is not itself an infringement of any right. Free speech realistically carries with it social consequences, and to deny that is to deny free speech, because mandating opinions or responses to opinions either which way is violating free speech. All must be left free to formulate and voice for themselves their thoughts and prayers, their ideas and opinions and responses, for better or for worse. Might doesn’t make an argument morally right under any circumstances, but unfortunately there lies infinitesimal occasions in this world where violence is the one and only form of communication might or politically right responds to. Violence in terms of self-defense or the defense of others is not morally wrong, to the contrary. Defending either one’s own life and liberty or the life and liberty of another is the greatest form of self-sacrifice, as it upholds quantifiable rights rather than diminishing rights for anyone.

Fighting to maintain a balance, as opposed to effecting whichever cost enriching certain voices to rise above the threshold of equanimity or diminishing certain voices to fall below the threshold of equanimity, is the difference between warranted violence and the willful capacity for lethal forces. Nobody must be obliterated, only kept on the same page as the rest so that everyone might have that chance to evolve beyond what they are led to believe are their own better angels. In all circumstances does ego deflation bring about more good than does inflating ego. Badges, guns and currencies exist *only* to insure unfair advantage for those favoring their own bias, quirks and fetishes to diplomacy, or resourcefulness. And not to idealize antifa, but as was the case with anonymous and Occupy Wall Street, having neither an HQ or a chain of command means that anybody anywhere can take up the banner, and *because* anyone can be a part of it, nothing prevents outsider agent provocateurs from taking up the banner themselves to sabotage the greater cause. Personally, I just don’t feel lethal force is antifa, it’s stooping. Everyone can join the Yellow Vests, but only extremist rightwing militants approved by the CIA for a contrived fashion makeover can join the White Helmets. Terrorism basically seeks to demean the rights of others to perpetuate an entitlement, or to advance ego-centrist privilege at a lethal expense to others.

But these are extremes. Most persons today in the western world wrongly equate unpopularity with oppression. I’m saying that if those charges were legitimated, the same egos milking that would no longer have security blankets. Like with Christian organizations, devoutly believing their being blocked from having say over the legal rights of non-believers is somehow a violation of their own rights, when the only thing blocked is no verifiable right, but ego. If a bigot or a diva can’t find acceptance, it doesn’t mean their rights are impeded. Xenophobia/supremacism may have legal protections but free speech by default carries social consequences. Whether personally or socially, self-serving people entitle themselves to more inalienable rights than others, which is undemocratic. Disliking something is not synonymous for impairing its rights. Flattery should by no means be obligatory to a free society. Equality means nothing is special.

Movements which deny that, I object to. Which probably encompasses all movements as no ideology today seems willing or able to embrace any iota of self-reflection. If a resistance won’t be willing to go the distance in fighting Capitalism, demanding the complete and total dissolution of the USA federal government, its followers have only proven themselves susceptible to a different profiteer’s marketing. Freedom is as Bukowski said, “Neither bought for gold, nor to the devil sold.”

The whole point to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco was that domestic billionaires maliciously afflicted and affected the vote in the US/UK by weaponized psychology radicalizing a purported polarity via social media, yet despite this documented reality people prefer to blame Russia or anything else because god bless Capitalism’s ego-centrist allowances on the off-chance they should ever happen to elect to shine down on your dark. Neolib Mark Zuckerberg aligned with Neocon Robert Mercer not for politics but to bend our circumstances to their enrichment. Mercer’s SCL Group has over two decades of distorting elections worldwide as a public fucking business model. But the concept that those with means to wreck society *are* the ones wrecking society, have always been the ones dividing and conquering society as opposed to the ones fighting back, is too hard for Netflix and chillers to wrap their 2-D minds about. Should a paid pundit object to the financial backers of their candidate losing the winning bid on an election’s outcome, it’s never Cambridge Analytica, Palantir, Black Cube, Shadow, Acronym or the like ultimately to blame for simply performing their public business models, but a couple of bad eggs in the bunch. Elections are bought and paid for, with the same resources using any means necessary to convey the wins as public opinion. We’re told to take at face value social media giants having arms twisted to comply with governmental shadiness while they legally avoid billions in taxes. Every cool kid knows the government lies about everything else, but voting we can magically depend on. Wealth avoids checks and balances at every turn because they’re just too gosh-darned big to fail, but they will unironically step aside for a healthy democracy to do its thing? We the people are helplessly obliged into roles of workers and consumers, soldiers and tax-payers, yet the ones providing the public with such limited choices genuinely care what any of us think or feel. Brilliant logic. Fuck your team spirit without lube.

Trade the world for a vineyard inside of a Faraday cage inside of an igloo, we might all dream, but in the meantime of the here and now, we have to keep from killing one another. Lest someday, all that will be left to fuck is the hand.