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The Universe, The Klein Bottle Emptied and Filled By Despondency

I have never known happiness in this life, and I’ve nothing to look forward to. In my defense, the search for happiness and the anticipation of good things is what cripples everybody else in western civilization.

Those eager to believe otherwise, anyone accepting of a society where people are not allowed to exist unless making money for others, should by all rights burn alongside their masters. Smallpox-infected blankets are still a thing while everybody argues over which genre film might best save Tinseltown. The widespread lack of short term memories empowers political leaders to enact the same sins eternally. The only way to fix it all is scorched earth. And that starts with my love.

I’ve nowhere to go, no job and no money. I own no vehicle, and certainly no land. I have no bank account or credit cards, and no insurance of any variety. I have not filed taxes in many, many years. I trashed my cell months ago and would not even consider an Obamaphone. I get no food stamps or unemployment benefits. My worldly belongings could maybe fill the boot of a small car. Without the weaknesses of commonality I have no debts, no obligations, no chains. I am detached. Unlike the heroes of today I am without price, and harbor no contradictions. I need not suffer social media trolls because I do not exist on social media. I deal with no robo-calls because I have no phone to be tracked. Collection agencies are unable to stalk and harass me because I do not live beyond my means. Controlling my own life alone, I understand how lying, cheating and stealing are not necessary for survival, only for weak minds. Intangible, I am never here and now, I am anonymously free and dangerous. Not one soul can accuse me of using them or abusing them, even through misunderstanding. None reading this can make the same claim of themselves. Complete without products, I contribute to no ideological walls but sustain a foundation of principles that cannot be breached, which is all I am bound to carry.