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The United States of Azathoth

The monstrous nuclear chaos beyond angled space; the ancient legends of Ultimate Chaos, at whose center sprawls the blind idiot god Azathoth, Lord of All Things, encircled by his flopping horde of mindless and amorphous dancers, and lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a demonic flute held in nameless paws.

That’s my marriage of lines from the writings of Lovecraft, describing his ruler of the Outer Gods; primordial, incomprehensible godlike entities which a sizable faction of modern Satanists here in the west have embraced as real things, invigorating their own brand of perversity and fascism. Not to suggest that America’s post-Lovecraft political elite, its business and religious elite, are themselves specifically Satanic followers, but I suspect they as well were inspired. de Camp’s biography of Lovecraft from 1975 or so, I feel, proved the man honestly was not big on incorporating social commentary into his fictions, although it is far too easy to consider that his Azathoth monstrosity could itself have been based on America’s upper class up to his own era encompassing the Great Depression. During which said elite crashed the national economy to such degrees that the resulting international economic crises could only be assuaged or rectified by the mass sacrifice of millions by global war, almost as though in service to the blind, idiot god.

In a sermon given in 1967, Martin Luther King Jr called the USA government “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” and the leading exponent of “The deadly Western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long.

50 years and little spare change later, the USA government maintains an active military presence in all seven continents, over 160 of the almost-200 nation-states on Earth, with past and present expenditures totaling well into the trillions of dollars and thus proving itself to be the largest and most expensive endeavor in all of mankind’s recorded history. These are facts. Establishment media has long been tasked with downplaying and suppressing such statistics, as fully half of the USA government’s annual budget gets pumped into its military. And in turn, fully half of its revenue as well as the private riches of many of its participants, comes from the manufacture and distribution of diverse weapons systems and armaments across the globe. There has not been a war anywhere since WW2 where the USA did not have its fangs buried, from funding, arming and training particular sides of whichever conflict to full-on invasion and dispersion.

As the soldiers themselves, whether active duty or retired, are now officially more prone to die from suicide, then their government’s response is to treat them with electro-shock therapy, a thing proven to increase the likelihood for suicide. After a tour in ‘Nam, my uncle Allen was treated for depression with electroshock therapy repeatedly in the late 60s and early 70s. The only discernible effect was that his brain was increasingly fried, so that he’d forget small things such as his own phone number or the name of his girlfriend. Small things which would lead to yet more social awkwardness, prompting him eventually to shoot his brains out, leaving him in a coma for just over a month before passing on to the real oblivion where his huge Catholic family would never again so much as acknowledge his existence. Because suicide is regarded as a sin by leaders of the wealthiest religion in the western world. The inability to continue suffering is accepted as a sin, almost as though in abidance of the starry wisdom emanating from the monstrous nuclear chaos beyond angled space. The public, meanwhile, are informed by establishment media to the extent of socialized peer pressure, to support the suffering of their troops. The coldest murder is easily and readily justifiable by such virtuous peoples, but never suicide.

Despite everyone from Google to the Internal Revenue Service indulging in the same activities, though likely with far more generous budgets, the public are informed to dread Russia’s launching some two dozen spy satellites. As I colorfully wrote months ago, being myself far too astute for paid news analysis work, “The USA military is testing stratospheric balloons that could stay aloft indefinitely, specifically to expand WiFi signals worldwide. Which is a backwards form of privatizing as this specifically is a project that Facebook executives have also been pushing towards for at least a few years now. Simultaneous to this as the Ideaspace is currently just a fountain of dystopian setups, the FCC is officially permitting SpaceX to build and deploy an additional, and very curiously specific, 11,943 broadband satellites, to kindly ensure the same end. Meanwhile the biggest of these tailor-made outfits is outright admitting that its own goal is global domination.”

And then of course there is the concern over the capacity for WiFi to be used as a radar to see through physical walls. Also the matter of 5G tech used as microwave lasers on battlefields. While crickets were ultimately to blame for supposed sonic attacks at the USA embassy in Cuba, the USA military literally has the technology in hand to cook from afar the brains of targets just enough to give them similar trouble. According to a recent, rarely successful FOIA request, black budgets alone have taken things astrophysically farther, with equal stones “Like you could stop us now” and “But imagine the shit so big and bad we still need to keep it under wraps”.

So after tastelessly proposing such visual obscenity as blocking out the very stars and moon, innocently, with commercials for fart joke movies and adverts for poisonous soda pops and the like, the billionaire cult leaders also seek to cover the other end of the spectrum for where their public might divine information, through kindly “investing” hundreds of millions of dollars into local news platforms. To replicate the effectively schizophrenic national media. So that the public themselves can better exist in the same screaming void as the weird pulp fiction they spell out en masse with gunfire Morse coding the rhapsodic harmonies of the monotonous piping of a demonic flute held in nameless paws. Their spiritually depleted, morally bankrupted sons of Uncle Sam settled rightward for the orgy of bloodbath delights, with the non-believing left as sacrificial lambs. All the blasphemously life-negating power of a dark god, yet so blindingly incompetent that even a rogue cow might evade the militarized tools of its most clever machinations.

Waste not, want not indeed. Play it again, Sam.


(Thank you, Steve Darnall and Alex Ross.)