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The Symbiotic Enantiodrome

An artist’s conception of what the ancients had intended, the megalith stones clandestinely stood upright about the UK from Wiltshire to Aberdeen were the heretical misplacement of agency with other designs in mind, like vainglorious ambitions to reclaim powers lost in the decline of the British empire by bastardizing and re-purposing magicks older than mankind himself. Ignorance is the foreplay to genocide. If we can consider this as the true history, then Brexit reveals itself as nothing more than pissing in an alley round the way following a rambunctious night of heavy drinking at the pub.

History being written by the victors is one thing, an atrocious and disingenuous thing that occurs as rapidly as the moment itself, but hand in hand with that, I feel, is that civilization requires shortsightedness. To the extent where all are dissuaded from examining closely any implications behind its actions. By design should society take all things for granted, because only the individual experience might catch wind of redundancies or hypocrisy. For a collection of peoples to sustain itself, its participants must be misinformed enough, must be dumb enough, to go with the flow.

Aussie tech writer Peter McBryde has written a concise and informative detailing of what exactly comprises the 5-Eyes business which the public learned of thanks to Ed Snowden’s resistance to ebb and flow. He as well explains the 9-Eyes and 14-Eyes groups of nationalistic intelligence communities, sharing with each other in the same manner as a gaggle of potbellied men in wife-beaters spending their poker nights discussing preferences for how best to keep their bastard stepchildren in check. The article is an excellent summary of a many-headed thing, including a heroic look at what should be taken as obvious ramifications for this form of spy-craft. As huge of a story as this is, it should all today be common knowledge, yet as learned as I like to see myself he brought up points which were new to me. This technology the greater masses increasingly obsess over, empowering how contributing members of societies refuse granting consent to any form of discretion while themselves discretely consenting to the most tragic of comedy. Instead of challenging the implications of what 5-Eyes represents, choosing to see the megalith as time-honored a thing. When they see it at all.

Less aware than McBryde is Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, whose call for a brief boycott of the social networks, with aims of provoking a decentralized and encrypted web, amounts to a whisper falling on deaf ears. While reassuring commenters that he is in fact philosophically a Capitalist himself, as though greed could somehow be a school of thought, he seems to believe that an alliance of billionaire tech moguls and the federal government would be willing to renege on its own Capitalist agenda. Nevermind how attorneys representing the federal government only recently argued in court that citizens do not even have the right to a climate capable of sustaining life, and won their case, Sanger believes that a minor protest will be met with a different end than was experienced by his old pal Aaron Swartz. As though the most selfish of persons alive today may be appealed to by reason.

With far more wit than Sanger seems capable of, Frank Bruni has written a fantastic op/ed for the NYT, noting the shallow gene-pool of privilege that Ivanka Trump has been drowning in all her life. It looks to have struck a chord among the trending hashtags of social media, although with minimal, if any, remarks that the effortless lifestyle she enjoys is perfectly normal of celebrity culture here in the west. The most self-serving are across the board acknowledged with all the esteem which should only ever be reserved for the most self-sacrificing, with everyone insisting that their personal favorite celebrities are cut from different cloth than the rest.

As Peggy Drexler did recently for CNN, siding with Whoopi Goldberg in (rightfully) condemning young sexpot Bella Thorne for refusing to accept the remotest iota of consequences for her own actions. Yet Drexler complicates herself, in that her condemnation there openly and ignorantly contradicts loads of prior articles she’s sold, wherein she argues on behalf of abortion fanatics having no cause to be held responsible for their own actions. To the point of attacking other feminists for not recognizing body autonomy quite enough. Ideally, everyone has the right to pick and choose their own battles, but never to pick and choose when virtues apply. People wishing to abruptly deny their own bad choices do not warrant the same considerations as real victims of rape or incest or any other form of abuse, but goddamn if a single one can prove capable of self-awareness. Or guilt.

Arguably worse than those examples can be found in a Yahoo News story about rising numbers of suicides among the one-million-plus Hong Kong citizens hopelessly protesting against the all-seeing Chinese government. That article makes it abundantly clear that the protests are chiefly concerned with Beijing’s eagerness for extraditing dissidents. As observed by the below screenshot samples of just some of the connected comments, vilifying those rat-bastard communists for arrogantly thinking they can go on with extraditing anybody, nobody acknowledged how their own *democratic* all-seeing government just extradited Julian Assange this year. When it comes to geopolitics, self-perception and oblivion should rarely intermingle.

Asses wearing horse-blinders, one and all. You can choose not to see a truth, but it will exist nonetheless, because belief does not make reality.