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The Sin-Eaters Diet

A few years ago, I nicknamed my testes. I became one of those guys. But the boys are now called Sirhan and Sirhan, with the understanding that everyone loves to eat scapegoat no matter how it might be prepared, so I rather generously offer up my own. Although, I must confess it was months before I elected to also name the right one. That’s next-level sigilism.

When corporate media runs stories such as this, concerning the Pentagon ambitiously developing mind-controllable drones, it should be a given that the technology has already been in place for many years. Consider how CBS reported on government agents having the know-how to hack vehicles as big and complicated as a well-funded Boeing, pitched as a warning of nefarious hackers someday doing the same thing, just 4 years after the feds took remote control of the car driven by the journalist Michael Hastings. And, in spite of the USA having the only military proven capable of remote-controlling a plane into obsolescence, no pundit considered the truth of the Malaysian plane disappearing from a few years back, that it was an unvoiced threat of a statement to other governments.

Drones themselves were new to most people a decade ago, despite the USA using them over Afghanistan children a full decade before that. Yet egos aside, most people generally accept at face value the ridiculousness of news stories where the most expensive military in history casually announces on major network news outlets its ‘top secret’ plans as projects on the to-do list. After all, it’s social media that gives platform to idiots prattling on about their intent, whereas the political, corporate and religious leaders of those idiots can leave all their own marketing to those proud servants.

And when a Catholic bishop assembles a team of exorcists to resume the Vatican’s long-running battle against practitioners of Reiki, it could not possibly be a smokescreen to distract from more pressing matters of Catholic leaders pressing their nethers where none belong. Holistic medicine is only really attacked by mainstream voices because no multinational corporation can really profit from it, the same as with marijuana criminalization. Although I am certain that cupping was only created to test the gullibility of yuppies. Also, hipsters.

But when political leaders in the USA have nothing to say when governmental forces of the USA murder journalists native to the USA, we should also give no credence to their concerned dismay of a foreign government rubbing out journalists. Especially when that same foreign government has publicly been the largest customer for USA munitions for blood-soaked years. And when corporate media also claims global leaders are pulling back from dealings with that foreign government, audiences are to forget how that same foreign government is actually the largest purchaser of arms globally, and that weapon sales is the largest revenue stream for each and every first world nation, first and foremost the USA. And since when can global leaders not afford to pull out?

No matter the deliciousness of its theatricality, the only food permitted in the theater of war are items purchased for a reasonably over-blown price from its lobby. Except for scapegoat, but one really must bring their own if they want the spice to be just right.

Personally, as I wrote weeks ago, I think the sudden heat on the Saudi kingdom actually has everything to do with its finally giving the dominance of Israeli tech some competition.