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The Narrative Disenfranchises and Oppresses and Nobody Cares

Aways back I wrote on the crucible filmmaker James Gunn was being put through, to the extent of being fired by the high and mighty Disney corporation so concerned by questionable social media posts of his from long ago, but ultimately with his non-right-wing politics to blame for his fall from grace. The instigator in his online attacks was alt-right vlogger Mike Cernovich, one of several comparably loudmouthed voices with interchangeable ideologies surreptitiously promoted to broader platforms over recent years, such as Tim Pool, Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec and Caitlin Johnstone. One and all are quick with the sign language hand gesture which actually means ‘asshole’ but implored by their ilk to symbolize ‘white power’, supposedly only to troll ‘SJWs’ because while they have all written nationalistic things and surround themselves with fellow alt-right loudmouths and openly defend the seig heil variety of racists, they themselves purportedly are not racist or fascist. Whereas the effects of the more traditional sieg heil form of white power hand-gesturing would obviously be taken as trolling of anyone uninterested in disenfranchising others or oppressing others, somehow their gesticulation for white power is magically a different form of trolling, though obviously still utilized with the one and same intent, to provoke and offend the same parties for the very same reasons. If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck…

Personally, I think they are brazen enough for what they themselves define as the real thing but are physically incapable of lifting an arm on high, due to being mere laptop warriors. Evidently with no life experience to speak of, these are the sorts who think that antifa are the actual fascists, and that social justice is only pursued by persons wanting to limit social justice. There is a richly blatant duplicity in who these people are and what they are on about, yet continuously are they permitted their hint-hint, nudge-nudge, wink-wink games.

Of those names I called out, Johnstone has applied the most effort in the last couple of years into rebranding her own duality, even to the extent of Glenn Greenwald reposting her social media quips on occasion, but she accomplished this through stealing hot takes from lesser-known, centrist writers. Specifically of the variety of Klansman hiding under the Libertarian label, who are by total coincidence the loudest on Facebook and Twitter about Facebook and Twitter censoring them. One of Twitter’s co-founders built Medium explicitly to give these voices more space, and Medium is busting at the seams with these particular voices complaining about the digital socials censoring their politics; their readers presumably tone-deaf toward catching the rhythm they are prodded to dance to. But Johnstone’s success is similar to how the feeble-minded Glenn Beck stole the majority of his own takes from the pharmacological experiment run amok known as Alex Jones; watering down poison while leaving it quite deadly enough for the hired hit-job. These are a sampling of the officially approved rebel journalists, selling themselves as running counter to the establishment while doing their darnedest to help support the absolute worst aspects of the establishment, only ever punching up when the target is a threat to far-right ideologies, with the greater majority of their respective readerships so distracted by ephemeral dog-whistling they cannot discern how deeply the packaging is chafing. Or maybe they are in on the joke, waiting for the chance to wear their own jackboots in public.

Suffice to say, that same Mike Cernovich has just crucified himself by his own words, with film-maker Vic Berger assembling a number of clips into a smartly-edited and to the point short video wherein Cernovich and his wife freely admit to faking narratives to control narratives, even against those who they know are innocent of any real crimes, and even when it leads to death threats on legitimate journalists. On camera he admitted he lies, often, specifically against persons he himself just doesn’t like or agree with. While it was downplayed by corporate media how Cernovich’s own social media is filled generously with posts far more offensive than even a Hollywood storyteller like Gunn could imagine, this new video from Berger where Cernovich in his own words gleefully to the point of drunk on power admits to being a fire-starter for the sake of crippling political views he won’t support, is also finding negligible attention. Cernovich, a professional only at slinging libel and slander, is permitted to do as he does for no other reason that that his political views are one and the same as the official narrative all are expected to follow.

This tactic of the ones most vociferously disenfranchising and oppressing others claiming to be the victims of disenfranchisement and oppression by those same others, was learned from the Roman Catholic hierarchy and from the Israeli government alike; both bodies having quite lucratively leveled for themselves unaffordable powers and authority by endlessly playing the victim card against the same elements they openly victimize. On a broader scale we are seeing this same scenario play itself out with non-leftist voices claiming to be censored and suppressed by Facebook and the other big digital socials, when the hardly obscured reality is that right-leaning agencies are conspiring with these digital socials to suppress leftist voices. To lean rightward is to service your own needs or the needs of your masters, which in the case of social media translates to only following those you like or wish would like you back, and never, ever any contrarian views. So it is conceivable many right-wingers sincerely are not aware of voices to their left purged right and left. Or, they are in on the joke, dreaming of the day when nobody is left to remind them how finite wealth equates to finite profits.

The narrative that can never be challenged is constantly asserting that everything in reality is the opposite of what it is, a theatrical cognitive dissonance. Take for example Trump’s repeated claims to be saving medicare and social security while leftists are hell-bent on attacking them. Claims repeated by fellow used car salesmen whose bubbles block out all of life as we know it. In reality of course, Trump’s wave of tax cuts are set on slashing medicare and social security budgets by hundreds of billions over the next few years. It’s public knowledge yet the lies persist and perpetuate themselves across online social media. Trump, the GOP and their followers are stating the exact opposite of reality, as truth. Broadcast through the very same social media charged with suppressing their voices, and relayed through what those voices also charge as the fake news media. Elsewhere, publicly so perplexed by how so many people would think police enjoy shooting unarmed black teenagers running for their lives from said police, House Republicans just passed a bill that will reclassify many non-violent crimes as “crimes of violenceincluding attempts to flee from a law enforcement officer. Thus making it easier for police to evade charges of shooting unarmed black teenagers running for their lives from said police. It’s a license to kill all the more. There are two sides to every story, but when both sides are coming from a two-faced voice, we must now expect such inconsistencies as this, that “We are not racist but RUN RABBIT, RUN!”

Of course the liberals and Democrats of today are doing the same thing, even when centrist bungholes try to assert otherwise, that liberals and Democrats today are not as obsessed with getting rich at everyone else’s expense. Such voices in the media habitually, directly contradict themselves, but nobody cares. They are too busy looking in mirrors to see the actual leftists looking out for them.