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The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

The aching wet dream that is Julia Chatterley considers the China government’s ability to censor its internet in light of the growing protests. I think it shows just how many of the million+ protesters organized by word of mouth. Contrarily, at the end of the day all that came of Occupy Wall Street were trending hashtags. We could never replicate what the Chinese protesters are doing. A key point increasingly overlooked by commercial media, which reads entrails only for the funnies, is how this protest began over objections to extradition. Which our government in the USA has no qualms with, as Lauri Love, Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange can all attest to. People whose bullet points relate directly to the web. The USA government initiated the clandestine FIVE EYES program and permits loopholes for Google, Apple and Amazon to avoid tariffs for their own China deals but oh lord what is the Chinese government doing to their people with tech.

DARPA, inventors of the arpanet, now working directly with the Pentagon to crack whips on undesirable opinions online. Tor workers must be idiot-savants. I did a thing on this before when I was publicly undercover with USA Really, accused of Russian troll farming. But I’m just an unpaid high school dropout, the only pulse my fingers on being my throbbing member. Pay no attention to the man behind these curtains, which I am taking with me when I go to spite Wilde.

The inalienable right to protest is literally what defines a functioning Democracy.

Americans cannot go a single hour without unexplored reasons for protest. I say gun violence in America is validating ye olde miasma theory. Not being ironic. The stench of egos inspires further egos. Cobain’s magnet tar pit trap. Out-dehumanize neighbors to the point of genocide. Winner takes the cake and eats it too. Nobody is under any obligation to profit or empower evil bastards. In the states the Electoral College would still elect nominees even should the half of the population which votes were to completely boycott voting. But individuals need not give away self-control. Cults of personality demand the suspension of disbelief without exception, be they politically-based, religious or corporate branding ironies.

I’ve commented on this story before, but new research indicates that gun-fucking supremacists are just that uncomplicated. Which also means that most of the reasoning for psychotropic pharmaceutical prescriptions are fabricated. I do not believe vaccines cause autism, but I think it’s shear idiocy to take the pharmaceutical industry at face value, which spends billions on advertising not counting expenditures towards out of court settlements or lobbying. Most if not all mood-enhancing or mood-suppressing drugs deny the basic fact that we humans have a perfectly normal emotional spectrum. We need to find strength in learning how to better cope with our problems far more than we need distractions or shields.

Self-scan lines at stores have the customer doing the cashier’s work unpaid, just as pretty much all of fandom is illegitimate unless it’s consuming at a cost while marketing for free. Zombification of an entire society with none the wiser. The American Dream may as well have come out of a crack-pipe. Which was invented in the USA.

The pipe-dreams of marketing and promotions inform us, billionaires are populists, workers are entitled, mooching looters and geeks are smart enough to fall for any marketing campaign. War is peace, up is down and everything’s kosher. Immigrants are welfare-soaking lazybones here to steal jobs! Rough sleepers surviving with nothing have no gumption! Jack Dorsey wasn’t just really, really drunk! On par with Bezos, paid billions by the CIA and DoD for an encrypted cloud, having his own dick pix received by persons other than his now-former wife. Zilch sympathy. But Fast & Furious 13 is critically-acclaimed! Boris muffled Parliament for #freedom, not because Steve Bannon thought it’d be lucrative! Ivy-eating rowers of boats are democratically elected! Mistaking lubricant for super glue on her 18″ black dildo did not contribute to Theresa May’s dance style!

Photo stolen from @Mi_xxxMi.

Those in the UK are dealing with their own causes for protestation. Either leaving or remaining ultimately means allowing unelected billionaire outsiders to determine the fates of UK resources. But the xenophobia-enthused Brexit party does nothing to hide the undemocratic criminality of its intent. Tories already pilfered billions with uninvited austerity measures. For example, this is propaganda, as an EU army would serve no other manifest purpose but *recreating* a NATO free of USA influence. Which is completely fair, but still, everything boils down to competing billionaires, competing financial interests. Thousands of rough sleepers exist in the UK now who still had their livelihoods prior to the rightwing dominance of the past decade-plus. Millions of refugees created externally over similar pillaging by that same influence, of exerting one’s fetishes before the needs of others. Too many people prefer to feel aggrandized hiding behind their symbology, whether it’s holding up flags or religious iconography or corporate trademarks to block out what other people are undergoing to empower those symbols. The worst, most damaging of them all is the $.

Culture is meant to be shared, meaning there is no such thing as re-appropriation. But when the masses are not creating it themselves, it is artificial. Preordained products and services to fill manufactured voids limits both profiteers and choice, by design. People need to define their culture rather than the other way round. I have no qualms with yoga pants though. Maybe culture has jack to do with profitability and what gets popularly branded as culture is only a banner to hide other things entirely underneath. Culture can be ideals translating to any form but it doesn’t have to be contingent on products. That idea is the re-appropriation.

Authoritarianism is supremacist, no matter the costuming, attacking the victims of circumstances rather than the curators or profiteers of those same circumstances. Law enforcement are supremacists by default. Everywhere that public servants can be bought on the free market, but especially when they think nobody’s watching. The armed forces “defend our freedoms” by instigating wars with foreign governments so that our business interests can steal their resources, in the same way domestic law enforcement serves the public trust by demonizing anyone who cannot afford their endearment.

Law enforcement in the states were begat as groups purposed specifically with collecting taxes on behalf of property-owners in the north, and reprimanding slaves in the south. Their functions never changed upon merging. In early 2016, archives from the Fraternal Order of Police were leaked online concerning among other things the 325k Freemasons in their ranks, suggesting that a substantial number of officers abide by dictates the public is not wholly privy to. All around the planet, the loudest “god and country” types regardless of flavor never actually believe in either one, only in their own supremacy. Similar to how the main casualties of mercenary proxies in the Middle East are Muslims, as they are the ones defending their own neighborhoods. Western parties insist white Christians and the Israeli gov are victims in the war on terror when they are the ones supplying arms and malware fueling the debacle. Likewise self-proclaimed protectors of the innocent, police in the US keep a higher kill-count than most of the standing armies of the world. Nationwide, police systematically steal hundreds of millions from motorists not charged with crimes. But how dare anybody ever question them under any circumstances. Immunity to marketing is not a bad thing.

Blind loyalty is never a component to freedom, as the cost is freedom itself.

Absolutely applicable to lust as well.