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The Ideaspace Outside

Commerce aside and contrary to the adage, the reality that assholes are actually more common than opinions does not de facto make all opinions worthwhile. Self-empowerment in the most shallow of ways imaginable is this, believing entertainment is necessity or a right. Upping the ante to Nth-degree levels for anti-American sentiments, we maintain distractions for reasons, and the arts are not seriously helping anything but stroking egos. Values should absolutely never be either for rent or rent to own.

If the universe itself is not inspiring enough, then you are not exposing yourself to enough of it.

As widespread as is the Monomyth, the first algorithm, the most pervasive story beat of our culture not originating from it involves heroes fighting each other before setting aside their differences in uniting against the common, greater foe. The finest example for how life does not imitate art. The closest IRL offers is competing personality cults aligning to empower whichever evil broad enough to encompass their respective fetishes. Same standards cross the board never happens because everyone is over-eager to rationalize their own sins, their own fallacies. Thinking the farts from one’s own leadership smells of lettuce is still only possible by shoving one’s nose up there.

If life is such the nightmarish exhaustion of futility, to be as kindly as possible about it, then why empower escapes further and farther when that very same time and resources could be reapplied to improving life? What if enrichment has other meanings that lucrative? Taking things for granted, avoiding credit where due while co-opting as much as possible fits very conveniently into Capitalism. It’s really a long-game of psychological reconditioning, contrary to oral histories given such weight in times past to remember every scrap. The carnal desirability of lithe and lissome starlets is forever beyond our reach, while the abject root to each and every religion’s definition of heaven is inside us one and all, but everybody is scared witless of being left alone with his or her own thoughts.

Higher learning as well should not be regarded as a stepping stone to a “better” job which it cannot guarantee, and it should not exist only to reinforce preconceived notions about the world. People should want to know more and to experience more, rather than banking on the one-sided conversation of their vlog channel going viral. By modern standards Henry Ford accomplished a lot without a college degree, whereas Trump learned considerably nothing at all to earn his diploma. Utilized or not education isn’t a privilege but a right, because freedom means options, and access to tools to better ourselves and not just the opportunities for employers or cult leaders. The Illuminati rebranding as the Bilderbergs changed everything, hands no longer free for secret handshakes because they’re busy liking us on facebook.

The private joke behind Thelema is that every line is sexual metaphor, but missed by small town satanists is how the undergarments are designed by mathematics. Does Thelema create results? No, but math does, as does sex. Magic is about patterns, seeing them and manifesting them. Maths (and by extension, logos) are a means to seeing patterns of grand design; sex is the means to manifest grand design itself. A cause without effect or effect without cause, Thelemites pursuing one without the other tend to be wanking themselves more often than naught. I think Crowley knew that, being a comedian first. No centerpiece can respect its personality cult, because afforded the platform they must see how the patterns came before anybody’s designs for them. Every king is helpless in the end. Do what thou wilt may be the whole of the law, but law came from mankind while mankind came from the universe. Meaning that the universe is not bound by law. The infant’s insufferable pet peeve isn’t going to tell the parent how it’s gonna be, lest it be made into supper.

When I was interviewing for media blogs, it disgusted me how few people were capable anymore of communicating outside of forums, chat rooms or message boards or social media DMs. With that task long expired, I see my being on twitter as leper colony ministry, screaming at the choirs of others and yanking those tethers back down to cumbersome reality. Instead of instilling liberty, we take liberties here by hiding behind masks of proxies and avatars, creating unnecessary new dividing lines whilst willfully mistaking the self-imprisonment of self-segregation for liberation. The bursting of bubbles is unavoidable. Denying exceptions to rules is not bias. It’s technically the opposite of that, and no different from how the inability to infringe upon the rights of others is not unto itself an infringement of any rights. But we’ve no cause to feel offended over missing the private jokes of strangers flown over our heads or failing to connect with the disingenuous. We’re not really supposed to connect here on the world wide web. It’s always nice to find birds of a feather, but I would think it self-evident that finding friends who will never share a bottle, or pretty faces we will never screw like bad dogs, is an unvoiced threat to our collective sanity. That’s the thing about the net. It’s a web. With none of us as its center. And that’s alright, as stars are nothing without supporting characters.

A concealed carry permit for emotions I think is all in the eyes, which would make sense as justice is naturally blind. The friendliest fire, our fisticuffs of hearts strapped to sleeves.

All of this is of the universe, but none of this is the universe. It will never revolve around you or me or anybody else, but all are most welcome nonetheless to sit on it and rotate.