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The God Thou Servest Is Thine Own Appetite

America is not Trump, the USA government or either of the political parties. It is no corporation private or public, no industry whatsoever. It’s the people, and defending any of those things at a cost to the people mistakes efforts to be the center of attention for leadership. Life and death should really be the only recipients of gravitas.

The belief that a thing these days is untrue unless flattering to ourselves or who we wish to be, to befriend or to fuck, presumes flawlessness when unequal regard mandated for ourselves or who we wish to be, to befriend or to fuck is the root for every last one of our problems. What we despise about Trump we’ve every reason to despise about the nation at large, everything boiled down to rationalizing against self-sacrifice in favor of self-interest. For such the epitome of a self-congratulatory society, Americans could really stand to look in the mirror. Failure to be worshiped is no violation of any inalienable right. The function of the general public or of social media users is not to prioritize good publicity for Trump or the greater establishment. Turning a blind eye to partiality or fallacy is an infringement to fairness, not its purpose. Flattery actually will get you anywhere and everywhere in this society though. That’s the biggest syntax of marketing, how it’s all about undue credit, appealing to the senses if never the better angels. A face value thing other than truth.

If we the people are expected to endure the nationwide lack of checks and balances, forbidden from defending life and liberty against political masquerades willing and able to exchange those guarantees for endorsements and investments, then it is not a democracy being enlivened. Belief that votes can change society for the better is what empowers these issues to persist. The interests most enriched by our divisions, holding absolute authority over the choices we are permitted to make and to endure, also hold ultimate power over electoral processes. Capitalists are not anti-establishment. Billionaires by definition are not leftists, and the public enduring their will be done amounts to subordination for the blessed sake of usury.

If you view Hollywood as any less of a threat to your liberties than Wall Street, then you do not seriously want equality, only for exploitation and extortion to benefit different people. Everybody in the USA would rather the whip be wielded by their brand than have it abolished. However, if industry is the spine of a nation then it needs no coddling lest it turn crooked, for the more it gets pampered and pacified the more accustomed it will grow to shitting itself, necessitating for it to be put to rest early. I always felt the adage “don’t hate the player, hate the game” had it all backwards. Proper society mistakes coats of paint for cocoons all the time and it has got to stop. I’d say that the means for questioning anything is the most fundamental element to free speech, but that in a free society there can be no protections from social ramifications over things said, because mandating response is still mandating speech. Almost as though DIY segregation were the absence of empathy by design. Who would ever have imagined that exclusively one-sided dialogues might make a conversation impossible?

Without getting into IDF training programs, or the costly militarization of the last 20 or 30 years or so. Police in the USA maintain a higher kill-count than most standing armies of the world, and have since before I was born. There’s really nothing about our domestic law enforcement that’s defensible. Maybe brown-shirts should be disenfranchised from pulling triggers generally. Supremacists want the apocalyptic taint coming from the self-destruction where all ego-centrism leads. In economics the opposite of diversity is solipsistic monopoly, and in genetics the opposite of diversity is monopolistic inbreeding. Socially, bucket brigades save lives where chain gangs kill time. For soldiers or cops, turning their guns to the public by order of the government isn’t defending the country, but defending the country’s rulers. I think such soldiers and cops are the real traitors. Because if Americans will not appreciate the American experience then they will get fucking shot by it. Only a monstrous imbecile would believe that license to kill Americans is somehow patriotic. Maybe the nationwide, daily killing of American civilians without due process is the opposite of patriotic, and maybe a government enabling that is not worth defending.

Venom against #antifa comes from people who cannot or will not consider how being denied opportunities and resources to infringe upon the basic human rights of others, unto itself, is not an infringement of any verifiable right. Guaranteed pursuits of happiness doesn’t mean sadism.

I’m convinced that the people who think protestors only protest for pay are projecting, like they themselves can do nothing, can reach no conclusion, unless paid to do so. I think the general rule of thumb is that any voice charging protestors of being paid to sow sedition is really just projecting their own price, unable or unwilling to comprehend how people normally have convictions molded by circumstance rather than design. And the people insisting that all protests must be peaceful tend to be the same people who believe that Capitalism might ever possibly under any circumstances be a good thing with no harmful side effects for anybody. I am fine with violence as that is the only universal language and sadly, the only language spoken by too many. But life is so horrible an experience, only an arrogant psychopath would deprive their enemies of it. Egos don’t magically become virtuous when exhibited by other people. Fuck Trump for spending 5 seconds on a golf course, but is your own obsessive thirsting for entertainment anymore productive? You don’t have the time or resources to help those in need while possessing all the time and resources in the world to give to the whims of corporate boards, of the most gluttonous and greedy among the population? A culture where the status quo has everyone and everything getting actively bought and sold cannot help but to then reach the natural though erroneous conclusion that anyone and anything is replaceable.

Racism as putrid as it is is a mere symptom to the devaluing of life for profit, one of many inevitable byproducts. Free markets empower bullies and nepotism.

Quiet desperation between the catastrophes, life is such an ordeal that any person ever to rationalize depriving an enemy of their own should be called into question and kicked in the nuts regardless of circumstances. You save life or you don’t, also regardless of circumstances. To be truly pro-life would mean wanting your enemies to endure every moment of it. I think attempted suicide being a felony says a lot about our place in this society, but I also think that allowing or enabling someone to exit the train-wreck of this life independently frees that person from comeuppance for whatever wrongs along the way. Culturally, it has become kosher to proactively seek out heaven on Earth for ourselves or for those whose esteem we want, but never to seek out hell on Earth, for ourselves or for those whose esteem we have had quite enough of. If you take issue with a thing, an ideal or movement, a person or a group, whatever, you should want to prolong its existence, to then further its opportunities to know all the miseries of the world. Silencing their candle rules out all future shock and just rewards. Betting on the people you love experiencing Heaven is a shoddy prospect, so ideally we try to make it happen for them in the here and now. So betting that the people you do not love will experience Hell should be met with the same rationale, making it happen for them before they leave the building, rather than appointing imaginary friends to do the heavy lifting.

Life always finds a way to bring further suffering. It doesn’t need our assistance.