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The Genocide That Is Culturalism

While the slow hodgepodge of schizophrenic responses to the coronavirus by authoritative voices within the USA hastens its own demise for all to see, and for no better reasoning but the sake of lucrative comforts and conveniences, even in places such as Germany which has managed some variety of collective precautions over recent months persons are overeager for society to pick up from where it last left off prior to the pandemic. Which I find categorically ignorant. Dangerously so, as it praises the cause which gave birth to the effect.

The seamless fabric worn by the masters of our fates and the captains of our souls, demanding immediate gratification as though life depended on nothing else, is the observable minutiae that the majority of humanity has not been even remotely tested, and what testing has been conducted is universal neither in standards or application. All the while, the foremost authority on such matters, the World Health Organization, asserts that recovery is by no means a guarantor of immunity. Further complicated by this virus already evolving into a number of different strains around the planet, each with differing symptoms and effects. Like infants wailing over an infringement from eating the dog’s poop, this destructively unrealistic insistence for immediate gratification is one and the same as the philosophic devolution of irrationalism, itself ultimately no different and no less brimming with self-harm as the voluntarism proposed by Nietzsche back when cocaine-fueled lectures were first gaining popularity.

The prevalence of culture as the organizing force in human affairs neglects how, in first world nations, all culture was long ago usurped for means to profiteer. Meaning that the will regarded more highly than the intellect has been made all the more disastrous when it is not the will of the people which the people obsessively act upon, what they are compelled to live and die by. Avoidance of intellect is the organization of human affairs for matters other than humanity. In this sense, humanism revering its truer definition as a proud servitude, the masses self-congratulatory for the awesomeness of managing neither foresight or hindsight, of existing without value altogether but as replaceable commodities. Even the recent television series Dispatches From Elsewhere celebrated the ultimate homogeneous quality of modern mankind, insulting audiences by suggesting nonchalance as the noble alternative to problem-solving, when water does not merely fill the canyon, but erodes it to nothing. That TV show was correct in its assertion that everyone is the same, but it was asinine for conveying that as a positive thing by any stretch of the imagination. Finding value in complacency is madness, it’s derogatory to our natures just as favoring the lazy comforts of the will whether socially or individually births problems and allows them to grow unattended. 

Hence, this pandemic before us, and the crashing of financial markets and funny money systems. Just now well over half the American population is unemployed and/or homeless, and the systemic framework responsible is what’s tasked with providing salvation. Even without a pandemic, the masses put all trust in the very same forces responsible for their hardships.

I honestly believe in intuitionism. We have these wondrous senses to define this world around us, but that definition comes by our own limited understanding. An insect could scribe a thesis on the human condition no better than we ourselves might grasp matters of the universe which will forever evade us and our logic and senses. Presumptions to the contrary readily exampled by DIY religion and self-assuring pop culture, conveys irrefutably how humanity makes no efforts toward confronting the unknown or the uncomfortable, obscenely celebrating its fragile state until luck proffers alternatives to the wheel. It’s not the immediacy of sex that brings truest rewards, but the foreplay. Pursuing what you want is the law of the jungle, when civilization comes from others getting what they need.

With no metaphysical awakening, there will be no resolution to these issues. Just as with no sacrifice there is no salvation. Prompting the bad guys to align with whichever body politick that most services your desire repairs nothing. Societal change which isn’t universally executed changes nothing. The call for instantaneous results belittles the problem so vast that it has made the human species stumble together into a grave shared by all, because death alone does not share prejudices. It’s the addictive chemical additives in fast food which makes consumers too lazy to learn to cook accept it as desirable and fulfilling, despite only benefiting their medical debt collectors, when actual sustenance requires work. Cultures of today provide as little truth as do career politicians, and there’s a reason for that, a reason existing without justification of any sort but widely accepted as the word of god nonetheless.