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I don’t think any writer has talent, just that some have something to say and others fuck editors. If we apply legal limitations to our personal responses to speech, to any speech, then we are mandating opinions, which is still censoring speech. This is dangerous if we are mandated by law to accept speech that infringes upon or denies the rights of others. It favors bullies.

It wasn’t the rule of law which enabled David to take down Goliath, but it was the rule of law which enabled David to then use his newfound authority to collect the nut-sacks of enemy soldiers, and the rule of law that downplays it for Sunday schools to avoid obscenity charges.

There is no innocuousness when syntax is freely reinterpreted to the point of weaponization. Fags used to be bundles of sticks. Populism now means efforts stemming from selfishness rather than the anti-Capitalism connotation it held for a century+ prior. Ironically, this entire government warrants nothing but treason *because* of its exclusive population of liars. Greedy people cannot work together longer than 15 minutes of divided fame, but we shield them from blame with words, as if self-conscious persons were the ones best suited for sacrifice.

Dinesh D’Souza calling anybody else a Nazi propagandist is like Donald Trump calling anyone else a loser, a liar or a fake. You’re either helping others or you’re helping yourself, and only complete spinelessness can effectively autofellate. By their pathologies only fools are unaware the only way to save the planet is with shit-tons of guns and bombs and nukes, and mounds of babies droned to bite-sized pieces the way god said in the bible. But come to mention it that snake-handling preacher kept staring at my crotch and it made me uncomfortable. And, when his wife kept calling me Job, asking if I wanted to wrestle with an angel, I was mortified she’d somehow seen my Pornhub search history but I came to learn they were too busy teaching Creationism in my public school for me to learn what innuendo meant. The least self-conscious among us imply how “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” means putting others out of their miseries, and how that is the American way as decided by Jesus when he died at Bunker Hill for your freedoms to die cold, hungry and alone. And if sentences have legs to stand on then they deserve a good run every now and then, too.

Fascism from whichever supremacist is indulged by proper society, because its existence helps everyone rationalize their own self-serving quirks as not so bad. Working for an honest living is great for those who can but giving more to self-indulgence than to those in need is no better than the billionaires trying to remake the world in accordance with their own personal bias, fetishes and whims. We’ve more obese poor people than anywhere because nobody buys based on need but on what they’re led to believe is wanted. By all means raise kids to be healthy, strong and wise, but they really don’t need video games when strangers are starving. We’re told it’s pointless as individuals to recycle when multinational corporations ignore the issue. It’s the same logic. Doing what’s just starts with us as individuals, and shouldn’t be reliant on waiting for the thumbs up from whoever we want to be, to befriend or to fuck. Bellends like Tommy Robinson’s muffin-topped groupies, so alpha male they’re compelled to constantly play follow the leader because they can’t even think for themselves, only of themselves, are just the most obvious of self-deniers. Charcoal hearts are on their sleeves and they will bleed out for it.

I think they’d rather maintain faith in good Capitalism than acknowledge the gay foreigners up the way are struggling too much to complicate their lives. It’s easier to kick neighbors and co-workers than to do real legwork and see the landlords and employers cause the troubles. Everyone is programmed to punch equals or to punch down, but like with the Presidential crap over here, the opposition party doesn’t really care to impeach because they don’t want to endanger those entitlements for themselves when the pong pings and they get a turn. These specific people and their actions are only symptoms. We allow Jerry Mander and Phillie Buster into the house, and the resistance to impeachment is really just their child grown fat on the teat. Trump may’ve run over orphans aplenty but that wheel was invented back before he’d ever even heard of bone-spurs. We could allow their lot so much less power over our lives and our livelihoods, but it’d mean taking on that much more responsibility for ourselves, when all of our culture preaches on behalf of deflection and escapism.

Hollywood aside, historically demons only tempted people into denying god and removing themselves from his grace, where they were thus condemned by god to eternal damnation for failure to accept his love. Rational minds don’t need nudging to deny self-serving douches. Originally, fire and suffering were not even factors to hell, only the deprivation of god’s love. Which was actually very similar to the hell of Norse lore, where those who did not kill enough to win tickets to Valhalla instead endured a world of darkness for eternity. From the Holy Roman empire to the Inquisition where altogether millions of people were slaughtered, the less fortunate tortured to death, hell on Earth made the alternative pale in comparison. So they eroticised the concept straight into purest sadomasochism. I have the same issues with satanists as with the entirety of Judaeo-Christianity, because while spin-doctoring old ideas such as the god of the Christians being the real evil with the rascally devil cast as the first freedom fighter, they are still thinking inside the same toy-box. Making them merely a very far from center denomination of Christianity. And not very independent at all.

I adamantly believe any spirituality free of sacrifice is only a hobby. That theism with any merits cannot be a choose your own adventure game, picking and choosing which elements personally flatter you, and that suspension of disbelief is turning a blind eye to an awful lot. Everything under the sun holds a cost. Why would salvation or enlightenment be any different? And if a spirituality or theism is not just a figment of your imagination, not a fantasy football checklist but an embodiment of whichever greater truth from elsewhere, then why should you be the one to define what sacrifice if any is apropos? Should this not also apply to the self-appointed middlemen of orthodox religions, who universally live with less burdens and more comforts than their flocks of followers? Is their fan-fiction honestly helping anyone but themselves? No, supremacists with access to destruction can only have their lack of logic confronted by meeting their fire with more of the same, making idiots lunge and thus provoking other supremacists. There’s no winning a battle of wits with a trigger finger. It was domestic Capitalists eager to sell what they do not own who caused whatever interference, and the buyers were foreign Capitalists just as eager to risk endangering their own nations, because Mammon’s groupies put self-interest before god or country. As with any other cult leader, Trump must be humiliated into self-obliteration. Not only does he think every country is as for sale as he is, but that every other country works for him personally. What might possibly cultivate such an ego must be ripped to pieces and burnt and fed to wild dogs.

Unfortunately, there is zilch reckoning in Washington, DC. The idea of eventual comeuppance is idealistic hogwash. Many of those who faked the Iraqi WMDs narrative found governmental reemployment in this administration. Matt DeHart sat in prison for years prior to receiving any charges, all for passing along proof the anthrax attacks of the early oughts committed upon USA citizenry originated from a CIA lab. The faked Gulf of Tonkin incident led to the deaths of over 58,000 US troops and 365,000 civilians with not one penalty for any US official, but let’s pretend Trump is to get slammed for being as self-serving as a politician. And that the ship corrects course with him ousted. A nation under god so susceptible to marketing a fucking paint job is taken as a baptism. So ensconced with bullshit 2-dimensional symbolism they don’t even see the Statue of Liberty was made hollow. Sell me my other finger. Election 2020: Now with 33% more packaging!

I think no institution, whether religious or political or corporate, does the good it claims. It always comes from earnest individuals who care about what they are doing in the brief time we all have. Institutions depend on stealing their thunder. Collectives can have mass hallucination, but eureka moments of standing outside ourselves are always a singular experience. Politics don’t have to make strange bedfellows, not when principles are a thing that can exist. Democrats blaming Russia want scapegoats to keep the racket perpetuated come their own turn in the gang-banging of liberties. It’s fucking documented Neocon Robert Mercer and Neolib Mark Zuckerberg in tandem did everything Russia is still blamed for. Fighting a lost war still means no quarter, not settling for the contrived lesser of evils. Embracing an emptiness isn’t necessarily a doom and gloom thing. It’s clearing the white noise, the excess, the clutter to discover the hardwood floors underneath.

The ego is a global epidemic. It genuinely is. Not living for audiences, I seriously streaked freeways in Louisville before, not to show off what I didn’t have, but to force myself to see a balance. Proper society is a guise and I won’t die if people don’t like me. Ideological wall-crawling. Many homeless fake disorders over similar logic of wanting strangers to keep a distance insert more you know rainbow gif. I killed my shyness by posing for art classes way back. After the first 15 minutes I never knew shame or remorse again. Oh I’ve been called mercurial in derogatory capacities in the past. I’ve also written at length on what I see as a necessity in personalized social experimentation. The only way to know for sure if our boundaries are real is to shove through them. Take full advantage of the fact most persons are non-player characters we’ll never find cause to know or meet again. Accents in waiting lines, etc. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody, but neither using or abusing each other means not depending on strangers to reinforce our fears.

But we can never call out the money-men as everyone is wasting their lives in line waiting to get rich themselves. It won’t be Russia or China or motherfucking Liberland to blame for that never happening either. Ignore reality and mind your fantasy. Face front, true believers! Instability in DC always being a relatively new affair is disingenuously asinine. Sock puppets aren’t paid to remember 5 minutes ago, but some of us unwashed masses don’t live by broadcast standards and practices, or gov stats which do not exist to convey self-evident truths. Uncle Sam rapes the world for oil to keep the dumpster fire that is DC lit in perpetuity. Didn’t start yesterday or last week or a decade back. Only this many billions of opioids could mistake hell for a torch of liberty, and Lady Liberty herself has turned far too many tricks to be called a Christian by any straight face, all the way back to getting down on her knees on smallpox blankets to blow her uncles Sam and Tom.

I worry that prior generations had more active interior monologues than too many of our fellows today, either the book-smarts of intelligence or the street-smarts of wisdom. Conformity is a style sense now, but when everyone says and does everything in unison nobody might possibly stand out, except for the designers. And I don’t mean standing out like standing tall, but just discerning who we ourselves are while lost in the crowd. Taking branding literally is foolish, taking it personally is giving away whatever identity is truly yours. Letting the ego fall to the winds is fundamental, but not when it means filling the gap with the ego of another.