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The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

Heads aplenty buried, within the loudness of this nation’s noxious artificial cultures or as far up the ass of self-ingratiating others as space and time permits. Muscle memory avoidance of windows to the soul, unholy communion and dialogues reserved for socials where none might ken what makes us human.

McDonald’s purposefully sells over-priced poison but if we just swap out some of the cashiers everything will magically change for the better. Democracy in America. Instead of voting for coke or pepsi, the real divide is whether to drink bleach or antifa super-soldier serum, which in the south is really just any sour mash whiskey. Two parties share the blame for this establishment, and voting for either is a vote to maintain the status quo. I don’t want to vote third party, I want to rip every tooth of every cog from the machinery of our government so that no more lives be devastated for profit or fetish. Mystery for the ages how those most vocal about their patriotism are relentlessly willing to see their fellow Americans suffer and die. It’s not the promise of riches giving anybody willing to lie, cheat and steal for it free license to destroy everyone around them, but anything else. And if you can destroy enough people then the promise of riches will be yours! Then precious is yours! YOURS!

God did not exist so he was manufactured. The devil did not exist so he was manufactured. The civil war in the Roman-Catholic church today is precisely the matter of Populism vs Capitalism that Zinn wrote about. On one side, Prosperity Doctrine assholes insisting on salvation without sacrifice. The other, those noting the last will be first and the first will be last. As the world’s oldest corporation it’s surreal watching it end by the same strokes as do all governments, with ego-centrists prioritizing their own desires over the needs of the masses, masquerading their own bias and fetishes not only as a supreme form of benevolence but as cultural identity. For the perpetual many there is no such thing as freedom of choice, only freedom toward indecision, and stagnation. The lone reason Mark Zuckerberg is not in prison for the Cambridge Analytica stuff, is that positively nobody wants to admit that our physical selves are transitioning into the avatars for our online bias, whims and fetishes, like reverse voodoo dolls. Assange pointed out how all three of those big global trade treaties from a few years ago were ultimately about loosening checks and balances for multinational corporations, and when they were nixed nobody connected the deregulation and tax breaks that followed. There’s just so much obvious nefariousness and so much fantasy all at once. It’s not PTSD but in-progress stress disorder the more society gets goaded into confusing the two.

The most rewarding media is media that challenges its own medium, the same way that the most humane politicians are always those most anti-establishment. You can test how contradictory an ideology is by whether it can carryover into other matters or not. For example, the popular New Age sentiment of surrounding yourself only by those who lift you up, seen everywhere from social media divas to greeting cards? It approaches life with the same self-centered logic as the Trumps of the world. Surround yourself with persons who YOU can uplift. Daydreaming about obtaining wealth is synonymous for rationalizing extortion and exploitation. No societal ill changes course until the majority understands that. Half of the national revenue stream comes from selling arms and half of national expenditures go to military and law enforcement, black budgets and all. Literally half of our economy is focused on destruction and denying freedoms. I don’t believe most authorities felt threatened by Dr King’s calls for racial equality, because they knew racism was the fabric of this nation going back to the smallpox blankets of the settlers willing to settle for what was not theirs to claim. Conversations toward class equality hit the authoritarians where it hurt. Empathy they cannot understand, but money represents all they are predicated to abide by. Neither conquest or domination is synonymous for survival or a reasoning for survival, and under no circumstances whatsoever is ego ever justifiable. Bringing back the virtues is the only way to avoid genocide, and it won’t happen because creature comforts are perpetually given higher regard than lives of strangers. Hero status should be reserved exclusively for those sacrificing something of themselves, which runs counter to everything virtually everyone in the USA believes in regardless if its blue or red banners they hide behind like cowards humiliated over their own lack of merits. We are batteries, made for toys but sucked dry for bombs and tossed when we’ve nothing left to offer. The entire framework is asinine. State secrets now half-price with user code rosebud.

Free speech only really applies to food packaging. I think more folks get that than can express it, so they’re drawn to avatars and proxies, to fanfic reality, for the illusion of words from the smallest egos appearing on the same level as words from the biggest. But this is very much a DIY segregation at its heart, masks as the most intimate form of walls. And while walls whether physical or ideological may lessen interference, they lessen growth every bit as much. Judge me only by my e-book’s cosplaying cover and judge me positively or you are a threat to my self-serving pursuits of happiness we all scream, grateful that 140 characters only cuts so deep lest we spill our innards and generate the one and same revealing mess of organic constitution as the President shouting to be freed from this world.