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The Élan Vital Of Autosarcophagy

Realizing the error of its ways, once upon a time god devoured itself, leaving only its fat éminence grise head to drift around the abomination of life on Earth it had created, its mouth frozen by the coldness of space for all of eternity in silent scream on the dark side. Nihilism without self-defamation is like faith without an erection.

If we really want answers in this world, then nothing can be off the table, not competition, not drugs, not immeasurable personal sacrifice and loss. Because truth may come of any of it, and if we had no need for humbling we’d have no questions to begin with. I think maybe we don’t need the gatekeepers to whichever starry wisdom selling their banners. I think one and all do they distract us from where most answers might be found. Everybody needs more and more introspection, not entertaining and not catering. But there is a difference between the resignation of complacency, and noting the immeasurable natures of whim, desire or fetish. Egolessness is purpose refined, and without middlemen. We know god is unreal because we can see him with our own eyes as plain as day. He’s there, in our voids.

I think those bothered by anti-capitalism have the same objections as those offended by meritocracy, they need their cheats allowed so their own ego can be be guaranteed an upper hand. None of us should live for or have our lives defined by the marketing of others. Imagine them together, anti-capitalist meritocracy, free education/healthcare with no room for riding coattails, or harvesting profits. If needs are guaranteed for everyone regardless of who they are or where they’re from, then any rationale for more is what it is: masturbation.

Truth and justice only by purity oaths or by pledges of allegiance isn’t actual freedom, it’s filtered truth and justice at best, and only for those requiring the oaths and pledges. If our liberties might be bought and sold, then we never possessed them to begin with. Not the most ideal way to garner respect.

With excesses of ego disenfranchised, even if you’ve no merits to speak of you could and should still have your needs met, rather than meeting under any circumstances with homelessness or starvation. Elections in a true democracy would be randomized like jury duty, which never happens IRL because of the obvious fear of incompetence, when Ivy League gets away with it every single day of civilization. There is but one reason why we do not have a culture which enables everyone. Self-entitlement. It always comes down to ego. Honesty and truth go hand in hand in hand, missed pointedly by every persuasion of branding, theology and partisanship. We don’t actually need each other, but we want the promise of one another. Wanting stardom while doing all we can to get lost in the crowd, lost in the void.

And it’s not just by the fancy suits. Nobody will do jack unless their ego is stroked. Nobody would work unless they are compensated ideally to the point of enrichment. We’d have to find other reasons to work, like recalling when values meant something other than financials. We’d have to be willing to work for the livelihoods of others, which sounds less crazy than what we have today, working for the enrichment of others. This is the regular occurrence to be found across western democracies today, the undergoing of troubles as singular rather than universal. If you have a bad experience, it’s all on you and there must be some rational explanation. When we are all in it, holding the most egocentric above us so that they might reward us, by casting us in the dark beneath their elongated shadows, inspiring the more fetid to in turn deny others of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness as well. So, stop making scapegoats for capitalism. Wealthy writing the rules pillage their holdings by depriving the economy, and if they did the same with food or meds there’d be riots. Their hording betrays and endangers their own nations. It’s not partisanship or foreign governments but the influence which money enables that divides and conquers. Like Pelosi herself said, at the end of the day the politicians in DC are all capitalists, which extends to heads of every nation whose business interests are listed in the NYSE. The “god and country” idioms are only masks, concealing their wretch for egalitarianism when the only symbol such personae strive for is no flag or banner but $. Don’t vilify those buying purported Democracies, wonder at why the fuck they are on sale to begin with. If the issue is perpetually profiteering politicians, then maaaybe it’s high-time to hate the game rather than its mere players. Maybe, when all the big bads of the world answer directly to it, egos predictably folding before bigger egos, Capitalism is the one and only real threat, the greatest lie ever to service the ego. Each and every form of government implodes when its leaders behave as Capitalists and juxtapose their own egos before the needs of others, and denying that is about as practical as praying for salvation. Because this applies to organized religions just as much.

The left/right paradigm boils down to needs outside our preferences coming first vs our preferences coming before outside need. If magic is about working the patterns to existence, then the paradigm overlay would mean having our will oblige it or having it oblige our will. Consider what the Vatican is going through, the flock divided between leftist charity and prosperity doctrines, sacrifice for the hereafter vs enforcing heaven on Earth. One extreme follows the canon of self-sacrifice while the other bends it to self-service. A stark difference. Conservatism clinging to whichever higher ideal, whether the practice of magic or a godhead’s faith or even a nation’s flag, isn’t serving that ideal without hypocrisy, because end of the day that ideal can’t be left free of their preferences. And by my standards no democrat or liberal is a leftist, or else they’d be too focused on helping others themselves to pursue any position of authority, especially where self-enrichment is so grotesquely systemic.

Ego-death isn’t an enduring, esoteric though idiosyncratic truth for shits and giggles. It is the illumination of the void. The universe loves a gamble, and to go somewhere ideologically you must leave something behind. Nix the be-all and hail to the end-all.

Death to the ego!