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The Duplicity Of All Things Israel

In regards to the current big headline hoodoo obsessing over bad-tasting social media activity prompting TV programs to be yanked from off the air, what no voice in commercial media is addressing is the simple fact that any exception to freedom of speech is itself a double standard, by definition. That obviously applies to governmental standards, but then again, this is also what comes from deregulation. When corporate powers face decreased regulations they are thus enabled to enact their own standards, so that the logic of one cannot be expected to apply to another.

But this article isn’t really about that. This one concerns a somewhat other breed of hypocrisy.

The Times of Israel news platform has conveyed a piece where David Friedman, the United States ambassador to Israel, is asserting that Republicans present the only political persuasion from among the American political landscape that will faithfully come to the defense of the Israeli state.

A fairly relevant point which Friedman curiously neglects to acknowledge, and a fine example for how blatantly full of shit he is, is the letter written and signed by all one-hundred US senators just April of last year, where Democrats and Republicans alike unanimously charged the United Nations with unacceptable (as opposed to acceptable) bias against Israel. The Times of Israel itself even ran an article on the matter at the time, with authorship credited to the Times of Israel staff (so it could not now be pinned on a single employee who may not be there anymore).

Why would such an obvious contradiction be permitted to fly like so under the radar of highly-paid commentators and pundits, for public consumption? To portray a division where none exists. This reminded me of Nancy Pelosi admitting how at the end of the day, Democrat and Republican politicians are all ultimately mere Capitalists. Meaning that every last one of them will happily rape their own grandchildren if that’s what their own governing billionaires want them to do. Yet despite their instigated confusion, these imaginary divisions do serve a distinct purpose, to distract the ever-consuming American public from noticing such things as the entire electoral voting process being a complete and total charade.

The truth of these circumstances is that no politician in the west genuinely opposes the Israeli government, even while it remains the one and only governmental body to repeatedly refuse to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Afghanistan and Syria, even the dreaded Iran have embraced the treaty one way or another, but to expect Israel to do the same is, according to literally every sitting US senator, evidently anti-Israel bias. Israel is one of but four nations to not sign, although both India and Pakistan have at least publicly disclosed their nuclear weapon programs. And the fourth, South Sudan, has only existed since 2011, but has been entrenched in a western-cultivated civil war since 2013. Israel alone is the one and only nation on Earth to blatantly refuse time and again. Definitely conduct worth coming to the defense of.

In this article from The Hill, the “Director of Threat Intelligence” for cyber-security firm Dragos (which primarily handles contracts for the US government), was quoted as saying,

‚ÄúReally, there has been no malware in the world so far that has actually put lives at risk, demonstrably.”

A statement which wholly and ignorantly ignores that STUXNET was a thing that actually happened, committed by US forces in conjunction with Israeli forces. The “good” guys, as the big narrative informs us.

So like, the nation already permitted to get away with what no other nation can indulge in, and with means to do what no other nation can accomplish, needs outside defense to begin with? Sell us another bridge, ideally one allowing Palestinian women and children to flee with their lives from Israeli snipers, Israeli bulldozers.