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The Dismal Science (of Suicidal Flash-Mobs)

To the ends of the Earth, put ’em on the Google glass.

Forgetting fatigue, nonetheless is this website hereby on pause for the foreseeable future, and past. Points missed by the lesser majority:

Patriotism is not independence, it’s just another umbrella to cower beneath for fear of a cleansing. The manifestly irrevocable bottom line of censoring no matter the excuses cited, is to avoid truths. Synchronicity is evidence for the creator’s lacking imagination and nothing more. There will be no eleventh hour, saving grace of a singularity to release you of your obligations in this life. When crimes and hobbies are rationalized with the same language then you have a problem, mister ma’am. When you wish upon others what you would never take on yourselves, then you are a crony to impurest evil and blight. Which means all of you and everyone you have known, presently know or wish you knew. Anybody can sling accusations, yet who exactly accepts blame? If contributing members of society are not liable for the detrimental effects of society proper, then it becomes imperative that they address the actual powerlessness they maintain over themselves and their circumstances. It is impossible to be at once powerless and free, even if one’s too dense to feel the weight of the bondage.

Introspection is vital as fuck, but even the black mirror doesn’t follow through when everybody is so obsessed, living and breathing to be assured that they are alright and not crazier than a loon.

And I will never, ever help you to make money. There is too much important shit afoot. Drug culture, which is admittedly all of popular culture, busies itself with discerning identity from vice. You illustrate yourselves by want. Self-banishment is essentially to go without want in this world without end, with lone wolves frowned upon for no better reason than their obvious inner strength. I can say that I exist online for the same reasons that Jesus accompanied himself with lepers and whores, but really, with regards to the question of to be or not to be a part of any social structure the argument always boils down to the deeper matter of self-dependency versus co-dependency. If belief makes reality, and I will argue that it does, then no religious (or political) leader is genuinely self-dependent. Same applies to pop-stars working outside of porn.

No community is real. You have nobody, and the fault is all yours. And yours. And yours, too. Commence with fire.