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The Conspiracies Of Catastrophe

Thoughts and prayers for all those unable to run from their haunted homes lately. Just think of it as cheaper than cable.

In spite of a new theory growing in popularity, 5G has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus. Although I do wonder at the likelihood for a targeted expansion in pursuance of this capability, WiFi potent enough to see through walls. It does utilize microwave frequencies though. Point to point radiation delivery, so consider it like a radar and x-ray rolled into one. And, while the masses are obliged to rely more and more on the physical safety of our technology for communication in the coming months/years, there is this other concern, of cell phone usage already provoking tumors, as Italy’s supreme court acknowledged through a ruling just a few years ago. For those wondering if the government could be sold on allowing dangerous products into the free market, I’m sure there’s a pill for that.

But this conspiracy is especially bad as it makes valid concerns about 5G irrelevant by association. David Icke and Woody Harrelson have audiences, but I suspect this theory originates above their pay-grades. We saw this during the Occupy Wall Street protests, thousands of demonstrators protesting peacefully for weeks, then one random person who nobody recognizes tosses a trash can through a shop window and suddenly they are all painted as violent outlaws in the public eye. There are still unanswered questions about 9/11, but because Alex Jones fanboys pitched foolishness like reverse-engineered alien tech hitting the towers with sonic waves, anyone asking questions is considered as unstable. It’s not happenstance. We currently see this everyday in our Presidential pep rallies, where unflattering questions are treated on par with offering anal rape. I’ve no issue with the principle of vaccinations, but I do object to allowing a for-profit industry to decide what we need and when we need it, especially as no manufacturer seems to exist without price-gouging, meaning our well-being is not their motivation. When each and every drug pulled by the FDA was previously approved by the FDA, I don’t see a problem in seeking more information from third parties with no chips at stake. All of which publicly classifies me as being on the same level as those who believe vaccinations cause all cases of autism. At the utmost least, we need to accept that celebrities exist in self-serving fantasy, so any notions they have regarding public policy or how best to exist in the real world should frankly be printed on tissue paper to wipe our asses with.

Most science is backed by parties expecting lucrative returns, from military applications to companies requiring fresh junkies for the easy money. From physics to philosophy, everything new of the last half century only commented on what came before, all ingenuity limited to profit. I take pride in what logic I can claim and I want to believe all science, but along with anything else in our societies when it does *nothing* unless prompted for a payoff, I feel compelled to wonder how that payoff might be more important than the issue it aims to explore.

Personally, I think a threat being real only presents all the more opportunities for opportunists. Like, climate change is real but Eco-friendly products are very much an industry as purposefully overpriced and ineffective as any other. Both sides co-exist. But many voices insist the coronavirus, if not caused by 5G tech, is a false flag altogether. 9/11 was a divisive event quickly proven as an excuse for more division, and we’ve certainly stayed divided these years that followed. What motive could unite so many otherwise competitive nations now? Powers That Be not wanting witnesses for a top secret alien war, or do they need everyone prodded online in order to receive specific Fight Club subliminals? The machinery of first world nations generally seems to require the masses to work themselves into debt and/or to death, but that’s not happening under the sequesters. Middle classes will be taxed out the ass to compensate these costs should things resume, but that could be years away. I’m not saying there’s no over-reacting, but the fact that wealthy have been hit from cruise ship pricks to princely dicks, from Hollywood heavy hitters to frat-boys impersonating world leaders, means the profiteers will not have many fuck-buddies left.

It is shocking to see how fastly such diverse governments can limit the basic human rights of the citizenry, but this is what any governance is for, to keep the unwashed divided with subsets so that they might never compare notes and thus learn precisely whose greed and gluttony is dicking one and all. Power doesn’t corrupt sometimes, or only for some people or just under certain specific conditions. Power corrupts by design. It doesn’t need a fake calamity to mask its true intent when it operates just fine in broad daylight. People leap to defend it as is.

This for example will never happen:

Secret Service agent standing over the body, sunglasses to hide how bloodshot his eyes are from all the pills. WHO KILLED THE PREZ? he asks to distract from his boner. I am Spartacus! says an old lady. I am Spartacus! says her grandson. I am Spartacus! says everyone else.

When preferably anyone leveraging to assure profits while lives are on the line should never again eat in public without tasting the spit of strangers. Any government catering to them deserves a reboot of the guillotine. Each of the three branches of government is failing the people, working against the people, and yet the people will still give it the time of day. Real or not there is no reason, no justification, for the #USA government to survive this pandemic. That’s no conspiracy, it’s an inevitability.

Look, we all love false flags. But our sole purpose in western societies is to work ourselves into debt and/or to death, and while the god-snubbing economy is a snake stuck in air-conditioning that is just not happening. If the virus were unreal, nothing is being gained of it. It’s an interesting counter to the UBI fantasy, where those who’ve accumulated their holdings through lying, cheating and stealing might abruptly be willing to float all of society come automation. Look to the homeless to learn how those neither working or purchasing are valued. Our irrelevance does not need to be underlined for there to be controls over our livelihoods. The bad guys already won long before anyone reading this was even born. Before their parents or great-great-great grandparents were born. Citizenship to any first world nation is indentured servitude. Many are born into it, all the while presuming the shadow-puppets on the cavern walls are their very own better angels and not imaginary friends.