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The Chalance Of Flutterbies

Contrary to all the given narratives Russia, India and China really do each have their own franchised Trump to contend with and survive, preloading free markets at growing cost to civil or basic human rights. Bedfellows make strange politics. There was a running gag in the Illuminatus! trilogy, with some chapters opening in a description of a different world leader each time, but each paragraph always word for word being the same thing. The biggest caricature of a self-serving prick governs each nation *right* now. Johnson, Trudeau, Bolsonaro, Duterte and Netanyahu; they are all at once cartoons and cunts, insisting that flattering and threatening are not the magnetic poles but everything in between. The Vatican has declared dozens of deplorable popes to be anti-popes, so I don’t see why we can’t rule Trump an anti-President and just hold an immediate election excluding him altogether. Oh wait it’s because the public does not actually decide these matters. Mike Pence as well has more empathy for his horse than he does for most Americans. Along with the African-American slaves his esteemed Founding Fathers and the political class following their leads also had Native American slaves here, Chinese slaves and Irish too, but it all comes down to the sorts of guys who call their wives “mother” needing to feel justified about not really understanding human relations at all.

Likewise, fuck the parties and the Capital Hill they pretentiously play-fight over with all the choreography of a Hollywood car chase. The photo op brow-beating and chest-beating is always a distraction while their other hand beats something else altogether. Fuck every last one of them to Hell. As Charlotte Clymer recently clarified, “The United States was the first representative democracy with a constitution that codified slavery in a legal system. Slavery existed long before America, but the Founding Fathers had the audacity to declare the enslaved as 3/5 of a human being.

Frankie Boyle had a bit about old rich guys always being turds because they really grow up without families, disowned by their parents to be shipped off to sadistic boarding schools for an adolescence where everything’s a homoerotic contest to discern who has the biggest yacht. Not to award them an inch of pity, but all those of the Prom Kings Union are the way they are because, unlike all the rest of us, they are unable to be anything other than products of their environments. So the monied lacks empathy toward themselves every bit as much. Theirs is a subculture without compassion of any sort, gathering around the dollar sign is the shared thread of being incapable of humanity. “What can you do for me, how can you get me off?” even to their own kids. The unwashed masses see feudalism as some archaic thing, allowing police precincts and smart-cities and gentrified subdivisions to enjoy a noble rebrand in real time, when one and all are they just variants of fiefdoms cutting more people short than not. Private equity established the phrase “human capital” as a thing years ago but only recently are people starting to see how demeaning and inhuman that is. It’s rephrased serfdom is what it is. Participation isn’t resisting.

Even a well-regulated form of policing is still antidemocratic, unless literally everyone has a voice in writing the rules to be upheld, and if everyone were able to contribute to the boundaries of ethical definitions then policing would be unnecessary all the more. Instead of involving *everybody* in these discussions, we empower and entitle elected representatives to do so on our behalf, elected or otherwise appointed reps who not by happenstance work for profit. So at day’s end they’re sales reps and nothing more. We can do without the middlemen sales reps altogether. Parties are only there for banners to hide behind, crowds to get lost in and shelters for taxes. Leaders should be chosen by their own provable merits, not by the bankroll of whichever feudal lord they’re most indebted to. But do we think a nationwide law enforcement apparatus will just let all of this go, will allow itself to be canceled out into perfect oblivion? And of the sister institutions, do we think that the business plan of slave labor indebted into a for-profit penitentiary system exists for any other purpose but that its cutting corners generates massive profits, profits which beneficiaries will just magically part with? The weapons manufacturers keeping our beasts in blue armed for Armageddon, and the circle-jerking tech savants making their skulker dreams a reality, will these jokers find new avenues in life after reading the Wikipedia entry on virtue? I think elements of the deep state, the Military Industrial Complex and the Intelligence Community wanted to swap domination by threat of nukes for cybernetic dog-collars, in a civil warring of old school spooks enriching arms contractors vs neo spooks enriching telecoms, but outside Five Eyes and Israel nobody had the means, so the Silk Road was FBI’d to help distribute toys on the black market. The fact that to date the Intercept has yet shared but a percentage of the Snowden stuff, while avoiding going down in a Charlie Hebdo scenario, suggests Snowden was neither hero or traitor but a vessel. Bringing to mind the rumors that the shadowbrokers were off-duty NSA. Dispersal of digital wares, in a modern variant of the Iran Contra Affair with the USA arming all sides of a conflict to grow the conflict. Even domestically, the collective Big Data proliferates itself to such unprecedented degrees that any person remaining offline is castigated. While Americans are prodded to believe that they must take up arms against Americans opposed to Americans taking up arms against other Americans in case they abruptly decide to take up arms against other Americans. There is abject disbelief that Stand Your Ground can apply to any scenario while leaving the transgressor alive to rethink their life.

“Only a monstrous imbecile would believe that license to kill Americans is somehow #patriotic,” says the little angel on my right shoulder. “And life is so horrible an experience, only an arrogant primadonna would deprive their enemies of it,” says the little devil on my left.

Unfortunately, society is not actually breaking down. There could be mounds of bodies in the streets and the greater population will rationalize it. Businesses will bank on emo commercials. Trump will narrowly lose the next election, nothing will change and the mainstream will accept the paint job and cry victory. Animosity towards protestors is the conjoined twin to animosity toward non-voters. In both cases they’ve every earthly reason to object to a short list of exhausted options. Fuck the government, fuck the government and fuck the government at local, state and particularly federal levels. Anyone and everyone who got their foot in the door has confirmed their sales price. Don’t ask it graciously for change, beat some fucking sense into it or we all die. Working within the system, playing by the rules, is Placation and Continuance. The entire political class can fuck off to Timbuktu, but I will donate every organ I have toward any effort at erasing DC off the fucking map. Rationally, I do accept that assisting with the overthrow of a malevolent governmental body is one thing, but going anywhere beyond that would still be infringing on the inherent right of all peoples to self-determination.

If only they would ever bring themselves to determine anything other than flipping streams on the boob-tube to find the more comforting denial.