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Terrorism is not Terrorism

In terms of extremist terror committed on domestic soil, the unchecked tyranny of America’s law enforcement agencies knows no bounds. We the people are required by law to give to the police our unquestioning loyalty. Likewise, anything that comes from America is exceptional and anybody doubting that is no true patriot. They should just leave, if they are not too frightened by America’s foreign policies of course.

As evidenced by the conduct of police departments around the country, terrorism originated with the United States. There’s two arguments competing to explain the rise of terrorist factions elsewhere across the globe in recent decades, with so much evidence to support both that they may well in fact compliment one another. One is that the American government has actively vetted, trained, armed, funded and endorsed terrorist groups to do its bidding, ideally under the guise of popular uprisings in nation-states whose governments do not care for American foreign policy. The other is that terrorist groups arise in direct retaliation to said foreign policy, as the responsive effect to the American cause. Such as in the theory that ISIS was begat by former officers of the Iraqi Republican Guard to avenge what was done to their nation.

Another byproduct of American foreign policy is the creation of millions of refugees, and this royally freaks out most Americans, as most Americans are informed that everyone in the Middle East aside from Israel and Saudi Arabia are terrorists or at least potential terrorists. Seeing the forest for the trees though. If you look at the global population of Muslims for example, the percentage that end up committing extremist acts of violence are less than say, Irish Catholics. People should really refrain from freaking out, especially when more Americans have been killed by toddlers pulling triggers. The FBI’s own statistics admit that the greater majority of domestic terror acts were setup by the FBI themselves. The ACLU and Human Rights Watch concur. Pope Francis cites social injustice and idolatry of money as the root causes of terrorism, rather than religious extremism.

And social injustice and idolatry of money define America.

Were it not for Arabic science showing people to lance boils then Christianity would have allowed the Bubonic plague to completely wipe out all of Europe, as in those days practitioners of the sciences were generally viewed as heretics, often meeting with imprisonment and torture by Christians. Still, many voices deny that terrorism is an American invention, even while unable to actually define what exactly constitutes terrorism. Insisting that terrorism can only be an act of violence perpetrated by a Muslim extremist ignores the larger majority of terrorist acts around the planet. It also ignores that the main casualties of the name-brand terrorist groups are themselves Muslim, and that the main forces fighting said name-brand terrorist groups are also Muslim. Earlier last year, documents from ISIS were leaked confirming that up to 70% of their recruits were Arab mercenaries, and not practicing Muslims, extremist fundamentalists or otherwise.

According to the Turkish government, allied with America as a fellow member of NATO, terrorists are the 28,000 teachers forcibly dismissed from their vocations. Which must have been the largest undercover operation in history, unless America’s friends are less than ideal in their own judgement calls. Which is more likely, that 28,000 villains could effectively sneak under Turkey’s radar, or that maybe there was a less scandalous reason to fire so many teachers, such as not drooling enough to meet the mandates of their nationalism?

Although it certainly has an ebb and flow about it, the mutual hatred by members of the Jewish and Muslim communities is well documented, and unfortunate. One would imagine that the Israeli government would be particularly concerned by violent Islamic extremists. Actually, one of the larger think-tanks in Israel believes that ISIS, currently the biggest and baddest of Islamic terrorist groups if we are to give credence to headlines, is a useful tool for Israel and its American allies to be applied against the incidentally Muslim populations across the Middle East which Israel just so happens to take issue with. To that end, we are to presume that for these circumstances to have unfolded so beneficially is just an amazing coincidence. Any example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is nasty logic, even if playing a key component to American foreign policy. Either a loving god or Democratic law should by themselves make clear that you cannot expect others to treat you how you yourself refuse to treat others in turn.

Might the ultimate truth of these matters be that the entire concept of terrorism is manufactured and subjective, and perhaps even manufactured to be subjective? Again, what’s more believable, that the greatest powers have spent over a dozen years and over 6 trillion dollars fighting terrorism only to grow the issue, or was it never honestly a “problem” to begin with?