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Telling All Of Ya’ll It’s Sabotage

The idea the persons and institutions demanding our undying loyalty no matter the hardships, could somehow be responsible for said hardships thriving is somehow a vicious lie? And perpetrated by persons who fake their abuse or who probably had it coming for being disloyal to those with means for enacting hardships? This is what huge elements of the population of the USA believe? When a nasty question to the President is any question which cannot be answered via self-congratulations, then a peaceful protest as requested by the establishment would be anything which does not give pause to the system.

So, then, the hypothetical good citizen protester is to say:

“I will fight you, but I am going to have you define the rules of engagement while granting you authority of judge, jury and probably executioner. I will challenge you by neglecting any bad reviews and I will resist you by minding your terms and conditions to the letter.”

No matter who you are reading this, those employing the violent but non-lethal tactics of #antifa are doing more to fight for your freedoms and liberties than every cop and soldier in existence, as the root purpose of cops and soldiers is to deny freedom and liberty for others. There’s a reason why freedom fighters around the planet are anti-government, because opportunistic authority instilled into the financial interests of governance presents *the* threat to freedom, leaving the less egocentric among us demeaned for the sake of greed, gluttony and comic relief. In real time we are seeing the authority of a government purportedly of the people wielded against the people with lethal force in immediate retaliation for the people trying to have say over their own civil rights, but we are to believe the same authority bows to counted votes.

Alas, the liberals believing that everything wrong with society comes from the Republicans are no more rational than the conservatives believing that everything wrong with society comes from the Democrats. Where is the elected or appointed official to have pulled a Citizens Arrest on Trump, or to have left-hooked the man outright, the more witnesses the better? Would their bail not be crowdfunded overnight, their reelection guaranteed? It is not the desperate persons without resource who colonize your life with complications, but the gluttonous persons claiming ownership of all resources. The DNC and GOP alike divisively require scapegoats, so that none might study how deep down their bottom lines readily stoop. There are no business solutions to the real problems of the USA, and yet that is the only avenue ever trodden. Subservience to marketing isn’t freedom.

I despise the adage that ‘opinions are like assholes because everyone has one’. I think that independent perspectives are rare, with too many taking repetitive ad-copy or gurgles of their icons as canonical law. Before our own senses or instincts. We cannot be audiences anymore.

People are more important than symbols. The USA is not the flag or a badge or the government or either of the two parties or the Trump brand or Wall Street or anything else. It’s the people, who can exist without those things while those things cannot exist without the people. As purportedly sentient beings people are allowed to be upset by the lack of checks and balances in our society, allowed to be upset that so many of their fellow citizens are dandy with the idea of them being slaughtered by state-sponsored fascists, and that politicians everywhere only help themselves. Most of those who enlist do so only because they cannot get jobs elsewhere. And foreign nations aren’t taking our freedoms. We don’t possess more military bases than all other nations combined for any reason but to pillage their freedoms for domestic business interests. Some can say the USA flag means family or whatever bullshit, but to most of the world that is not the case at all. To most Americans it isn’t true, but the many cowards here don’t want to speak up lest they be made to vanish in the machinery of our for-profit prison system. Every problem I have ever met with in my life has come from those who praise that fucking flag, from people who can rationalize spilling any blood foreign or domestic for its behalf. Fuck symbols, the dollar sign, the cross, any brand for rat bastards to hide their virtue behind.

Uniformed patriots killing strangers are only fighting for weapons contractors. Their being so casual with inflicting lethal violence upon fellow Americans makes them the opposite of patriots. Every uniform in the countless clips of police brutality is an accessory to murder. I fight for my freedoms, fighting for liberty here with the rest of the protesters against gluttonous egocentrics and their malleable puppets in cop and soldier costumes who threaten democracy everywhere. Zilch interest in aligning with the threat in hopes of changing it from the inside. Prior to the first Presidency we had the Continental Congress. I advocate for that instead of campaigning, putting the government on hold until a new government is formed. Post-war in the streets. The necessity of it overshadows the improbability of it. Like the old saying, “Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”. You don’t have to love someone to not be a dick to them. Utopia is impossible, but depowering egocentrics from holding undue influence over our lives is another matter.

World leaders need to explore these circumstances and strike while the irons are hot. Extend this offer to the USA government, that if they would like to continue being your trade partner they must shutdown their hundreds of foreign military bases and black sites immediately. If this government could produce anything benevolent, much less clean up its own messes, it would not be so entirely dependent upon false advertising and indentured servitude. We’ve given you nothing but WMDs and Hollywood trash, but the American people need your help.