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Taking Back The Production Of Means

Pop culture is designed to stupefy. This is why military destroys museums and schools first in every war abroad, so that the products and services pushed after the fact are met with no contradictions with which the peoples might anchor themselves anew. The demographics of Bernays evolved purposefully into law enforcement profiling. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. The almighty message. to be consumed and absorbed. Like a balloon filled with shit and piss.

Among a population continuously voting for the least ethical among us, learning anything from this pandemic experience is highly doubtful. Unless represented by any of the lowest common denominators that comprise our artificial cultures, nobody ever remembers squat about anything. Lord archetype and lady trope, pray for us transceivers.

The more self-dependent persons are not having their lives altered by fate, but the more codependent you are, the easier it is for matters like this pandemic to impact you. Personality cult centerpieces such as Trump, entirely dependent upon others all their life, are unraveling in real time, because Capitalism *is* codependency. The more ego-driven one is, the more voids that are left to be filled. A different ego is never the solution for anything. It’s not simply that popular standards for success are contingent on buying or selling, increasingly so too has identity itself, people made to feel incomplete for any impairment to buying or selling when neither has jack to do with life or death. Yet through our citizenship has every last one of us been sacrificed daily, our lives never our own unless we rebel against the establishment’s mass hallucination of public consensus and social contracts. Neither produce or consume and we announce ourselves as expendable. Only marketing suggests otherwise.

When over 300 million Americans have not been tested yet despite months of the virus in circulation, this Council to Re-Open America amounts to a reprimanding of the slaves. Away from the wet-dreams of madmen the economy is not the country, and the ego of the President is a concern only for his divorce attorneys.

While I wouldn’t defend Trump even if my life depended on it, doing nothing but for the sake of private enrichment was USA policy foreign and domestic long before he was even conceived. There’s no such thing as Capitalism without encouraging extortion and exploitation. Most Americans past and present conduct their own lives no differently than does Trump. They just hadn’t achieved the levels of lying, cheating and stealing necessary to accumulate billions in holdings from others. Excrement and expletives alike perpetually flow downhill, as far away from their rightful owners as humanly possible. If I were to pinpoint the singular thing keeping even the most benevolent Americans from inching closer to utopia, it is the adamant belief that any ego might ever be defensible under any circumstances. The ego of those they wish to be, to befriend or to fuck, or their very own. Sure there’s hundreds of thousands homeless in the USA, minimum, yet you somehow deserve the costs of your Netflix/chill to escape your “hard” life but oh what demographic is the bloated imp of a world leader ignoring and degrading now as if responsibility to help fell on others. It’s not as though only cool folks may act in self-interest. When each and everyone does that, there is no collective, no group, no society. A pandemic helps some to glimpse behind the curtain, but too many are vocally too eager to forget the experience rather than learn anything of it.

As was the case with 9/11, the offices responsible for the blight are once again permitted to convey the proper messaging to be consumed and absorbed by all.

One of this administration’s main deflections has been that the WHO is somehow subservient to the Chinese government, and that the Chinese government waited too long to pass warnings. Which did not seem to prevent most of the nations of the world from taking precautions months earlier than has the USA. The Washington Post conveniently observed US state department cables from two years prior, warning of potential pandemic dangers stemming from a particular lab in China’s Wuhan region. While the World Health Organization indicates there is no evidence that a virology lab in Wuhan was the source of the virus, Pentagon spokespersons insist otherwise, claiming expert knowledge on a matter which they also simultaneously claim to have been kept in the dark about. The CDC is confirming that there were indeed cases in California as far back as December of last year, coinciding with the Chinese government addressing their own earliest cases, although with the machinery of healthcare in the USA having only two settings, maliciousness and incompetence, it is perhaps too easy to consider those cases as being misdiagnosed at the time. And with so little testing today, I would imagine many cases persist under misdiagnosis. But that article makes this article now look like western propaganda, as Politico was so quick to condemn Japanese scientists siding with Chinese scientists, the two nations not particularly allies as they’ve come close to blows in recent years over disputed ownership claims of whichever islands. But a liberal news portal aligning with a conservative government, imagine that.

I’ve definitively said for years that projection of bias, fetish and whim is *the* Neoliberal obsession, just as suppression of bias, fetish and whim is *the* Neoconservative obsession. Otherwise Neocons and Neolibs have everything in common. The Chinese and Japanese governments likely did not lie when concluding the virus originated elsewhere. Our own experts see that now, making the USA government look more suspect, or more incompetent. In recent days a pair of pseudo-celebrity doctors, each owing his rise to fame to resources of the Neoliberal Oprah Winfrey, appeared on the rightwing Fox news cable channel, where they each made the claims that re-opening the economy and re-opening schools especially makes for a necessary sacrifice. None appreciated the rich irony to the social media response that followed, Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers swapping hats for a round. Right to life folks finding exceptions on camera, and my body my right folks suddenly finding convenience killing isn’t faultless logic. May they one and all get bent. For a closer look at a mirror. Our society both mindlessly and mindfully manufactures victims by the truckload, and while most of us invariably suffer events beyond our own control, any death which may be preventable *must* be prevented. Neither partisanship or personal convenience is an excuse for loopholes. There was a separate trending hashtag joking about what 2020 might be karma for. I think the disregard openly shared for any life which doesn’t service us individually is a grand point of interest. Homeless and hungry refugees domestic or foreign, orphans, fatties, etc. There simply are no first world nations without persons aplenty on the losing end.

Currently, the Times of Israel is reporting that US intelligence agencies (plural) notified the Israeli government and military about the coronavirus all the way back in November. Which openly conflicts with the official narrative of the USA, but none would risk being labeled an antisemitic for “correcting” the Israelis, a thing which party leaders among Democrats and Republicans fiercely and consistently agree on, pandemic or no. So of course the Democrats would not obstruct Republicans from inserting pork into a coronavirus stimulus relief package, costing actual middle-class tax-payers tens of billions for no other reason but that the greediest among the population wanted it, viral contagions be damned. It’s considerably the singular purpose of the USA government, placating the total authority and lack of responsibility maintained by Wall Street in perpetuity. Contrary to all slogans and advertising, the political parties compete only for the paycheck.

When less than 10% of the population has been tested, but from those numbers are more cases than any other nation which doesn’t bode well for those still waiting. there is no cure, and surviving it doesn’t make you immune from contracting it all over again, we have in fact made it thus far without assistance from the establishment. Sever the chord. Why in the most holy of motherfucking fucks is it taboo to confess we exist *in spite* of our government, our healthcare system and our law enforcement keeping us all in check. I’ve never in my life been able to rely on any of it for anything but undue complications for everyone I know. Everyone, perpetually eager to forget the worlds outside the thin skin of shuttered eyelids.

We are left with no options but to conclude that, due to Uncle Sam’s tragic and continuous inability to go and get fucked, favoring his own criminality to the light of reason, he deserves to die. His supporters can get grief counseling after the fact.