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Taking a Break From Mopping

In my experience, what is right and what is love are never on the same page, and the two are never remotely even-handed. Level playing fields are for those Flat-Earthers, self-entitled to workarounds for the unfair advantages of natural proclivity and common decency. Maybe she was born with it.

The philosophies I dwell on are much older than conservatism or liberalism, Christianity or Capitalism, tastes great or less filling. But these have been co-opted, perverted by all because you cannot pull a paint job on air. Or at least not for very long, but then, each and every heartbeat is a splashy wondrous flash of pure brilliantine in the grand scheme of things. If by any measure an idea, words or actions, denies growth then you know it is both untrue and impure. Walls whether brick and mortar or ideological prevent others from finding help. Nobody should exist to prevent others from finding help, from finding better alternatives to circle-jerks, bubbles or gated communities, again either brick and mortar physical or metaphysical. You either put the needs of others before your own fancy, or you put your own desires before the needs of others. Everything fundamentally comes down to that, down to the smallest things we might say in passing, but nobody will ever say so because to do so would incriminate them and how they conduct their own personal value judgements in this life. It doesn’t stop it from being absolute truth. I want to bring virtues back to the world, and doing so requires ethics and morality, and with non-lethal ramifications. Truth is the only way. You can survive and you can survive quite well without lying, cheating or stealing. Short-cuts ignore the view. For our spirits, sweet is synonymous for unsavory. The Maitreya will immediately get downgraded as a meme for his plastic water bottle flip-flops, and justly so.

Guilt and shame become vital by my worldview of a reality tunnel, because while it is one matter to diminish the reach of opposing philosophies, but something else, something intrinsically more and more meaningful and rewarding, to grow your own. In reference to numbers also.

To embrace the predictable, coordinated programming of lust after whatever commodity or ideal or face, insistence upon its being the best and more desirable, doesn’t mean it’s good, or even real. If standards get in the way of happiness, a notion of growing popularity once more, then to have no standards is to expect happiness. Ignorance is self-defeating bliss. And collectively fooling yourselves into vehemently believing that any good may possibly come from ignorance, from avoiding or battling or unlearning truths, says nothing more than that truth hurts simply because you have tailored yourselves to be soft where softness is pliancy. You deny and forbid your own backbone from growing, where rigidity means self-dependency in opposition to both using and/or abusing anyone else on this planet. Consider survival without the destruction and mindlessness. As an example to show what I mean, when you demand for strangers to get vaccinated by agencies whose products are well-documented to have poisoned millions with addictive, expensive and even deadly chemical compound mixtures, then you are not helping the potential victims of your thoughtless and by total happenstance corporate-friendly demands. Which isn’t woke, it’s sleeping with eyelids ajar which if gone untreated will lead to blindness. Only under these specific circumstances does the time-honored phrase of “It doesn’t hurt at all once you stop fighting” apply. It actually feels good to not be wrong, to not be in the wrong. To never allow for any person to die for any reason no matter how loathsome you feel they are to their blackened core. That’s not bragging or confessing, it just is. To say this is an over-simplification of whichever favored peculiarity is only admitting to one’s own shame and guilt.

If the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys ended with one family’s being killed off, then the only remaining option for the surviving family is inbreeding. If each family allows the other to go on living however, then the potentiality appears of thrice as many hands to work the family business.

Regarding anything and everything, either you are helping, or you or not. If each and every one were to do for others instead of themselves, then each and every problem in the world would vanish immediately and permanently. It genuinely is that simple, and to say otherwise is to just want to get away with some self-centered bullshit.