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It’s like as long as we limit our unprotected sex to just one hour per day, we’ll be fine. This is the logic of re-opening society or “liberating” whichever states, incidentally pushed hardest by those who probably have contracted VD from family. The media elite can’t stop them from putting their dicks into hornet nests anytime they darn well please, because if consequences were real then how did the Avengers bring everyone back check and mate. No candidate in the country can survive a genuinely informed electorate though, pills and pop culture help see to that. These people whom the rest of the world are somehow subservient to are factually blithering idiots, but the fault is only partly on their own shoulders. With *all* paid media, *all* paid pundits and *all* paid politicos carrying the bulk of the blame for the rampant ignorance which prompts those protesting public health and safety precautions. Obvious commonality there.

Contrary to this garbage, it is not the function of the universe either to appease or to reinforce the comfort zones of anybody. Oceans do not respond to the ebb and/or flow of a grain of sand. As venture capital retreats from the pandemic, startups are collapsing because all cults run out of virgins eventually. Maybe what ultimately separates humankind from other forms of life rests in how we do not actually have to be products of our environments, even if such exceptions are increasingly, excruciatingly, rare nowadays.

All virtues are dead and buried and all hope was lost long before any of us were even born, with most everyone preferring entertainment now. But recognizing the spiritual value in revolution to better all mankind leaves no other path in life nonetheless. So I don’t think of revolution as a process, but as endless as our physical revolutions around the milky way. I’m not Christian, but to borrow their IP for a second…Christ knew he would be crucified and that there was no way around it, and yet that knowledge did not stop him from doing what he believed was just. His words and actions had positively nothing to do with any focus on bettering himself at the expense of anybody other than himself. A decision that comes across as foolhardy or admirable depending on one’s own persuasion. Interestingly, we never give the label of messiah complex to anyone sacrificing of themselves, but rather only to control freaks, to mongers of power and riches, people aiming to play god. Ouroboros, the snake tasting itself is forever, yes, but it ends in self-defeat.

Theoretically, anyone and everyone is capable of anything and everything. To say otherwise is to contradict MLK Jr. Also Oscar Wilde, who wrote that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. My whiteness didn’t save me from a cop urinating on me while homeless. Voting for someone, giving our faith freely to someone because they share a physical attribute or sexual preference with you is no less shallow than infringing the rights of someone because they lack that connection to you. Those attributes unto themselves do not make someone right or wrong, only merits do. The only reason we do not anonymize candidates is that literally everyone secretly wants preferential treatment guaranteed. The collective ideology has more wrongs running far deeper than surface level prejudice along the lines of racism or sexism, as lethal as those are. The concept of restitution, growing in popularity, can easily be summed up as robbing persons who were never slave-owners in order to benefit persons who were never kept by slave-owners. Inconveniencing others for the sake of self-enrichment or self-flattery is never a virtuous ordeal, and so proponents of restitution are morally no better than those idiots protesting against the well-being of strangers. Billionaires sure as shit wouldn’t be covering the cost, not of restitution or medical assistance either one. That falls irrevocably upon the working class, the people actually paying taxes are the persons every bit as down-trodden as those who might benefit from restitution or medical assistance, because it’s all cut from the same cloth.

There will always be a bigger picture at stake than what we want, or what we feel we deserve.

Of course, anybody can make the declaration that systematic corruption, particularly its long game, disenfranchises the many for the betterment of the few, but changing who gets disenfranchised doesn’t prohibit disenfranchisement. Stop thinking only of yourselves, stop looking for the easiest path in life, the diseased mentality of the get rich quick scheme, and take note of what fucking planet you exist on and how that planet could not and should not itself exist to serve anyone. Together all lovey-dovey or not, nobody survives this experience of life. Regarding coronavirus alone, barely 1% of the USA population has been tested, over 300 million citizens excluded over time and resources while Wall Street was gifted some extra trillions from taxes it did not pay. With the virus in domestic circulation for 5 months, going by the CDC and Stanford, scientists from both China and Japan, and the freaking IDF, everyone else could be a carrier right now. Until everyone on the planet has been tested by not-for-profit resources, which is never going to happen, this pandemic has no end. Even were every last soul from lost tribes of the Amazon to the homeless in your own town tested with standardized testing rendered by apolitical, science-focused organizations, there’s too many incidents of false-negatives, and relapses are happening in all countries, because this bastard thing continues to evolve where our species refuses to. This plight may, quite realistically, never end, short of ongoing booster shots available for free universally. Which also will never happen, because those with the authority to do so reached those seats of power not by minding the considerations of others. Nobody becomes a personality cult centerpiece without huge voids needing to be filled by others. People prefer to think the pyramids of Cairo were built by craftiness though, rather than by thousands of slaves worked to death over many years. I’m all for rebuilding but we need to all be on the same page about the reasoning. No room or time for sadists or opportunists.

Democratic governance is about managing existing resources for the benefit of everyone. Not to make life easier for any subset. Until all are on the same page, afforded the very same resources and opportunities, inconvenience must be expected and it must be endured. Because no matter how bad you or I think we may have it, there are endless experiences life offers ad nauseum which we might never, ever personally relate to. Instead, our public figures, the most gluttonous among us and whose greed is emulated by anyone looking out only for themselves, are either obscenely incompetent, or highly suspect. Either way the entire USA government desperately needs to be replaced ASAP. If there’s lingering cases of the virus anywhere in the world then nowhere is permanently safe, not even the ivory towers or gated communities. Based on my country’s rich history of “losing” armaments and even malware in the wild…the voices most insistent that the virus did not come from a lab are here, working for Uncle Sam. Claiming expert knowledge of a thing while also claiming they were kept in the dark about it. Wanting the salvation without the sacrifice, the payday without the toiling. Whether the USA government created it or not is above my pay-grade, but I do really feel that it was fostered knowingly, before control over it was lost. When our largest national revenue stream comes from selling the means to render unnatural death, I think it’s silly to presume this would be beyond our better angels. Americans only want their cocks sucked, they do not care about the miseries of others unless there’s an incentive.

When the Intelligence Community has fundamentally always existed explicitly for the fabrication of scapegoats on behalf of Uncle Sam’s business interests, how strange that they should be the first persons alarmed by the virus. Personally, I think their competence tapped out with exploding cigars, but the thought being what matters is the basis for all marketing everywhere. We have the American dream because Americans simply cannot exist alongside reality. I’d love to say anyone and everyone to have been in proximity not pulling a citizens arrest of Trump is enabling, but our courts exist only to perpetuate the pyramid schemes of self-interest. Taxes are a backup revenue stream should servants not be paid enough to uphold the most gluttonous aloft adequately or comfortably. Crumbling infrastructure nationwide is a loud testament to this. You are born to be bled dry for the ego of strangers. As citizens of the USA our lives have always been made entirely expendable, producing and consuming to our demise, and attempted suicide is a felony for no other reason but that we are not permitted to say when we have fucking had enough of it.

Don’t conduct your life by the same reasoning as Trump conducts his own. Don’t use and abuse others, as ever, but consciously choose to never support or empower those who do. Pandemic or not, don’t look at our society in terms of what you can get out of it, but in terms of what you might do to help. Down to each and every little decision, fuck leveraging the self-serving machinery of government to take your load up its ass, burn it down altogether and help build a thing to service persons other than who you like in this brief lifespan.