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Spontaneous Human Self-Immolation

Meditation, the most natural state for the human mind to be in, to such extents that all religions would just love to trademark the happening but for the fact that meditation predates all religion, is so lost on peoples today that one company seeks to profiteer off the matter with a new headband that reads and measures brainwaves. A device to assist with meditating.

Meanwhile, other interests see potential profits in adding brain scans to the list of bio-metrics implored for safeguarding virtual security, such as a mental image used as a password.

These exploits continue to unfold amidst the shear genius of hooking a brain up to digital technologies when digital technologies can randomly explode, or worse. Actual brain implants can already be hacked for physically controlling people as though by remote control, but tech entrepreneurs only care about enrichment even at the expense of life itself, not for enriching any life but their own. Or they would not be businessmen. To be fair, considering people today, a little additional brain damage would actually be a great thing for salesmen weary of informed consumers, though oxymorons, or politicians weary of people in general. Billionaires only see commodities in people. Depending on anything is a setup for despair, but over-dependence on tech cripples the basic skills which evolved mankind beyond our more simian ancestors. Willful infantilization. And that’s without even getting into the cancers it creates inside us all. Addicts of any stripe exist in denial, of course. Like people spending more on comics and games than on charity insisting they are good people, willingly blinded to the repercussions of their own personal inaction.

Compassion is always first to go when limiting perception. Really cute how that plays out.

Even the centrist NPR is doing pro-corporate hit-pieces now, declaring that hyper-acute sensory perception is by any stretch of the imagination a bad thing. As though a gateway to meditation, which marijuana inherently is, leads away from cognition rather than floating directly to it. Marijuana is no necessity, just as reliance on any outside stimuli, particularly for-profit gadgets and apps, is stupifying everywhere beyond a very small margin of error. But marijuana at least can pull us outside ourselves anywhere other than the private coffers of madmen.

Drudge shares headlines such as this, warning of a “Chinese-style” digital authoritarianism, with vague acknowledgement that such controls are handled and manhandled by western-based tech conglomerates like those comprising FAANG. If such control is to be demonized, then why not call out those explicitly responsible for manufacturing and enabling it?

For the same reasons that foreign interests are blamed for hacking domestic elections, rather than the domestic billionaires using tech platforms who actually pull off such a thing, repeatedly. There are motions now to explore using the rotting corpses we leave behind as batteries. Just to keep the lights on, when clearly nobody is home. All are off their rockers and gone to witness this electronic circus of a shit-show, living only for the distractions away from the inner convalescence that comes from meditational practices despite the obviousness that pop culture only sees the light of day if somebody somewhere believes it will turn a dime. It has no deeper, hidden truths to guide anybody anywhere. That’s the whole idea of it to begin with.