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Sisyphus, The True Patriarch of The World

Mainstream media casually announcing the concept of mobile storage for overstock by multi-billion dollar corporations to be a neat plot twist in the fun for the whole family game of chance. If demand creates supply then no overstock could ever exist. This is not supply manufactured to service a demand, it’s the opposite, a demand generated inadequately to meet a supply. And when said supply piles up like so, then business leaders are actually failures in what they choose to do with themselves. All the labor of civilization serves no purpose but to keep them aloft. This is self-evident to everybody but the billions actively participating in the dogma. An entire world of time, energy and money wasted simply to cater to the egos of the excruciatingly few. It’s incremental, exponential and downright pathological. For a society to so feverishly mythologize caricatures, it should come as little surprise that the society’s players themselves have devolved into a caricature of mythology.

Dead is sensibility. Dead is noble, chivalric altruism. Dead is thinking with conviction and principle.

If, with great responsibility comes great power, as is the case with priests and meteorologists, then so too would the opposite be of equal value, that with no responsibility comes no power. Nobody considers homeless as evacuees. The official narrative may preach for all to suppress their private struggles for fear of coming across as less than successful, yet the only thing more common than somehow living from paycheck to paycheck is how the monied obsessively dump on all those possessing less. If everyone who owed me were to settle up, I could build a nice house on a delectable strip of remote land. It is not unreasonable to see that those possessing less than myself are probably not the ones diminishing any aspect of my life. By finding limitations in how far I would give my time and energy and money to those who would rather search for any logic in using and abusing all others as opposed to helping anybody anywhere in any earnest or meaningful way, do I apparently deserve each and every ill to befall me. As though the biggest crime one can possibly make is to not carry aloft those in society more self-serving than myself. How dare I not pretend the charade makes a lick of sense. How dare I have no time or energy or money left to give freely to you. How dare I face true, front-believers.

If you refuse to vote to further enable the political parties then you are viewed as the problem. If you refuse to file your taxes with a government that cannot go one hour without massacring children then you are the crook. If you are not wasting your time on social media then you are a creepy weirdo. If you are not trying to shove your dick down every hole you see then you are a sociopath. If you are not following this crazy new TV show with all the theatricality you can muster then you are a loser with godawful taste. If you want no cellphone brain cancer in your life then you are actively trying to undo the fabric of all reality. Yet in each scenario is the outsider the only one acting rationally, or independently. By resisting the problem is one thus blamed for the problem. If nobody would protest death by police then somehow there would be no death by police. Antifa not being tolerant towards murderous intolerance somehow makes them the more dangerously intolerant. Let’s all pretend that spending the bulk of our waking time and the mass of our lives making money for those who already have more than ourselves, is cool. Our nights and our days, fleshed by their products and services which we ourselves create and buy and live by, for their benefit and their benefit alone. Even in terms of creating these virtual data-sets to be mined and profiteered for additional power and control.

This is the sole product of capitalized industrialization, an abomination of a collective worldview insisting on total acceptance when no previous era of humans living alongside one another was quite like this. I was furious at this article by Joe Pinsker for the Atlantic, where he spells out a mother of a problem before falling a bucket of light-years short in reaching the only possible conclusion. What he’s accomplished is ideologically more harmful than any propaganda, perpetuating the notion that Capitalism leads to something other than getting crushed by boulders. When society programs itself to do nothing unless meeting a price-tag, not even cleaning one’s own messes or keeping others alive, then life is demeaned in value. There is no such thing as a good Capitalism. When living and breathing for that which has been mindlessly awarded more value than life itself, then life will invariably get smashed. Insisting for others to carry our obligations is insanely self-defeating, everyone wanting hope without the hours of foreplay logged in. If nothing is to be pursued without financial enrichment then all of love truly is just trumped-up prostitution. Every addiction, every distraction, every excuse for laziness and ignorance is openly and culturally mistaken for self-respect where none exists. You have opinions about the video games that you rent? You adamant rebel, you are surely breaking the mold! Just don’t question the logic of impoverished Americans paying billions annually for Israelis to enjoy universal free healthcare instead of themselves; Israel, which no Congressperson in a million years would ever dream of belittling as a socialistic state when under every other circumstance is universal free healthcare supposedly a cornerstone for those vile socialistic states.

Continue desperately pretending that everything is sweet and that being a contributing member of society is anything better than the literal worst way to spend your days, your nights, your brief flashes of consciousness in-between.