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Said the Actress to the Bishop

The communist government of North Korea arming up is in direct retaliation to unprovoked threats by the United States, threats which have persisted and grown since the USA “bested” the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea more than 60 years ago. My paternal grandfather was a prisoner of war in Korea, and although he would eventually die years later of throat cancer caused by the torture he underwent while in captivity, he was nonetheless filled with stories of the even more gruesome things he witnessed US forces doing to Korean innocents.

There is nothing the North Korean government can be accused of right now that the Israeli government and the Saudi kingdom alike, the closest allies of the USA, are not doing worse. The USA itself has a military presence in over 130 nations, bases largely on stolen lands. How many foreign conflicts is North Korea involved in? The largest seller of weapons on the planet is the USA. The largest buyer of weapons on the planet are the Saudis. The instigator of the most foreign conflicts are the Israelis. Only one nation has actually used weapons of mass destruction against another, the USA, and it has done so repeatedly, from Japan to the Marshall islands. North Korea’s military on the other hand is outspent by South Korea, which is so paralyzed with fear that it is currently passing the world’s first robot tax. The military in North Korea is also outspent by the likes of Brazil, Singapore and Taiwan. The obviously one-sided nature of such a proposed conflict would be laughable were it not for the ease in which nuclear armaments can wipe out thousands, even millions of people in the blink of an eye. One-sided wars can and must be avoided, at whatever cost.

And avoiding this particular war would literally cost nothing, yet it looks more and more as though US forces will nuke Guam or wherever themselves and pass the blame onto North Korea. Most people today still believe the official narrative behind 9/11 despite rampant self-contradiction. No matter how endearing a distraction, if it is indeed an unrequited thing, then it is very much a dead-end thing as well. We must not exist to play the jester for haphazard ideals, well-intentioned or more obliquely to the contrary, that neither want or need us in the picture. It ultimately insults all parties.

Not one life needs to be lost because Donald Trump is packing 2 inches buried somewhere deep beneath the blubbery folds of his torso. Let the arms contractors and their Wall Street investors go and find honest jobs. McDonald’s is always hiring.

There really is no reason for any of this drama, any of this red-handed penis envy. Lust goes unfulfilled for a reason.