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Right Off The Ledge

Facebook, the largest of online social networks, just posted the largest one-day loss in market value by any company in U.S. stock market history. And immediately there was the concerted effort to pin it all on Mark Zuckerberg, over public comments he made assuring Holocaust deniers a place in his digital town square. As though such far-right-leaning opinions are contrary to company policy. They really aren’t though, and there’s an abundance of evidence in the public noosphere to prove this.

Now, Zuckerberg likely made the remarks thinking he was in service to the tenets of free speech, but countless nixed accounts on his website say otherwise. And Facebook’s BoD are likely condemning him now just to save, uhm, face. Right-wing account holders on Facebook and the other big social media sites obsess over their own persecution complexes, copyright of Roman-Catholicism, but the farther right one goes in ideology the less likely they are to listen to any outside perspectives. Meaning they and the bubbles they hide in remain oblivious to how, for every token kek-sucker suspended, there are flocks of genuinely anti-establishment leftists expunged altogether. Social media users predominately only follow those who they want to impress.

The Facebook corporation gave its keys to the kingdom to Cambridge Analytica, and there is no reason they would have just handed over so much lucrative data unless it knew who was employing CA. Facebook’s sole purpose is to gather and resell data streams on all of its members. Violating privacy rights to such astronomical extent is not what leftism is about, what with lefties more concerned with putting the needs of others before their own desires. Nobody with any authority at any of the social networking sites entertains left-leaning politics. They were likely paid for these data-sets, but if CA’s employer showed any inclination in crippling market-driven economies they would not have taken the bitcoin. In fact, Facebook clearly wanted to piggy-back the scheme to a nicer condo. CA is a subsidiary of the SCL Group, whose business model openly consists of utilizing military-grade psychological operations for private profit. Both CA and the SCL group especially are heavily funded by the billionaire Robert Mercer, who was also the largest financial backer for Trump’s Presidential campaign. He began to invest in these tech companies when his investment in Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign failed to pay off. At first CA was working with Ted Cruz’s 2016 Presidential bid, but changed dance partners early on, to promote an even more devout Capitalist.

The Mercer family are the largest owners behind the confederate Breitbart media blog, whose co-founder Steve Bannon worked as Trump’s innermost consultant until his proudly alt-right stench grew too unbearably noticeable. Mercer buys and sells right-leaning candidates. Zuckerberg may socially sell himself as a Neoliberal candidate, but for his company to have been working so closely with CA in support of Republican candidates proves he is as far to the right as any modern feudalist. And he would not have maintained control over Facebook for so many years if the feelings were not entirely mutual among his chairpersons. Another tech group heavily funded by Mercer was allowed by Facebook to create and distribute numerous anti-Muslim ads on the site for years, which, being harder to pin on one exec amounts to something more than a one-off Holocaust remark, yet every bit as fascist.

So if nothing else, it wasn’t any Russian who stole the election, but the Capitalists of the western world sharing amongst themselves only a far-right pathology. The same as with all elections. The information war currently in effect is focused exclusively with white-washing the obvious. And by no means are Facebook and Mercer’s subsidiaries the only ones pushing information war among the American people. The digital rights group EFF, for example, has outed itself as a front for Google. Members of a Capitalist state will do anything for money, typically under the conveniently guilt-free though altogether false premise that it is a necessary evil to be performed purely for the sake of one’s survival. Anyone and everyone with wealth is inherently right-leaning, as evidenced by their preventing that money from trickling back to where it came from. Nobody accumulates that level of power unless using and abusing others, or inheriting it from someone else who used and abused others. There are no exceptions to this. Working at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, actual leftists have not the means or the time to challenge any of it face to face.

As evidenced by the entirety of corporate media, answerable only to the billionaires and tasked with condemning persuasions to the left of the very sins manufactured and cultivated by these same billionaires. The game in play is to convince all parties that the goal is anything else. The public preferring a pocket dimension, when the more interesting bits are elsewhere in the pantaloons, makes it so easy for the bad guys to win this game. It’s the same exact thing as the machinery of war itself. The USA has played the guiding hand in every war around the globe going at least as far back as the end of WW2, yet informs its own citizens how they are the ones under constant threat by outside others. The USA promotes itself as a peace-keeping nation while openly selling more arms both domestically and internationally than any other nation in history. Success by their skewered view is taking credit for the labors of others just as much as blaming others for their own fallacies and flaws. A dozen Russian agents charged with hacking the election? Let’s ignore how the Vault 7 releases from Wikileaks of the CIA’s own files show how the USA government has had the technological means to completely falsify attribution for years.

Shareholders are not suddenly leaving Facebook and Twitter over offense at awkward statements from the corporate spokes-models. These companies are being attacked by the puppets of competing billionaires, divestment through a feigned emotional investment but at the end of the day it’s opportunistic hysteria all the same. And possibly they are getting reprimanded by their own masters, who will always find the bigger slice of pie for themselves regardless of shortfalls of middle-management, for the socials being so blunt about their goals. A bluntness missed by legions of profiles too busy chilling with netflix to notice the contents of other bubbles. Or the world for what it earnestly is.

A lot of people in dire fucking need of help because of what western Capitalists have done and are doing to them.