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Retroactive Ghosts

“My dream is to go
To that place
You know the one
Where it all began
On a starry night”
(No Stars– Rebekah Del Rio, David Lynch & John Neff)

Guy Davies has done a nice thing, observing the often overlooked and unsung Brave New World Revisited, by Aldous Huxley, but I firmly believe that truth is always that much more stranger than even our greatest fictions. I would imagine however, that the numbers of peoples willing and able to fight for zero hour-levels of change are easily outnumbered by the ones who never read anything from Huxley. I mean, everybody knows that Taco Bell, Twitter and televangelists are bad for us in the end, but yet there they all are, roadblocking satori like only they can. Fast food is actual poison, social media is {shit-[post}-news], and for-profit religion damns the poors to living hells. Yet to refuse fast food, to possess no account and to deny Christ socially and you will be shown the door pronto mister man, hands tugging your britches filled with kicks and screamings to the alley round back by the dead cat.

Val D’Orazio just commented at her own blog something keenly to the effect of even transcendental awareness requiring some self-improvement before any first step can be moccasin’d. To be human is to need help. Finding routes to help ease the burdens of others is always most important, but to be real we can’t offer much when we’re barely standing ourselves. I stay hungry myself; but whether I plan on it or not, if I’m being honest as I am wont to do in life or death matters and nothing else.

As with the I Ching, think of not just the body or the mind, but the body and the mind together not as a pyramid evolving its third eye but a house. Going homeless freezes time and growth, whether it’s planned for or not. So, growth and evolving happens from the home, metaphorical or otherwise, where we try to always return so as to catch our breaths and use the commode and look for responses (the latter again, metaphorical or otherwise and whether we plan on it or not). But we usually must earn our way back home, back to center.

Barely steps up from homelessness is moving incessantly, cross state lines for the right job or adventure tantalizing anything more intriguing than where you’ve been. When about to move or when unpacking in the new digs either one, the chance presents itself to take account, to throw out the garbage and give away what others would honestly get better use from. It always means compartmentalization, downsizing and sometimes downgrading as well. But it opens space for the proverbial new. New experiences and so new perspectives, new ways of doing things, new tools, new opportunities. New challenge, new puzzles, new answers.

The internationally-renowned Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat is announcing that he has decided to give away his entire fortune of around $714 million, explaining in a way abundantly implying that the wealth accumulated from his thoroughly successful entertainment career has proven itself to be standing in the way of his achieving happiness or normalcy. I don’t know which charity or charities exactly he intends on helping out, but I pray to bread toaster that others follow his lead in this life, because that is how you clean out your closet. From bulletproof monk to this must be the yin reply to the yang of Jim Carey’s 23. Divine psychogenesis on public show.

No less heroic is this unknown grey hat pulling a productive Turk182 shtick, quietly repairing people’s outdated MicroTik routers with skill and bravado on par with Robert Deniro’s character in Brazil. Only, this is real life. While it could be argued it’s basically a one-man or -woman corporate cleanup job, he or she is just as easily saving customer support personnel from manifestly killing themselves. But more importantly, it’s easing the burden of others, outright helping strangers, and asking nothing in return. That is worth aspiring towards, and more realistic than the one in a multi-million action from Yun-fat. Virtues requiring a signal boost, I feel, is part of the negative ad campaign our society sells so tirelessly. Colin Kaepernick is amazing for kneeling with such resolve that he physically shook up his entire livelihood, but like all messianic types, intended or not, he is neither the alpha or the omega, which was how a Christian representation of the godhead or universe announced itself, but rather legion, like anonymous but also how the demonic flipped coin of that Christian representation of the godhead or universe announced itself in turn.

The only way left to be the hero on a hero’s journey, of the world or your society or your life or your here and now, is to be the devil. To be yourself for the world or your society or your life or your here and now, get possessed. They’ve a saying in AA, how a drunkard’s actions are a sober man’s desire. It’s giving in to a temptation, and arguably destruction without enrichment. Forego tangibility because to be tangible costs everything, the sowing of what’s to be reaped. The absence of all color because used coloring books are useless. Flesh yourself, impress yourself first, because all else is universal. It’s all bad, so create good or I swear to god I will fucking kill you and all you hold dear. Unpalatable in life, what remains ought to be devoured.