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Reign in Hell or Serve in Heaven

The growing marches and protests around the United States since its last Presidential election cycle are receiving an inordinate amount of disinformation and misinformation in their commercial media coverage. I think this is because neither Neoconservatism or Neoliberalism ultimately represents the majority of people. Even when cults of personality are cast around token protesters such as Molly Crabapple, DeRay Mckesson and Milo Yiannopoulos, such voices seem to service the status quo rather than any actual revolution.

Molly Crabapple for example, wrote a thing lambasting the not-unrelated narrowing minds of the world and while it probably was not her intent, her article reminds us of the only difference between current trends in Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism. In America, the DNC platform committees confirm a mutual compliance across the aisle on larger issues like the continuous Israeli entanglement. Both political ideologies seem increasingly purposed with dividing and conquering the world, especially everything nonconforming to their own respective ideology. So presently they are virtually indistinguishable. Neocons and Neolibs each demand solidarity, but they want outsiders to express it for them, incapable of genuinely offering it themselves and meeting anybody halfway.

Neoconservatives tend to exist in a constant state of denial over how their genius ideas for dividing and conquering are not met with flowers laid at their feet. Conservatives suppress their bias and shame. Neoliberals tend to view anybody opposed to their own genius ideas for dividing and conquering as themselves wanting to divide and conquer. Liberals project their bias and shame. And in Crabapple’s charging of Brexit voters with what she calls exclusionary tribalism, she shows the whacked-out logic of Neoliberals to endorse precisely what they accuse others of doing.

She pleads for togetherness, while in the same pitch believes that since elements of the Brexit referendum have been used as an excuse for bigotry, then all persons wishing to leave the European Union are bigots. This is considerably no different than saying that since Hitler was a vegetarian, then clearly vegetarians are predominantly Nazis. Although to be fair, as Billy Corgan was among the first celebrities to endorse Trump’s bid, it could still be argued that rock-stars are predominately nincompoops.

Multiculturalism is inevitable, and it would be much more on the level if Neoliberal policies truly had that in mind. Unfortunately their brand of inclusiveness means the castigation and ostracization of any dissenting opinion, and a monopolization of ideas. Diversity doesn’t come from popular activists or social justice warriors correcting other people, but from allowing other people, as in everyone, the chance to be heard in their own words. Granted, Free Speech neither guarantees an audience or bars social ramifications of said speech. Regardless multiculturalism is not the watering down of cultures and making all pieces fit into the same square slots. But diversity is to monopoly as multiculturalism is to uniformity, and conformity is precisely what initiatives such as the European Union and United Nations are purposed with. Diversity and multiculturalism cannot be observed when unelected outsiders keep a monopolized authority imposed over multiple cultures. Molly Crabapple is either a conformist hypocrite or painfully ignorant.

And in regards to her racism charge, if NATO members could change their one-track mind from instigating and perpetuating wars, especially under American influence, then by my estimate 95% of the refugee crises of recent decades would never have happened. The remaining 5% can be blamed on wannabe celebrities thinking they have anything worth contributing to international discourse. By all means have they the right to speak, but not for their voices to be allotted more weight than Joe Q Citizen. That allotment is designated specifically to carjack legitimate protestations for the benefit of the status quo of Neoconservatives and Neoliberals thumb-wrestling over who gets to eat cake.

This notion that George Soros or his resources are in any way, shape or form organizing and/or funding the demonstrations is as groundlessly unfounded as the idea that Trump’s Presidential campaign was coordinated with the Kremlin. It is coughing at a smokescreen without wondering why the smoke is there to begin with. As with the token protesters enjoying their spotlight in the media, they all serve to discredit or distract from the actual peoples gathered in the streets, no matter the cause for celebration. The people of this country, of the world, are not as divided as they are made to believe.

Whether far-right or far-left only a small percentage of the population are ever truly upset because their preferred candidates lose. The idea that no other reason might be unearthed to explain why so many people would be unsettled enough to block traffic and shout at strangers is denying reality. Anti-establishment marches irregardless of theme would certainly have occurred even had Hillary Clinton won the Presidency, as half the population did not want to see either Trump or Clinton in the White House. To be sure, many of the thousands of protesters probably count among their number an awful lot of people who did not vote, but this is not a matter of their lost votes making any difference as the greater majority of Americans are clearly disturbed by the choices offered to them by the billionaires. Voting in the US is another form of attempted suicide, as lethal as the choice between coke or pepsi.

One cannot vote for a “better” candidate when the only options on the ballot in all 50 states were persons already in need of a life-long prison sentence followed by an infinity burning in Hell. Acquiescence cannot be reasonably expected when the deck is so blatantly stacked like that. The majority were not lazy or ill-informed, rather they were probably wise enough from experience to know better than to vote, as any person wealthy enough to make the cut and land their name on a ballot by definition cannot represent the people. Particularly when in spite of official statistics half the population is homeless and/or unemployed.

Instead of addressing or even acknowledging any of this, mainstream commercial media seeks only to further divide the people. Conservative media and Liberal media are both answerable only to the exact same investors and advertisers, so the function they provide is to subversively distract their audiences with manufactured conspiracy and inconsequential triviality, to prevent the public from ever fully realizing the travesty in how these investors and advertisers greatly influence Donald Trump’s platform, which is ultimately the same as both Hillary Clinton’s platform and even Theresa May’s platform across the sea, which are all just a continuation of the policies of Barack Obama and his predecessors. The deregulation of banking conglomerates and corporate bodies and the gradual abolishing of banking and corporate taxation, and all while maintaining and expanding the genocidal though profitable military industrial complex in a genius plan to divide and conquer whatever remains of the world.

Neither the Neoconservative denial of the very existence of such a master plan or the Neoliberal projection of the master plan onto “others” accomplishes anything but enabling the grand design to move unencumbered. Based on my own experiences traveling about, I remain convinced that most people would appreciate free education and free healthcare, not paying taxes for the wealthy and certainly no more wars. And presuming that the majority of the people of the world would never care to be pillaged and raped to death, then neither political ideology represents the best interests of said people. Your heroes are villains and nobody represents you. But I would represent you til you walk funny, girl.