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Raveling Lady Liberty’s Plotte From Behind

A big pet peeve of mine is praising billionaires as philanthropists for exchanging a percent of their wealth to charity for tax-leniency, when the gluttony behind their holdings is what caused the damn problems needing assistance to begin with. As well, I don’t see how we justify any foreign aid anywhere when over 3 million domestic households were nixed from the food stamp program last year alone. We don’t need to bluntly tell everyone to fuck off, but there should be a moratorium til we earn our god complex. Along with recent billions in cuts to Social Security, unemployment numbers are low simply because more claims are being denied. Federal lands are being sold off, and the EPA is dropping protections for many water ways to sell those off accordingly. America’s liquidation sale. Mystery for the ages how anyone justifying any of these stats can view themselves as a patriot. Like, they love their country but think a substantial number of its citizens are losers. What do they think the country is exactly? When the source of problems spans lifetimes round the globe, no candidate is the savior. Commercial media, legislature and the courts, law enforcement and military are weapons against the public by design. Conductors of wealth must be boycotted, divested and sanctioned by the majority of persons alive today and tomorrow. Because there are no political divisions among first world nations or superpowers, only competing financial interests.

Comparably, somewhere is a timeline where Scotland, Wales and North Ireland rejoin the EU and England is inducted as the 51st state to the USA. The royals of that parallel reality flee to Cornwall, knotting their familial ties to the transatlantic telecommunications cables praying ouroboros eats its end. Symbolic similarities with the Midgard World Serpent of the vikings, beginning where it ends, which we today inadvertently pay homage to by every performance of a 69. Fellating for the show rather than procreation or eye-contact-loving, that’s the royals aesthetically by my book. There’s some historical irony here, as a largely unobserved purpose behind the East India Tea Co was the movement of information, and while it was their ships that laid the first transatlantic cables that same effort rendered that purpose obsolete, contributing to their downfall. While the public claims to loathe mud-slinging as much as high school popularity contests though obsessing round the clock through vicarious proxy wars of competitive branding disguised as entertainment or better, Bruce Lee flowed as water, letting inertia of opponents undo themselves. Divided and conquered already. I wonder how many mistake the lack of being a center of attention with loneliness. Publicly, privately and psychically, the impossibility of all odds only adds to the necessity of liberation from egos and not additional subservience to. I vote mutiny, against what’s unequivocally the largest and most expensive military in world history with more bases and installations than those of all other nations combined and multiplied, purposed exclusively with extorting and pillaging for Wall Street. Consistently the trade most prone to cases of domestic abuse, followed closely by law enforcement. Huge margin before third place, these frameworks for empowering sadomasochists.

There is a vast difference between being a victim of circumstances beyond your control, and wanting to cry mulligan over your own bad judgements. Conservatives obsessively mask the one for the other where regards traditional welfare programs, while unquestioning peaches with socialism for their masters. Liberals do the same with regards to pro-choice, citing the victimization of others for personal convenience. But corporate media anywhere would never in a zillion years acknowledge how a leftist billionaire is a fucking impossible contradiction. Anybody opposing the funny-money system cannot get the financial backing necessary to run for state- or national-level office, because to get the funding they must guarantee returns. Why I insist there is no such thing as an actual leftist in state- or national-level politics. So it’s ridiculously easy to get away with blaming a persuasion which, not only wields no political power in a landscape where only money talks, but does not own the platforms big enough to defend itself from libel or slander. Millionaires are populist leaders my ass. I don’t think any manner of collective can survive ego, and I think industrialization in particular brings out the worst in us, the competition and commodification. But I admit the majority will never buy that. I do feel that much of our industries exist not to meet any measurable demand though, but to aid Capitalism in perpetuating itself. We could and should be working much less, while more easily covering much more realistic costs of living. If we could sort markets without currencies, sign me up. Currencies in my mind are as needed as guns, unnecessary middlemen to what we need or want, made to insure unfair advantage for those lacking diplomacy or resourcefulness. Yet we adore celebs for their lack of merits. I hate pills almost as much as I do the people reliant on them. Western society very purposefully cripples itself in so many ways for convenience, like with each passing generation presenting fewer and fewer who even know how to cook from scratch. Living vicariously instead of wondering why they require the escape.

What I’m entitled to as guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence is life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness with nary a sub-clause or addendum providing that any of it be dependent upon some rich fucker making bank as a prerequisite. I try to strip ideologies down to basics, to show their inconsistencies and contradictions, but everyone wants to pass go and collect their $200. Empathy was the last virtue to die, dragged out back and made to bite the curb away from the cameras. Shades of the Discordian joke-movement of the 60s and 70s, which also wanted to rock the boat to speed up the end, only they sought it by spreading confusion rather than the establishment’s terror. Here in the states, the Department of Motor Vehicles gave their full registry of past/present license-holders to the FBI for its own facial verification database, when the biggest rascals living outside the law probably don’t fret renewing their drivers licenses to begin with. Richard Branson’d probably militarize the Beardism Liberation Front, the Appalachian mountains proving a pivotal battlefront against the clean-shaven forces of the Ozymandias mandate to render faces more recognizable to algorithms. This reminds me of Lovecraft’s works suggesting the natural world holds more bizarre terrors than lofty imaginations might ever produce or manufacture. We won’t survive ourselves while Mother Earth survives her own obstacles often changed but always stronger for it.

Like the master discordians of ago, proponents of confusion today continue to have no explanation for how effectively they contribute, popes without even knowing it. Nowadays if a news story doesn’t make us feel good about our place in the world anyone’s free to condemn its publisher for spreading falsehoods. I used to charge the “spiritual but not religious” types with using the “choose your own adventure” approach to theology, like DIY pagans wanting the paycheck without the labor for their fan-fic of the IP of others. But now the accepted worldview outside religion is basically fantasy football. Coolest story wins. An orchestra could consist entirely of superstars, but if everybody’s simultaneously soloing then the product is a freaking mess. High strangeness here comes into play when we forget that we are all leading different lives, with different origins, different experiences and different pit-stops and different destinations. Were the human race an actual race, all would surely fail the piss testing.

To view keeping other people alive, no matter their story or addiction or financial status, as an inconvenient punishment, is to have little regard for human life. There’s no measuring post, quantifier or gray area. Is suicide a felony because people can be better than their circumstances, or because it deprives the economy of a worker, a tax-payer, a consumer? Yet god forbid billionaires be faced with being lower-tier billionaires, paying to repair a portion of the stress and damages their gluttony instills in their victims by creating these atmospheres of desperation as cool with eugenics as were the Nazis, bless their hearts. Devaluing life is psychopathic. Maybe a culture contingent on the escapism of pills, fantasy and scapegoating is entirely full of shit, and maybe empathy could use a comeback in more ways than lip service. Maybe “these people whom I perceive as lesser than me have got to go” is what gets the nips of supremacists hard the world over. Aside from pictures of their moms. It’s how eugenics enthusiasts sell their actions. You cannot have pride without demeaning and castigating. Addictions are addicting because most folks rarely have a say in what possesses them. And if the world is a matter of musical chairs, the last person will have nobody to service their ego. Ironically I’m not even defending myself here. Never in my adult life had health insurance, even before I myself joined the ranks of smokers, but as a smoker I’d never ask for help now or later should I quit. Somebody has to flick butts into the open windows of passing cop cars.

My thing is that I don’t want help for anything, as I am who I need to be when trying to find ways of helping others. If an argument is ever a concern of limited resources, then I’d rather be the one going without. I’ve literally been homeless while paying bills for other people.

Society is fiction, laws are wholly meaningless and order is a mass-hallucination. All this before us is pretend and the only things made of stone are actual stones. The world never asked for a James Joyce of anti-establishment writings, so here I am as contrary to the brochures the universe frankly never gives a flying about what we want. I’d rather be a Byronic hero than a salesman, in the sense that self-assured damnation is at once the antithesis to egoism and the denier of its privilege. For all of Baudelaire’s foibles and sins, he never sent out a dick pic, not when there was still vino on the table. I’m not swayed by banners unless it’s all she’s wearing. There’s honesty to that, when there are no prerequisites for honesty to be flattering.