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Quintessence, Lascivious Behavior

It was the nuclear winters of our discontent, these days before us. These segregated gated communities and ideological safe spaces and metaphorical echo chambers are not bubbles, they are blisters. Cults of personality only ever service the centerpieces, because nobody who is legitimately self-dependent need ever pursue such a role to begin with. They are codependent ego-charities, the Donald Trumps and Boris Johnsons of the world, same as Musk, the Queen and the Kardashians. Following or being followed is the two-way street taking us only to guilt by association. As I live, however, cognizant that the plug would and invariably shall be yanked by such self-aggrandizing parties without one lick of advance notice or mutual consent, have I invested nothing into nothing.

How much of the global economic crises stem directly or indirectly from the national debt of the USA, and how many owed are scared shitless away from collecting due to the costly USA military bases in their backyards and in the yards of their neighbors and neighbor’s neighbors? Uncle Sam is the man-child from every other episode of Dr Phil, whose parents are scared to kick out over his propensity to punch (and then fuck) holes in the walls everywhere whenever his gaming gets interrupted.

I don’t see how replacing the gold standard for crude oil would differentiate income inequality to these extents. I think something was made known to that flaky upper crust somewhere in that window of time, prompting them to be more feckless with everything, economies, the environment, etc. More feckless even than the sources of their inherited entitlements, and the pilfered sources beforehand and on back to the dawning of primordial mankind’s first uttered lie. Clearly, and I write this with the full realization that absolutely nobody wants to hear it, false idols of any crypto-currency which is not self-destructing is ultimately no more impactful than company scrip. From #bitcoin to #potcoin to #trumpcoin, it’s ultimately all just electronic baubles, digitized wooden nickels. At least until the day the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank one and all get converted into homeless shelters. And no matter how desperately we lust and hunger for it and wish to the contrary, this electronic universe of symbolic avatars and proxies will never be as tangible as any life-sustaining thing. Even our paper currency is unreal, or at least, no more real than a dream. Neither government statistics or corporate media exists to convey self-evident truths.

While self-evident truths are by no means difficult to come by, here is one idiot who thinks people would read more if schools only pushed personalized listicles of pop culture bupkiss, rather than literature of any sort. The majority of folks do not read more than they do because ignorance is already broadly catered to, as neither informed consumers or informed voters are desired by those looking to profiteer self-placating desires. Formulaic hogwash gets championed in place of all virtue. I’m no troll. I just believe that schools teaching only what is already known and only what is comfortable produces nothing positive. There is no growth there, no challenging.

Hacker News regulars bending over backwards to rationalize and explain away blatant facts that compromise the hierarchy of their chosen cult’s belief system. The Nation webzine instigating as its favored billionaires rely on the same tools exploited. With or without partisan side deals for the lucrative likes of Cambridge Analytica, these platforms exist not only to vacuum up and record all data-streams, but to manipulate user experience. Based not only on the bio info shared but on the exact wordplay of your posts, what you may see or unsee is decided for you, through algorithmic amplification and suppression. We are bound to infuriating or stupefying cages, being carried wherever the highest bidder desires. Sales reps for whichever competing factions of political partisanship or brand loyalty or religious zealotry define online reality. Anything questioning that is only possible on foreign servers hosted securely by people you personally know from firsthand experience to trust. Breaking free from the confinement of comfort zones to preach outside one’s choir is widely disregarded by all those too cowardly to do the same, preferring to scream at avatars and proxies and stereotypes from a safe distance.

And the villains are never “us” but The Other, the outsider corrupting us away from whatever imagined glorious history. Hitler never saw himself as the bad-guy, but a patriot. Bad-guys always self-identify as the heroes and/or the victims, contrary to all the reason in the world and in abject denial of the mass of broken bodies left in their wake.  Commercial media auto-asphyxiating over Silicon Valley building a Chinese-style social credit system! Alternate headline: After reproducing and franchising the basic effects of their tech elsewhere, Amazon and Google furthering their domestic playground to the next level thanks to complete lack of concrete regulations by well-paid elected officials. Honesty and morality are hindrances to their agendas. These platforms are not offering a service to anyone outside their stockholders. Because there is no such thing as a good capitalism. New research shows that producing a smartphone consumes as much energy as using an existing cell-phone for an entire decade, cancer aside. We honestly need none of this, but ours is a nation completely susceptible to marketing, allowing ourselves to be convinced that artificial cultures might fill voids created by our own ego, rather than deepening the damages done.

Some cowboy has mathematically deduced the racist tendencies of the Electoral College. There is no logic to what either the Electoral College does or what the Invisible College does, so why bother. The scream of the butterfly insists authoritarians are synonymous for supremacists every which way. When Seaguy realizes the transatlantic telecommunication cables are the reanimated corpse of the World Serpent devouring its own end for leftovers, he confronts DARPA directly in Yggdrasil Mustn’t Compute ABRAXAS In The Navy. In an alternate reality, my Vertigo title was a 33-issue finite series of the Fighting American with each issue corresponding to its numerical equivalent in Freemasonic degree. (#0 for the Knife and Fork degree.) In that world it was not only the title responsible for preemptive cancellation of the Touchmark line but had me banned for life from Disney’s Club 33.

If the founding of the USA was a Rosicrucian plot, then the hermetic line of “While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All” expresses the self-denial of the overused descriptive “all-American” which never in practice applies to all Americans. Nothing is all-American but denial.

WW3 will likely be China, Japan and Liberland and every other nation-state and foreign business interest coming to collect the trillions Uncle Sam legally owes in debt but we’d still address it regionally as an unprovoked twist to ongoing trade war hysteria because we originated social optics. Trump’s sanctions and embargoes come from a glass house built atop graveyards full of suckers, full of asshats, douchebags, flamers and trolls without bridges.

In closing, those adamant in their convictions that only women might have biological clocks, are taking the piss.