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Pulling That Tablecloth

I gave it 5 days, but I pulled the plug on that newly-created forum. Every single person I reached out to over at the Outhouse completely ignored me. Dozens of their forum posters in full-on angst over having nowhere else to go but to settle for Comic Vine or Facebook, all waiting for an adult to happen along, explaining the situation and fixing things for them. I did just that, and was rewarded by chancing upon a new thread at a very corporate message board serving no other purpose but to attack me, mocking me for doing what evidently not one of their number had considered, or exhibited the know-how to actually pull off. The air is so petty that one of the OH regulars I contacted then tried to make his own board on the same platform as mine, bragging up the ordeal as though there were stacks of CSS coding to understand with the whole thing being more herculean an effort than the actual case. And he gets the high-fives for being the genius savior with his cheap knockoff. Would there be more posters in a particular board than in the particular thread that preceded it? Mine had a very thoughtful framework incorporating all nine muses and a cup. I never wanted to be friendly with any of these characters, but if someone needs help, then you help them. I’d gladly have handed off moderator and administrator labels to whomever and left the scene entirely, I was expressly upfront about that, keys to the new kingdom handed over for the peasants to govern themselves and I am waiting on my lesbian weed-delivery service so please pardon my own angsty tone here. But people are so used to using each other and abusing each other, that they can no longer recognize benevolence.

It supports my claims that nobody genuinely wants equality. Everybody wishes to perpetuate their quirks and their fetishes, but all the more their own biases. I understand comics creator Ben Dunn is inviting others into joining something similar to my old idea of Bucket Brigade Comix, where small press publishers share their resources with one another. But I can promise him he will get quite a lot of “Oh but I refuse to be involved if you’re going to also work with so and so.” My offers of doors wide open at that forum meant they could not lock out persons they themselves dislike. Forums really are just digitally gated communities, segregational echo chambers, bubbles and all. My latest experiment failed.

With monopolists such as Gannett and I<3Radio liquidating their own life-blood and proactively digging their own graves, I’d hope to see a resurgence in underground newspapers and pirate radio. I don’t think people are capable of such independency anymore, unfortunately, and we can plainly see that in regards to chat rooms and message boards and online social media in general. Each and every one services and/or empowers corporate and/or political and/or religious special interests, with no truly independent or open forum existing online. Everybody consuming without purpose the artificial culture created without purpose. Technology be damned, people are that much less able to communicate with each other now. There are the non-player characters, and then there are the people who know from personal experience how absurd this all is, how the joke used to be that the entertainment we absorb was always about persons who rarely if ever stare into screens, whereas now we stare into screens to absorb entertainment where the characters are increasingly staring into screens themselves. Insular-like, these gaijin bastards and these gentile whores, as if stood in the corner.

There is nothing fair in love and there is nothing fair in war, and as online is immaterial then it should hardly qualify for a safe space. It’s really Metallica’s decline, sad but true.

I would like to thank Antonio and Jacob both for playing along, as it was great to catch up with each of them. But stemming from that, I also deleted a troika of articles here which I had saved from the soon to end Outhouse, fake articles which I had originated years earlier under my time overseeing the lampoon-esque New Comics Day. But any reference hereabouts that remotely suggests comic books, seems to be an invitation for persons known and unknown to interrupt my life with requests for free favors to be rendered at the expense of my non-existent resources. People needing free help is one thing, but people insisting on it can fuck right off. Besides, by this point I have deleted more of my own wordy content from throughout the web over the years, than Neil Gaiman or Warren Ellis either one have had published in prose form. Hundreds of thousands of words. Eventually those crayon renderings need to come down from off the refrigerator door, ideally for you to then replace with your own. Ideally.

What you are reading here is the equivalent of overhearing some jerk at the bar, radar stoked not for his volume but for his uniqueness. Something consistent about my character is that I have never wanted to be the centerpiece. I have never wanted the headline, and I’ve never wanted to be the leader. It was nationalists who blasted virtue back and to the left. It is beyond me, how people might live their lives standing in lines and getting lost in crowds, while giving weight to grandiose gestures. But for good or ill my short bus is self-driving. Not getting intimate enough to understand people helps nobody. I say, that any interaction outside of the intimate is social experimentation. Why should governments, corporations and Hollywood sex cults have all the fun? Only from personal experience or private discourse does such framing become honest and its objectives, taste the potential for good.

Because the world we dwell in today is one where nobody stands out anymore for not helping other people. Byronic af.