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Public Obscurity

Scientists with the Mayo Clinic believe they have tweaked a cancer-fighting treatment to further attack the “zombie” cells of the human body, cells which are too old or depleted to serve their purposes. And that by removing these cells, these scientists believe they can actually reverse the aging process of biology. Similar to practicing eugenics against the disabled and the elderly, so that the richest should no longer need to fake their smiles. Now, of course they are pitching this to help with arthritis and other physical ailments, but we all know that if there is progress in such a medical breakthrough, the only ones with the means to utilize it would need more than a natural lifetime to spend their vast wealth. Workers might get access to a watered down variation, but only so that they could continue adding to that vast wealth of the lesser beings like good little predictable drones.

Meanwhile, aboard the International Space Station, microbes have been recorded mutating and evolving themselves to survive the Earth’s atmosphere, as evidently even single-celled bacteria are capable of growth without fighting against the laws of nature. Unlike mankind, bacteria is wise enough to have not cut itself off from evolution.

Utterly incapable of evolution, naturally or unnaturally, voices within the Pentagon are yet again asserting that the most expensive enterprise in world history is just not enough to deal with such dire threats as the Russian military or the Chinese military, who together have an annual military budget that’s not even a quarter of what the USA military hungrily exploits. Were they operating within any other industry, every single general of these armed forces would get canned for such blistering self-defeat. Yet their budgets only continue to surge at the expense of all life on this planet. Unburdened by such expenditures, common bacteria is quite capable of effectively performing its own designated function without unnatural or illogical growth. More discerning than the considerable failures of military commanders are those who believe them when they say that, a military presence in almost every nation on Earth is not only a good thing by any stretch of the imagination, but one that should be maintained and further strengthened.

It’s socially considered poor form to acknowledge any of these matters, of course. Members of the public are not allowed to speak ill of their government or their government’s military lest they are met with severe stigmatization. Even the asinine military veterans themselves who complain about their country forgetting them, are too thick to see their government never viewed them as any better than squares on a roll of toilet paper to be used and flushed away and replaced with more cheap rolls of toilet paper squares, again and again to wipe away all the shit their own self-righteous government manifestly and hungrily creates from life across the planet.

Right now, the Cato Institute and Institute for Justice are tag-teaming to confront the common practice of governmental gag-orders which deny critique against federal prosecutions. If federal prosecutions could amount to anything more than fetishing and safeguarding the filthy, stinking rich, then perhaps such gag-orders might not need to have existed to begin with. Billionaires regularly enforce their own privacy and censorship, although it must be rather nice when governments are willing to lend a friendly hand down their Mein Kampf.

Despite tax evasion schemes measuring untold hundreds of billions across decades and continents, Google is close to a win in European courts, in regards to the “right to be forgotten” issue, which was instigated so that Theresa May could better dispose of the facts of her father’s past-times. Google would like to keep such freedoms explicitly in the hands of the wealthiest, and European courts are willing to play along. Just in case Google should ever happen to kindly get the bug to settle its own financial debts and thus undo some of the unnecessary austerity measures across Europe which exist largely because huge corporations like Google evade any personal responsibility like good little predictable drones. Because, as with true medical discoveries it would just be such a hassle to offer up the right to privacy to everyone. Unless the greater majority are deprived then how on Earth might the rich folks have the proof necessary to know they are special? Facebook being threatened now with a multi-billion lawsuit for doing for certain western billionaires what most people are still accusing Russia of doing for its own agenda, is cute, as ultimately the situation boils down to competing billionaires who’d rather have those informational controls in their hands alone.

No first world nation is permitted to cross Israeli business interests though.

But obviously in consideration of at least some of these concerns, activists in France are bravely pushing for a run on the banks, for the people to take back the means of their own damn production. They are truly entitled to perform such a herculean endeavor, but I’d advise them to burn it all as soon as they get their hands on it, on any of it. Or send it to me so that I might live out a dream of constructing a megalithic art installation consisting of nothing but shit and dollars, a monstrosity so massive it shall rise above any efforts to censor it or to hide it from public viewings. And if anyone would care for some they would be more than welcome to help themselves sight unseen, although with the basic understanding that while eventually they can wash the smell from off their hands, the memories of how they chose to demean themselves to get it will outlast the ability of the average US citizen to afford counseling.

In keeping with the natural order of the universe.