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Proselytizing The Panopticon

Principles of sovereignty and self-determination are for shit-hole countries that will never know the joys of a corporate branding iron shoved so far up the ass we mistake it for a backbone. Ideally goods/services are manufactured to meet existing demand, but we’ve made that backwards. I think when that transition happens, and I say it’s inevitable of Capitalism generally, is a midlife crisis. The public, defined by artificial culture rather than the other way around, because when the public are not creating the culture, it is fundamentally and categorically artificial. Capitalists are anti-life. The difference between liberals/Democrats and the actual left, is that liberals believe in such a thing as a “good” capitalism. Everyone in DC is rightwing and everyone in DC is a Capitalist. These things are inherently related, as the opposite of diversity is both monopoly and inbreeding.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Blaming outsiders is more palatable than observing that our borrowed time of resources has been turned against its own. But for those willing to observe, what other motives exist but greed, and what other tools enabled it than what we take for granted as status quo?

Founded on stolen land by religious extremists and wealthy who refused to pay taxes, where women and blacks were not able to vote for over half of the nation’s history, and where every war on the planet since WW2 was instigated by our business interests, the USA never opposed hate. Neocons and Neolibs of all first world nations proudly come together for the money, with TTIP, TISA and TPP enabling corporate lawyers to rewrite international law, although while the East India Tea Co really set the standard in so many ways, it is the USA which loves Capitalism the most. As long as millionaires and billionaires have existed, media and politics have been skewered. And as long as we permit them to continue existing, media and politics will continue to be under their rule. None of this is even vaguely new. The one and only way to challenge the status quo is to have neither media or politics be for-profit. Period. If public figures are beyond reproach then they hold too much power. Take it back. I think if power invariably corrupts, then maybe nobody should have it. But that would mean Democracy, and everybody would rather have power than have Democracy. Voltaire said as much centuries ago but the masses are still too thick to have any lick of it sink in.

If America was great we wouldn’t obsess over wanting to be these centerpieces to cults of personality, wanting to befriend them and wanting to fuck them 7 zillion ways to Sunday. We would keep that love at home where it’s actually needed, as love is a resource and resources are finite. We never asked for sustainable anarchy but that seems to be the part of the roof where the car is parked.

Contrary to justice, ethics or morality, our esteemed federal government allowed Amazon to pay 0 taxes last year for a recorded 11.2 billion profit margin. Who wants to be a patriot? Sadists, asshats and dumbbells. It’s not Russians, Chinese or Iranians who throw monkey-wrenches at us every day of our lives. North Korea doesn’t sneak pork into our congressional bills. Venezuela never audited you. Palestine doesn’t write traffic tickets in your neighborhood. Iraq didn’t deny your Medicaid. Syria never made you work off the clock. Afghanistan doesn’t run the DMV. Cuba has no power over your teenage cousin’s footballer rapist walking free. Mexico could care less about how tall your grass is. Yemen’s thousands of starving kids are not the spoiled little pricks bullying yours. Freedom to be a pack of oblivious choads is all we have.

The USA and UK, divided for the same reason, fear acknowledging what must be done to get the most selfish among us to leave everyone alone. There is no centrist method for ending ego-centrism, both our nations are denying that and that is the one source of all of our issues. Theoretically, we can change this. After generations of hubbub, we can *become* Democracies. It means taking power away from our corporate governments, away from old money families, war profiteers and supremacists. But you can’t fight the threat while contributing to it.

I enrich the livelihoods of that which oppresses me with every waking moment because they said I can be as wealthy and loved as them but I just can’t for the life of me understand why I’m having such a hard time of it here in this shallow grave that passes for my worldview.

We do not need a government purposed only with stealing resources both foreign and domestic. We do not need a religion that plays partisan favorites. And we do not need a military that proactively dehumanizes and pillages in our name, a military feebly searching for genetic markers to play scapegoat for PTSD cases among veterans as if the singular purpose of serving as a walking, talking trigger finger in support of the rape of nations should leave them feeling dandy. We do not need a law enforcement that services the land-owners and slave-owners and their own purse-strings by keeping the masses divided, drugged and defeated. But we do need to keep yoga pants though. That’s a keeper. The heavens and the Earth not being enough, we made artificial culture to carry our fancy, casually forgetting how billions would never be invested into such without ulterior motivations to render worthwhile their tragic sacrifices of giving unto others the tiniest fraction of what by law must be rendered unto whichever Caesar is trending of late.

There was a shitty, straight to vid Christian movie of the 90s, called The Judas Project, where the new testament never happened, until modern day NYC. Its Jesus uniting the homeless, the thieves and the prostitutes against the evil commissioner Pilate. In reality the stock exchange and the IMF could all crash and burn, and when everyone is cleaning out their medicine cabinets it’ll be just another day for those who never had a goddamn thing. Faithfully consumed gun-collectors pinning their fetish and insecurities as survivalism, would buckle enduring multiple New England winters completely homeless. The reach and power of any authority requires codependency, not self-sufficiency. In his tell-all Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that his brand of nationalism was inspired in part by how the American colonialists, their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren genocided the self-sustaining natives. Consider the distinct probability that thousands of the millions of homeless today, those domestic refugees, are neither losers or victims. Maybe they just see no point in contributing to this shit-storm of a society. Lambasted both by courts and by public opinion for not being cool enough to blow money on self-tracking tech. For not enabling dog collars. An army waiting, always migrating because the solution to homeless everywhere is to shoe them off elsewhere. The census cannot hit moving targets. For the purported claim of peacekeeping, the freedom to assert any variety of anti-establishment sentiment on these social media platforms is a temporary illusion at best. Peace and subservience are not synonymous, however. The USA does not want peace anywhere, neither within or outside its own blessed borders.

Proxy wars have proven so popular with the UK and USA governments alike that of course they would trickle down to the public with digital social media. Don’t tread on me for what my avatar does, I was over here innocently being scratched by my stupid cat the whole time. I don’t think that people who avoid accountability have the right to demand it of their elected representatives. Monkey see, monkey do works both ways. Don’t live by a Pyrite Rule. Take on such responsibility that the ego-cases dependent on the free ride of your coattails get buried to death by the overflow. Actual independence means not allowing others to take blame for what you do just as much as it means not allowing others to take credit for what you do. Not one politician or cult leader or pop superstar in the whole wide world gets that. Footprints in the sand was you carrying the full weight of the bullshit idea of a god on your shoulders. It’s not but by the grace of god that your hard work got you through, and it wasn’t a devil’s influence that had you welcome your problems to begin with. If you hold a seething rage for the problems in your life or the issues with the world at large, take note that the bulk of artificial culture exists explicitly to distract you from the sources of those dilemmas. Tune the hell out.

I’m only here to skip stones til the park warden tells me the pond is actually a state-sanctioned private enterprise and chases me away. She never notices the ripples left behind because she’s occupied with trying to like me on Facebook behind the backs of her keepers, but I was never there either. A child dreading the scolding to come, in her defense these will not be bridges she burnt but the formless spines of all the better angels she had to eat and pretend the nourishment was enough to stay alive.