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Predictive Rebelling

Seeing as how predictive policing has become such a (dehumanizing travesty of) a thing, then let’s return ideological fire with firebrands out the wazoo, and prepare for the fucking obvious thusly. While dependence upon algorithms is not even for the birds, we can still amass warning signs to construct this thingamajig from.

The AFP is reporting how trash around the USA is piling up, as normally Chinese businesses pay rather handsomely to collect and ship the rubbish for proper recycling into scrap, yet are now refusing to do so as the trash is just too nasty to work with. Insert joke about Trump’s declaring climate change to be a Chinese hoax. But a bigger, realer hoax is outed by the mention buried in the story stating how the majority of recyclables in the USA actually end up in land fills. Go gangrene, more like.

In a related but unrelated story, scientists from both the Smithsonian Institute and the University of California have apparently made huge breakthroughs in finding a disease that might wipe out all of humanity. One would suppose their attempted logic is in keeping with the logic that stockpiling nukes will keep others from stockpiling nukes, which has abundantly proven to be as illogical as flirting with disaster is oft known for.

Across the way, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in the UK has given their thumbs up to genetically-modifying babies, saying the mad science is “morally permissible” by their undoubtedly scrupulous standards. Think of it as preemptive cosmetic surgery. For the great-grandchildren of Nazis. Contrarily though also across the way however, the Department for Work and Pensions has admitted to an embarrassingly grievous error, wherein some 70,000 disabled, tax-paying British citizens have been short-changed by their government, going back several years, to the princely sum of around 340 million pounds. The same quality of error which prompted a few thousand disabled British citizens to find themselves dead soon after getting wrongfully branded by the same DWP as being “fit for work” a few years ago.

Which incidentally is the exact same measure currently being pushed by politicians on this side of the pond, in the latest reconsideration of the medicaid program. Kentucky governor and professional stool sample Matt Bevin being the first in the nation to impose the new mandates, for work requirements as well as co-pays for people who would not apply for medicaid assistance if they could afford any reasonable healthcare in the first place. But they can now prove eligible for gift cards for whatever retailers or restaurants courtesy of insurance providers, if they require enough medicaid assistance. As insurance providers are receiving half of all medicaid funds (and pharmaceutical manufacturers the other) rather than paying for any lick of it themselves, then of course they can afford the insulting gift cards for those who might happen to live long enough. Because those insurance providers are making so much money off of the sick and dying, more than enough to pay even the most outrageous campaign contributions humbly requested by politicians as payments rendered for suppressing their own gag reflexes in the service of lobbyists.

But on the subject of pharmaceutical manufacturers, possibly in acknowledgement for how over-paid doctors today are nothing more than drug-dealers themselves, the FDA is approving new guidelines to make it easier for pill-addicts to get their Russian Roulette bullets, replacing said doctors with fucking smartphone apps.

So, trends suggest that political and corporate leaders of the west want the poor to hurry up and die out, want the sick to suffer even more, and want all seats to the apocalypse freed for test tube babies to have more room for rolling around in the rubble so sickly-sweet the teeth of the grinning skeletons of our lot will rot with the rest of our forgotten selves into oblivion. No component of the system is in your favor. Contrivance is accepting and going along with any of it.

Plan accordingly, but divulging details online even by private messaging is tipping off those who most have it coming. Rebel daringly, rebel concisely, as this short one is the only life you can afford.