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Planned Obsolescence

In what’s more of a defense than a review of an ivory towered fantasy, George Scialabba delivers a couple thousand words expounding on the many ways in which he himself must be considered legally retarded. By mistaking Capital Punishment for violence against alpha males, as opposed to punishment by alpha males (most often against those omega males in Nietzsche’s sense of The Last Man), does he prove himself oblivious to sociopolitics. And by asserting that Capital Punishment by any definition predates virtue, does he out himself as ignorant of history and cultural evolution alike. But that’s just me attacking his headline, when the article itself only gets worse.

I have repeatedly argued that wealth exists only for such persons who have miserably avoided obtaining any skill or talent, which leaves the permissible killing of a man or woman as their final solution for dealing with problems after their quite limited faculties have run dry. Meanwhile, any child is born virtuous enough to know that killing others is wrong. Organized religions love to claim trademark over the virtues when morality predates all theology, but for legal entities and governmental powers to now lay claim to the creation of virtue, this is a most abject madness.

And any conceit of morality being gender-based is unscientific childishness. As but one example, being a military commander Joan of Arc was by definition a serial killer.

No political system exists without manifesting and sustaining itself in open violation of all virtue, as best exampled in the cases of Capital Punishment. Also where regards the package deals of warring, as people who remember virtue never explain away the act of murder, much less do the poor have the opportunity to ever declare war even while their own resources always see it through. Short of revolution against the alpha males which New Yorker writers defend for their clever ways of explaining away murder.

Not to say that all poor are virtuous, simply by being without resources or opportunity. It takes two to conduct a business transaction, so throughout history the many persons who lived under rule of alpha males or the women behind them, if they were not openly fighting their slavery then they were allowing it. Or worse, they enable their own circumstances, by feeding the machinery with their lives and serving as mere statistics. Dominance doesn’t ever go very far without effective marketing or brute force, and unfortunately the bulk of our species are quite susceptible to both effective marketing and brute force, particularly quote unquote alpha males as they are limited by skill and talent to no other means of communication. Logic escapes them all, as males and females hold socially aloft on pedestals the most illogical of their own number. When slaves outnumber their masters yet remain slaves, do they warrant victim-shaming.

But poor George doesn’t grasp any of that, as he asserts in his second paragraph that Darwinism requires causation without purpose, as though purpose can only conceivably come from boardrooms filled with the alpha males whose logic he secretly but not secretly fetishes. George would have us believe that nature is incapable of filling its own voids, or of abhorring vacuums. In the same paragraph he then makes the ignorant and arrogant claim that persons born hundreds of thousands of years ago had no sense of right and wrong, or even of self. For George this must be the case, as there were no boardrooms hundreds of thousands of years ago to inform the masses of such things. Modern fucking wolf-packs know to ostracize their own should the offending party selfishly go against the best interests of the pack.

I could easily go on, and on, as my stamina is not restricted by advertiser approval, but I only want to express how horrible it is for such idiocy to see such widespread dissemination. George, exactly who do your words assist?

So, in conclusion if the PTB are ever to make a cinematic adaptation of the Sandman epic comic book series initiated by Gaiman, Keith and McKean, ideally they must accept that its soundtrack be rendered by Anja Plaschg, who records and performs under the name Soap&Skin and who has to vast, alluring degrees already accomplished the task in this song and in this other song. And Robert Sheehan as Dream. Or there will be some Capital fucking Punishment to moralize.