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Physical Education

The stone gardens which all guns point the way to are the nation’s largest cash crop, a money pit as vacuous as the emptiness created by a bullet’s impact itself. Because while the dead can’t buy stuff, profit can and will be made off the living.

The people with authority to make the necessary changes have daily reminders already to no effect. The line between right and wrong isn’t so murky as they want to believe. I think this is honestly to do with a widespread inability to grasp third choices in general. We in the USA are wired for binary thinking, us and them, good guys and bad guys, comedy and tragedy, so even the merest suggestion of third options just blows our fragile little minds.

No collective should suffer laws for the obvious, to not lie or cheat or steal. The only occasions where the USA government has acted in the right, throughout its entire history, were in matters of undoing laws which should never have been conceived to begin with. With that said, do people honestly believe that legislators just need reminding that innocent lives are ended daily by guns? They know that already, as do their bank accounts. They don’t care about the ever-escalating casualty list. Trillions in debt means the one cash-cow stays put. If the mountain won’t come to Mahound, then Mahound will come to the mountain. Don’t wait for senators to call you back. Boycott gun collectors and dealers, war-profiteers and death-merchants yourself. Shun them from any and every group regardless of the group’s design. We do not require laws to know right from wrong.

If someone is a pro-gun anti-capitalist or a capitalist opposed to guns, there’s no consistency to their beliefs. And inconsistency leads invariably to schisms. These issues are never as complicated as portrayed publicly.

Politicians not vehemently antiwar should be mocked and doxxed. Refuse business to anyone with a right to carry permit, badge or no badge. Call in bomb threats to gun shows, but actually firebomb armories after hours. Let every element feel unwanted, every link in the death-chain feel the tension of its contortion. Right-to-lifers tend to stay quiet whenever the subject of free universal healthcare comes up, even while they are too often fine with supporting the majority of war games overseas. There’s deep denial of how far insurance lobbyists have their hands up the backsides of pro-life leaders, as with NRA accountants and lobbyists regarding guns. Knowing how the target of their affection causes so much suffering and outright death, for gun-owners to still be so relentlessly in favor of gun rights means that they are more susceptible to marketing than are non-owners. They respond well to branding in spite of these aftermaths. Brand loyalty at the cost of life is not a freedom. That is grotesque.

I’m on the side of the divide opposed to lethal force actually. Because everybody deserves the chance to learn and grow from their mistakes. Enable the most dastardly souls to stay alive until they gain firsthand knowledge of scorn, of humility and regret. Transforming themselves into your biggest advocate is worth a thousand battlefields, a hundred classrooms, 30 pieces of silver. But violence, non-lethal force or the threat thereof, remains fundamental as for many there is simply no other language that might be understood. And if a mindset is fine with guns then why would they possess any opposition to physical violence? That’s like hating sex but loving butt-plugs. If you allow tools of oppression to exist, then persons will be oppressed. There’s no side-stepping that or working around it. Whether it concerns guns or currency systems or yoga pants. All or nothing.

Hating killers is not worse than wanting to kill others. Hating things people have control over (like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) is not worse than hating things people have no control over (like race, sex and sexuality, etc). If anyone sees a political divide there, then there it is, but I’m saying the actual left has not the numbers or resources to impose on anybody. And imposing on others goes against the whole idea of putting the needs of others first anyhow.

Now pulling a trigger on somebody, that is imposing on others, and absolutely not putting the needs of others first. The NRA says that people can be killed without guns, but people can be protected and saved without lethal force as well. Instead of touchy though fictitious political polarity (because genuine leftists in the USA could maybe fill a high school gym but they wouldn’t know how to get there because they skipped pep rallies), look at it as good and evil. Good will try to save life, any life, while evil can rationalize ever taking a life.

If the right to potentially kill others means more than the right to not be killed by anyone at all, then your society and culture are halfway to their graves. The basis for individuals uniting is to not kill each other. Seriously, the one and only thing guaranteed to undo any group, no matter if it’s bible study or public school’s Future Problem-Solving club or your local chapter of the Klan, members killing each other ends the group.

As such, until the definition of “toy” meets redefinition, the USA is doomed.