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I have formulated a new theory about the ways of the world, because the world will never quite be full of ideas, and tends to greatly appreciate new fictions contrived on its behalf. There is no mythography without our imaginations as the doorway.

So let us boldly imagine that climate change is caused by The Sustainer being bamboo-tortured upon the world-tree Yggdrasil.

The Creator and The Destroyer both felt temptation from The Sustainer’s nature, so plotted her demise in hopes of resuming their broken marriage.

The Creator felt humiliated by how naturally The Sustainer expanded The Work, just as a parent might grow envious of a teacher’s influence. The Destroyer recognized The Sustainer prolonging life as the true opposite of destruction rather than creation, challenging its own role in The Work. Unable to rationalize their own infatuations toward The Sustainer with the unnatural enmity urging them to constrain her from further conflicting their deigned passions, they convinced themselves the ménage à trois defied the inherent duality of life.

And thus bastardized The Work itself to desecrate The Sustainer, perverting the growth of the natural order against that which preserves it. The very life she sustains, rending her apart simply by doing what it was meant to do.

We can perceive myths as metaphors for ourselves, or we can accept ourselves as metaphors for myths.