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Occult Science for Dummies, Omega

There is a 2006 Russian documentary that was recently translated, Third Reich – Operation UFO, which discusses in great detail the historical crossovers of the Nazis, Antarctica, and the American military. Expanding upon the publicly acknowledged Operation Highjump, the film makes a decided attempt at explaining the Nazi presence in Antarctica as being at least in part to privately explore its experimental technologies. And that such technology included flying discs harnessing unknown forces, arguably related to the Black Sun esoterica that tied together their world-view. Mentioned in the film was that similar test sites were planned in Brazil and Norway, although I understand the Brazilian facility was never remotely completed, while the Norwegian facility whether completed or not was never officially located by allied forces after the war.

Later, the film posits that the HAARP installation in Alaska ultimately serves the purpose of a radar system for tracking UFO activity around the planet, but that comparable installations are in operation in other nations as well, most notably in Norway. More recently and on a conceivably related note, cosmic space dust has been located on rooftops across Europe, particularly in France, Germany, and Norway. If such UFOs or flying discs are piloted by aliens, the Americans, surviving Nazis from secret Antarctica bases or some other group is anybody’s guess. Norway of course was one of the 12 original signatories for the Antarctic Treaty System, which also included the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as Argentina and Chile, both nations that incidentally were among the “ratlines” used by German Nazis fleeing the aftermath of their own arrogance.

In February of 2017, the Wikileaks account on Twitter posted something ominous, a “what” referencing the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, located in Norway. It could be presumed that Wikileaks was hinting towards an upcoming release which may somehow apply to the seed vault, insinuating an ulterior motive for the location perhaps.

They then followed up the tweet with another, even more mysterious in implication, a “where” with an accompanying photo not from the seed vault, but evidently of an old Nazi loot-mine in Merkers, Germany. Had Wikileaks uncovered documentation somehow connecting the seed vault in Norway to Nazis? Considering how Germany occupied Norway from 1940 to 1945 with the Norwegian government of the time forced into exile, maybe so.

Pardon my jumping to an interesting conclusion, but what if in actuality the seed vault in Norway was originally the unaccounted for experimental test site of the Nazis? What if the seed vault itself is merely a cover, and that research has continued there clandestinely over the decades by agencies further exploring and developing those crazy flying discs and extraterrestrial energy drives?

Returning to the black sun symbology, the Nazis believed in a version of the Hollow Earth theory, with either a physical or metaphysical black sun at its center. And their quest for the fabled Vril energy form was a matter of learning how to manifest and utilize the energies of this black sun. Part of the lore is that entrances to this hollow Earth, world within a world are hidden away near the North Pole in the Arctic, and near the South Pole in Antarctica. Curiously, the Russian documentary theorized extraterrestrial intelligence, whether pilots of UFOs from other planets or other dimensions, or just dialing very long-distance phone numbers from afar, could be drawn to Earth specifically by peculiarities of our magnetic poles. The film even suggested that a wormhole might exist inside the Earth, so that travel in and out of the poles could also mean travel in and out of this section of time and space altogether. Indicating that terrestrials truly are the center of the universe.

Which in turn would relate to the black sun as an esoteric and non-physical construct, something otherworldly within our very core. The world inside may be a subterranean secret, or it may be a portal to a completely different reality. And Norway, to further support the region having held extra interest to Nazi occultists, technically experiences an incarnation of the black sun.

Wikileaks would go on to reveal third, fourth and fifth teases regarding the mystery.

The “when” of the third image was a product of the Pratt & Whitney company, testers of specialized parts for fighter jets and an early contract for AIM Norway, an arms manufacturer owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. The “who” of the fourth image were mock wanted posters for Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, all names known to the public primarily for their work in revealing governmental secrets. And the “why” of the fifth (and final with all five double-yous now accounted for) image shows a military unit that at best strengthens physical infrastructure while at worst cleans messes in emergency situations, the U.S. Civil Engineer Squadron tasked with repairing and maintaining specifically those buildings deemed “mission-essential”. At this point in the releases there were attempts at second-guessing what Wikileaks was doing here that seemed to play up an involvement of the Clintons while playing down the inferences to Norway, and I believe these attempts were cutting corners to reach conclusions. Though considering how left field is my claim I could just as easily be even more wrong, of course.

In continuance of my fictional non-fiction, Nazi Germany occupied Norway from 1940 to 1945, with the Norwegian government and military in exile for much of that time. From 1946 to 1947 the U.S. Navy conducted its Antarctic Developments Program, also known as Operation Highjump. In spite of the innocuousness of its mission publicly, the loss of lives, ships and planes, as well as the shear numbers involved in the mission to begin with, has led many to speculate the operation held the secretive, actual task of locating and overtaking a lingering Nazi presence to the south in the Antarctic. The 2006 Russian documentary, called Third Reich – Operation UFO, presented the claim that a purported Nazi installation in Antarctica was established for the testing of experimental technologies and extra-dimensional energy sources, and that a sister site existed on the flip-side of the globe to the north in the arctic.

It is my hypothesis that the Norwegian Nazi base was re-appropriated and continued by allied forces and held as top secret as before, serving as the north pole counterpart to the south pole activities of both Nazis and later, Americans. The base was then operated by a collection of American and Norwegian powers, both corporate and military, with the Norwegian government altering flight plans to help bar public awareness. Curiously the Russian government maintained its own small mining community in nearby Svalbard until 1998, purportedly to help dissuade any NATO buildup in the area. I’d imagine the true purpose underlying the multinational activities in the region has remained above the heads of the European Union and United Nations, as both bodies were formed after the construction of this secret facility.

In 2001, 9/11 happened. If the world is a chessboard then 9/11 was the act of flipping the board over and playing checkers. It is highly probable that the afore-mentioned Civil Engineer Squadron or some comparable outfit were given clandestine orders to make the World Trade Center lose physical integrity in the days and weeks leading up to the attack, covertly planting explosive chemical charges and the like. It is very likely that the planning for something so major began towards the end of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, whether the Clintons or successor George W. Bush themselves were entirely in the know or not. And whether or not stealing large quantities of gold bullion supposedly stored underneath the towers was an actual part to any of this is inconsequential, as the gold standard was replaced by oil decades earlier and digital currencies have become all the rage since. The power and influence of the Clintons did advance in the years following, however, and well beyond American borders. This, particularly including a relationship with Google.

In 2005, shortly after its initial public offering on Wall Street warranted a market capitalization, Google opened a new office in Oslo, Norway. A nation owing much of its wealth to fishing, mining and oil should not at first glance appear attractive to a tech firm, nor would its form of government which is not exactly corporate-friendly. In 2006, ground was broke for a “new doomsday vault” to house and safeguard seeds in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Today, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the largest seed vault on the planet as well as the only non-commercial seed vault on the planet. Continuing my hypothesis, I believe that this seed vault provides a cover for the top secret base that was already there, that had existed there since the Nazis dug the original foundation while the rest of the world was preoccupied by the biggest war in established history.

In 2011, AIM Norway was founded as a state-owned enterprise, although it had previously served as part of the Norwegian military’s logistics organization going all the way back to 1916. I believe it has profited from developing and reverse-engineering technologies explored within the base/vault, as has the Google corporation. I believe Google in relation to activities by the Clintons or not plays a big part in whatever purposes the site has ultimately served in recent years, as have the prior generations of oligarchs. Is the evidence of the real story behind 9/11 there? Are there supercomputers buried there for doing something untold with the digital realm? As with the current trend for billionaires setting up nest-egg getaways in remote locales, could there be mounds of gold bullion hidden away levels below the precious seeds, quietly awaiting to surpass the next wintery destruction into the final rebirth?

Or could it be the source of something even more sinister, science-fictional weapons capable of taking down from afar metropolitan skyscrapers and Malaysian flights and Rolling Stone journalists?

The Vault 7 from Wikileaks would prove to be something else entirely, a massive assortment of methods and madness harvested by the CIA for dubious and generally destructive intent. But what if Vault 7 was actually a meta-leak, the proverbial riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma? Something so big and damning that naming a CIA inventory for an FBI catalog might be the subversively contradictory double-negative cancelling itself out from its subjective outer layer, prompting truth-seekers to excavate deeper and deeper and deeper, buried underground beneath decades of distraction and sleight of hand?

Is truth more or less of a joke?