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Occult Science for Dummies, Alpha

Can even the most repugnantly servile media be held liable when reality fails to magically realign and reconstruct itself just to conform to the assertions of politicians? And what if every conspiracy theory leads to the conspiracy, gated Cossacks and all? Let’s shove our ideological dicks down the rabbit hole and find out. The Illuminatus! Trilogy has maintained a cult-following due to its authors using real persons, real places and real events to narrate the largest fake conspiracy of recorded history, but they were only scratching the surface of the skin shed by the ouroboros of the world serpent devouring its own tail, symbolized eternally by each and every performance of a 69.

The John Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks have revealed a lot of no-brainers which should come as no surprise to anyone smart enough to avoid participation in the census or voting. But among the expected confirmations of corruption to Nth degree levels, there are aliens. Podesta is a documented Ufologist, supposedly having sought for years to achieve permission for some manner of official disclosure from the federal government concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life.

While state-sponsored media outlets focused on an email exchange between Podesta and a pseudo-celebrity who fancies the X-Files as being non-fiction, there are more concerning emails in the leak. Such as John Podesta evidently working with former astronaut Edgar Mitchell on certain long-term projects up to Mitchell’s death in early 2016. Particularly towards the establishment of a world parliament, which is publicly known, but these emails provide additional motivation.

Apparently an extraterrestrial intelligence from a contiguous universe has been communicating with certain of earth’s leading scientists on how to engineer a zero point energy drive, presumably to microwave tacos without making the shells go all soggy. But this extraterrestrial intelligence is bothered by the easy violence perpetrated by the various governments of the world, so both Podesta and Mitchell, along with like-minded luminaries such as Terri Mansfield of the Department of Peace, Wernher Von Braun’s spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin, and U.S. Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, were working on a space treaty to set the standards for off-world conduct.

As batshit as all of this reads, let us be even more theoretical with possible conclusions to be drawn here. Maybe the United States Air Force’s top secretive X-37B Space Plane, which surpassed its 500th day in outer space, was experimenting with zero point energy safely beyond earth’s gravitational pull. Maybe the troika of global trade treaties, for the purposes of the world parliament, are not just a push towards globalism, but are globalism enforced even though the more globalization we get the more divided we fall. And perhaps the surge in red-baiting and fear-mongering against Russia by western nations truly is meant to jump-start world war three, with the endgame being a forcibly unified one world government to impress the aliens with.

Much of this is obviously hard to believe, but the idea that the American government lives under the credo of the ends justifying the means is a given. And they would most assuredly be arrogant enough to believe themselves as the only potential victors of a global holocaust. Maybe members of the scientific community are working with insiders from the American government and insiders from the Russian government to see this through. Still, while Wikileaks possesses a spotless record of publishing only verified documents, subtext can too often leave something to be desired. The exchanges between Podesta and Mitchell could just as easily be a couple of old farts goofing around over email.

Siloe, a small publisher based in Spain, has achieved permission to mass-produce 898 replicas of the infamously mysterious Voynich manuscript. Although carbon dating estimates that the book was created somewhere between 1404 and 1438, nobody knows its exact origins, and nobody has ever been able to crack the bizarre codex of the book. With so many copies soon to be in the hands of diverse scholars around the globe, the chance of someone finally proving able to break the coding is attractive. Its imagery of nude women and arcane plants has long been argued as suggestive of the eternal rebirth represented by spring-time, a rebirth that can only follow a wintery destruction. What if the tome was always subliminally meant for eventual wide-scale circulation but with the ulterior designs of quickening the end of times through the accursed truth of its blasphemous secrecy, like the apex zenith of sigilism incarnated and unleashed? And for shits and giggles let’s go crazy and ask, what if the Voynich manuscript sprung from no human origin?

A destructive rebirth which might be sampled in video footage taken somewhere on the grounds of the Large Hadron Collider facility in Geneva, Switzerland, appearing to show a late-night occult ritual ending with cloaked figures circling one of their own, and stabbing her. Dubbed a possible Satanic human sacrifice by commercial media, there have been no serious efforts at explanations yet to surface. I was reminded of the work of early rocket engineer Jack “the marvel” Parsons, whose strange mix of magick and science played a key role in what would become the American space program but which also led to his own mysterious death. While the American intelligence community co-opted the structure of the Nazi SS for its own CIA, it also gave safe harbor to many Nazi scientists, to covertly develop everything from the atomic bomb to the space program to god only knows what else. Considering the Vril society and the Thule society of the Nazi elite, Parsons was probably not alone in his conjoining of magick and science.

The general populace are warned incessantly that massive flares from solar storms are perpetually believed to be striking the Earth “in coming months” and will be strong enough to wipe out our technological systems. So foreboding is this that the Space Weather Operations Research and Mitigation project have put together handy maps theorizing which places might be hit hardest. By no means will this serve as cover for a secret military experiment with electromagnetic pulses or some other energy-based weaponry, because that’s crazy talk. But after reading the references to Zero Point Energy in the Podesta emails we must wonder if it may have any correlation to the fabled Vril energy form sought by the Nazis. There is that Wernher von Braun connection. Regarding the theorized Zero Point Energy drive, apparently a new energy source and new technology all rolled into one, the emails purport its long development is being coached to us by extraterrestrial intelligence.

More importantly, as Podesta referenced an extraterrestrial intelligence that has been guiding human scientists towards harnessing Zero Point Energy, and if this energy is in fact one and the same as the Vril energy force which Nazi rocket scientists were trying to discover, then another blasphemous conclusion must be drawn. Nazi esoterics such as the Vril society and the Thule society had a fetish for the Templars, and the Templars held the demon Baphomet in high regard. As I have suggested before, Baphomet as a physical entity entrapped could well be what the Israeli government is holding over the heads of everyone on Earth.

And Israel has grown to become a mecca for surveillance technology and militarized software, with ties to American and Russian plutocrats alike. What if this same Baphomet entity, kept prisoner by the Israeli government in a powerful but fading binding spell, is the extraterrestrial intelligence guiding scientists towards Zero Point Energy, and the Nazis before them towards the Vril energy form? What if the greatest technological achievements have all come from an imprisoned demon? I’ll take my answers off the air.