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Not Vote Or Pray But Work For Change

Satiable wench in the works, a mouthful of freedoms won handily from the murky depths of her constitution. Avenging E.E. Cummings til the cows come how from war to roost, this violent rapture of the spaces between her words. Increasing difficulty in being scared straight while mass-indoctrinated to jump at every shadow of truth as a personal affront already. As though the boy who cried wolf had been conceived by Machiavelli. Uncle Sam, devout only in ego, is mounted so high on his horse of a different color as to cast a shadow long enough to hide the awful lot in the dark of his wake. I think contrary to advertising, to be a buyer or a seller is very much a codependent thing, and what is codependency but mistaking the universe for self-reflection?

Just look over here, where physical borders proclaim a populace caged in every sense. By no coincidence similar to how we are told to view entitled wealthy as producers and toiling workers as moochers rather than versa vice, a populism not centered on nationalism or corporate interest is somehow the cult, as opposed to the shoe being on the other foot.

Anyone questioning Obama was belittled as much as anyone questioning Trump, believers feverishly persistent their flavor is the chosen one, America’s Greatest President, with any objective criticism forced to come from outside the box. Contrary to this bullshit article, when Democrats and Republicans alike bow to Capitalism, the issue is feudalism, with the nation divided not by liberalism or conservatism but lords instilled with all the weight of Christ. Neither the DNC or the GOP represent we the people, only their own financial prospects. But the entire country could boycott the vote and the Electoral College would still nominate them, because even most voters admit money matters the most in this society. Like when enough PR screams how grand is the USA people believe it despite their own tawdry lives. It’s too idealistic, the idea that the majority might ever bring themselves to do anything for any reason other than profit. Great ideas are scrapped every second over lacking lucrative prospect. As long as currencies exist, they will be weaponized. Nobody wants to admit that because everyone’s wet-dreaming of the big payday.

Neocon billionaire Robert Mercer and Neolib billionaire Mark Zuckerberg aligned to manipulate the experiences of millions of online social networkers not for politics, but for profit. Conservatives and Liberals alike claim targeting by social media bans but these suspensions are tokenism, the real push always to get everyone online and contingent on digital tech, so as to reveal ourselves, our minds and bodies made traceable and commodified. That’s just one example. Whichever team you favor does not represent the whole, by design. Americans only want equality or unity under the conditions that their specific persuasion gets to set all standards for living. Unite blue when it’s my definition of blue, free speech unless it disagrees with me, etc. But as a guy who wrote thousands of review articles in another life, for albums, comics, books and films, I am the first to insist that review articles be nixed entirely so that everyone gauge this shit out for themselves, what they like or loathe. Because every opinion is equal.

Team Clinton ignores and insults any perspectives unflattering to their centerpiece, at a cost to liberalism. Team Trump ignores and insults any perspectives unflattering to their centerpiece, at a cost to conservatism. Governmental priority should be to insure all citizens good education and good healthcare, not to make anybody rich. Otherwise the government is not representing the people but is weaponized against them. Miserably, the DNC only represents competing business interests to those of the GOP. People defending Clinton are using the exact same logic as the people defending Trump, and not one of them has the self-awareness to see this for themselves. Show me the acolyte anywhere who sees their group as a cult.

The public policies of whichever icons are promises of enrichment for all, monetarily, spiritually, psychologically. The private policies of whichever icons are to guarantee great returns on investments. Ideological banners are things to hide behind, to hide their own gluttony behind. Sympathies for the pop-star celebrity who only works a few months of the year. Support Apple’s products made in proximity to suicide nets. Note how blue lives matter or they will blow your fucking brains out as their union decides to disallow court orders for the bodycam footage. You’re not in line with the trending feudal lord of these 15 minutes? Okay, boomer. Zeitgeists are just another form of mass hallucination, and if people genuinely wanted the personal responsibility inherent to freedom it’d already be theirs. Instead, they wait for a second coming to win the day for them, wanting the power to be in the hands of anyone else.

I have personally met hundreds of homeless over the years who betray the cookie cutter, choosing to err on the side of ethics by stepping away from this society altogether, legitimately bartering and trading for their goods and services like college kids only read about. And contrary to a recent statement by Mike Bloomberg suggesting the poor have too much money to get into trouble with, by my experiences it tends to be those with resources most in need of drug-testing. When I myself was homeless I could not afford mere alcoholism. Shewed from city to city into endless migration, the US census cannot hit the moving targets of a sizable chunk of the population surviving in spite of our government, surviving without creature comforts or subscriptions to horseshit yet demonized for not being indebted. But for homeless alone is it PC to stereotype, for reminding this society by their very existence how brand loyalty is considerably not freedom. I’ve natural love for authentic creativity, but I’m highly self-conscious about culture defining who I need to be or want to be. It’s a sensitivity all must come by their own however. Do I need this thing to underscore a story-beat to my life, or am I existing within its framework?

Christians sadistically praise such an end as martyrdom, nationalists wrongfully as self-sacrifice. If your icon of purported choice can do no wrong and is more important than yourself, then you are in a cult, not a democracy. It takes nothing but ego-centrism to obtain the wealth and power of a Clinton or a Trump, an Obama, Mercer or Zuckerberg, and never good intent. The most selfish among us defended and applauded as leaders, when they already believe the world is theirs and either complacency or subservience only reassures the inexplicable entitlements and privilege. No self-appointed authority decides the will of all liberals, of all conservatives. The monied may ultimately elect all election winners but they do not decide who we are and what our needs must be and which opinions we are permitted. Not when they depend on us fundamentally as workers and consumers, tax-payers, soldiers and stool pigeons. Patriotism isn’t a status quo. The country is no singular ego. I make for a shitty American because advertising has jack and shit affect on me. I harbor desire for neither coke or pepsi but homemade pinot noir, and from a mason jar. Capitalism is no conspiracy, it’s what generously provides these limited choices in representation and interests, for nothing better than the enrichment of folks who could give two shits about whatever you love. A controlled discourse is by no definition an open dialogue. It’s verbalized fidget-spinning. If you or your party leaders don’t want dissenting opinions then you are not being very democratic. India has something like 50 political parties, when this “democracy” doesn’t even allow third party candidates into debates. Jill Stein and Ralph Nader and others have been arrested simply for being on the premises outside of debates in progress. Stop thinking your party represents your best interests. There is absolutely never a lick of evidence to support the claim.

The American way is for captains to *not* go down with their ships, when they should be riding the destruction in joyous ode to Dr. Strangelove. Don’t abide the zombies, the mind is a terrible thing to taste. Sincerely hope the financial prospects of your icons prevail against the dreaded competition. To think for a moment elections or customer service mean anything else is to have the attention span and memory recall of a balloon. A chain can only be as strong as its weakest link, and to ignore the needs of that link renders the whole chain every bit as useless as America. The key point uniting Trump’s Republicans and Clinton’s Democrats alike, everything unflattering to the cult’s centerpiece gets cast aside. Ignoring any link, casting aside any link in this chain of human shields, is a far fucking cry from the give and take of a real unity.

Unchecked ego and the avoidance of personal responsibility very quickly devolves into immediate sexual gratification. It’s anti-civilization as civilization comes by way of ego’s opposite, the selflessness of humility, of understanding how the bullshit of modern living is not orchestrated so that anyone might survive on their own. Ego diminishes all else, humanity especially, as its proponents reveal themselves as masturbaters demanding not only an audience, but approval of strangers for the unprovoked act with nothing granted in return but pillow talk and cum stains. A gun or a badge is a license to self-service, with ego’s serve me, service me, pleasure me allocating anything outside the prized ego as expendable fodder, its needful self-assurances of “might makes right” whether physically or psychologically, irrevocably mistaking self-worship for self-respect. As long as profit, as self-enrichment, is the end-all, be-all then the value of life will never amount to more than sloppy seconds. Short of chugging bleach in a days-long crying game shower scene, I think I’m leaning more towards donning a Buddhist robe and dousing myself in petrol for a selfie defiantly too hot for TV. But if we might bleed the blue and the red together you might see me laughing in the purple rain, purple rain, purple rain (emotive solo).

Between you and me, I’ve already endorsed Giant Asteroid, under the precondition it appoints me Ambassador to Shangri-La, where I will abuse my seat to live long enough to witness how it all begins. Since time travel is impossible I will go the long route in trying to save the world. And, homeless or not I need not beg for your vote to elect to pursue this for the common good.